Luxêmme; WYATT CREPE Plunge Luxe Cuff Detail Dress Review

* Please note that I was sent this item for FREE from Luxemme but that in no way sways my opinions or thoughts, All opinions stated are completely my own and non bias*

I recently got the chance to review a piece of clothing from Luxêmmes limited edition range and oh, what an opportunity it was! I was given the choice of around 6 different items of clothing and opted of the WYATT CREPE PLUNGE LUXE CUFF DETAIL DRESS because it is just stunning plus it's definitely my style. 

Luxêmme have said that their style inspiration is a combination of Parisian chic with Manchester street style, bringing high end style to you for an affordable price to create a capsule wardrobe. Their products are bang on trend and really do look the part. I feel that a lot of their pieces look more expensive than they actually are which is always a bonus when looking for clothes (well it is for me anyway) From Blazers and two pieces to chick black dresses, you can find it all. If you look on their website you will see for yourself that their dresses are truly beautiful (they are my favourite from their line of clothing) and it's pretty easy to fall in love with their black dresses because you are bound to find something that fits your needs. It's true that ever girl needs a LBD and I feel like Luxêmme have you covered in that department from the NYANE LUXE CUT OUT HIGH NECK DRESS to the PARFAIT LACE DETAIL PLUNGE BODYCON DRESS; Each of these scream style! 


When I received my package in the mail from Luxêmme I was more than excited to say the least; I'm pretty sure I clapped my hand with excitement because I just wanted to rip it open and get to the garment, so much so that I forgot to get a picture of it all wrapped beautiful in black tissue paper. For me when it comes to deliveries I always love to see how a company packages their products because if they value their customers and  themselves they will always have it neatly and exquisitely packed. Luxêmme have certainly ticked all the boxes in this department for me because they stick to their style with black outer packaging for postage and with the black tissue paper that cradles the garment inside, top marks for Luxêmme at this point. 

Once I put the dress on I was so surprised at how much I loved it on me, I really think that it looks much better on than you would imagine because on the model it looks good and I was drawn to it but I definitely liked how I felt in the dress more than I thought I would. 
The length of the dress is perfect, not too short and not too long plus it didn't ride up much while I was wearing it (Bonus!) Because normally I have to fix a dress about a million times on a night out. I was very much impressed with the product I had chosen. The stitching is great, the quality is fantastic and I loved the style. This is most certainly my go to LBD for sure! 

First off I wanted to show the dress worn as is on the website because this is not how I chose to wear the dress as I felt like it drew peoples eyes straight to my arms and my arms are probably my biggest pet hate on my body. Plus I felt like I couldn't wear a cardigan with the dress when styled like this (This is my personal preference)

This is how I chose to wear the dress, with the shoulder bits under my arms because I feel far more comfortable with the dress like this. I think that is why I do like this dress quite a bit, I can choose to wear it what ever way I want without compromising how the dress looks.

The dress also has cut out side which I didn't realise when choosing the dress but I don't think It would have effected my choice either way.

The dress stops at my knees which is a great length for me.

So there you have it, a beautiful LBD from Luxemme that is perfect for those last minute parties that you need a little sophistication for.

Here are some of my faviourite pieces from Luxêmme

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