My Labour/ Birth Story

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Today's post is all about my labour story and the birth of little bear.

I have never felt more proud or at peace with myself than the day Little bear was born, I remember seeing his face and I knew life was changed forever, I was a mother and my prince was my everything.

It all started on 11/01/14, I woke up to my waters breaking! (At 5:30am) and I was very shocked at there being no pain at all. I didn't know what to do, I was panicking at there being no pain, was that normal?  What do I do now? Luckily, I had my gran to steer me right. I got cleaned up, changed my bed, had some food to keep my energy up then off to the hospital I went to get checked over. I was only dilated 1cm, so I got sent home to rest but was scheduled for an induction the next day. I knew that I would definitely have my baby in my arms the following night and I was very overwhelmed with that feeling. 

Once home from the hospital I settled down in bed and tried to sleep the day away until around half 5 when I was starting to have some pain and I assumed I was probably going into labour as the pain was getting increasingly worse so I decided it was probably a good time to take a bath as that was in my notes on how to relax during early stages of Labour. My gran ran a lovely hot bath for me, looked me out some Pjs and my lush stuff so that I was nice and relaxed the whole time and she sat in the bathroom with me, so I didn't feel scared if the pain got worse. During it I used the Golden Wonder bath bomb by Lush and now any time I use it, I am reminded of the hours before I held my perfect prince. The bath helped a little with the pain, but I knew that it was getting worse as it was coming more frequent and stronger. Around 8pm I knew that it was time to get ready to go to the hospital because my contractions were 4 minutes apart, so I got ready, made sure my bags were packed and made a plan of action (To be honest, we kind of ran around like headless chickens for the first 5 minutes because, I mean, I was having a baby after all!) When I was just about to get my bag downstairs and double check everything ready to go, I started getting a horrible shooting pain through my womb that wasn't going away. There was no more rest between contractions, the pain was getting worse and it was continuous. I was so frightened because the pain hit me like a ton of bricks. When the paramedic woman got to the house she was just so lovely (What I can remember of it anyway) She was in my area so came first before the ambulance did to assess me on how far along my labour was and she ended up giving me gas and air because I was pretty bad with pain.

I don't really remember the ride to the hospital, I only know there was pain, I feel like it was a blur with how bad the pain was. Once I got into the hospital, I was sent into a ward with a horrible little nurse who was so stuck up it was un-real. She definitely did NOT put me at ease, she just did not care about anyone asking for help, not just me, but all of us that were in the ward. She sighed, huffed and puffed and got very angry towards me when I asked to go to the bathroom. I was lucky enough that another nurse took over while I was still in the ward and she made me feel very comfortable. I got assessed and hooked up to machine that tracked my contractions to make sure that it was definitely them I was feeling because when I explained that the pain wasn't easing up at all they were a little concerned and frankly, I think they thought I was overreacting. But when they hooked me up to the machine, they were able to monitor what was going on and they soon seen that I was in fact having continuous contractions (I felt like I was going to die!) I was then given some dihydrocodeine to help me through since they took the gas and air away at this point.

Once I had been in that ward for about an hour, they finally told me I was being sent up to labour ward 67 where a new midwife would take care of me and help me through until I was about 4 cm Dilated. I felt very scared and alone since no one could come with me at this point, but I done it and for that I am so proud of myself. When I arrived at ward 67, I met the midwife who would be taking care of me and she was super nice, I felt so comfortable with her which eased my stress a little since I didn't want to be on my own at this point. She got me settled into a bed, well I say settled what I really mean is she showed me my bed and then thought a bath would be a good idea for me so off I went.

I don't remember how I got in the bath to be perfectly honest because I was just in so much pain. I remember being in the bath and not being able to take it any more to the point I was screaming for the midwife to come help me out so I could walk around to try help myself, I just couldn't stay still at all. Once I was out the bath and changed into a nighty the nurse decided it was a good idea to give me some diamorphine and put me back onto gas and air for 10 minutes to see if it eased the pain a little ( It didn't) I was screaming in pain so much that she ended up telling me that she was sending me down to the next labour room so that I could have an epidural since my heart beat was through the roof and Little bears was starting to slow since he was in distress which just panicked me even more.

When I arrived in the labour suit there were two midwifes who would be looking after me and they put me back onto gas and air while I was waiting on the Dr to come give me my epidural. This is where things are a bit fuzzy in my memory because the next thing, I knew the Dr was there and he was administering the injection, it was such a horrible feeling to say the least. Once I had the epidural, I was taken off the gas and air, I felt great for around 10 minutes and the pain struck back up in my left side to where I could feel the contractions again. My right side was completely numb and my left side was in excruciating pain so they administered a test to see if it was in fact happening or I was just taking the p*ss basically, but they soon seen that I wasn't so the Dr came back to top up my epidural which was horrible and finally I was numb but then some more complications arose and before I knew it they were taking blood samples from Little bears head from inside of me, I was so scared and couldn't fathom what was happening. LB's heartbeat kept stopping and then dipping when it could be found so they decided I was being taken for a c-section. In that moment I felt my heart drop. I was scared, confused, out my head on the pain drugs and I couldn't get the image of getting cut open out of my head. I was so scared, and I didn't know what was going on. Just before I went into the surgery my epidural was topped up again because I was getting twinges in my left side again.

I was in theatre, ready for the c-section, when all of a sudden, I felt the most horrific pain in my left side again! They were testing to see if I was numb by cutting a tiny bit of my skin, I was scared and crying more than I have ever cried in my life so the Dr topped me up on my epidural for the 4th time and I was told that I couldn't have any more so if it was hurting I had to let them know straight away and I would be put under (basically put to sleep throughout the operation) so once I was numb they started, I was glad that I stayed numb because the thought of something bad happening really petrified me.

imageAt 7:25am on Sunday the 12th of January 2015  My perfect little guy was welcomed into the world! weighing 6lbs 3oz. In that moment I was proud, I had my little guy, I was staring at the most perfect little prince in the whole world and he was mine. When Little bear was laying on my chest they started to stitch me back up and when they got towards my left side I was in excruciating pain! I panicked, I wanted to pass out and I wanted to be sick. Everyone in the room was really nice and they coached me through it while the Dr injected some heavy duty pain medication into my IV and then 10 minutes later I was good to go. 

Little bear and I were taken to a ward where I was checked over to make sure I was ok, wasn't losing too much blood and that my pain medication hadn't affected me in the wrong way. I was checked over in the recovery ward then sent to ward 70 where I remained for 3 days.

So, that is my Labour story, in all honesty I would go through it again in a heartbeat because that little boy is my world and I am so glad he is mine. I love everything about him. On the 12/01/14 I got my miracle.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how horrible for you! Your birth story actually sounds a bit like mine. After two days of labour, I ended up with an emergency cs too, because T's heartbeat was also slowing down. Turned out that she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Thank goodness they got her out in time. I so agree with you though, all that was worth it :)

  2. Lovely post. It made me remember my birth story. Babies are the greatest gifts.

  3. It sounds like you had a tough time. I did with my first so was terrified about my second but it was completely different. I even managed a natural child birth without pain relief so things could be totally different for you second time around. Leon is beautiful x