Review │ YogNog Bath Bomb By Lush

When it comes to Lush's Christmas range I am always so excited to see all the products that are bestowed upon us and YogNog is no exception, Brought into the loop in 2015 by Lush I could see this being widely loved by all.

Rainy day activities; Painting

Keeping my little one busy on a rainy day is hard work because he always has so much energy! He is constantly on the go and I feel like he never stops, so when I find an activity he likes, I love to let him have free reign of it. Painting is something that Leon just adores, he loves to mix colours and smother his paper in it (and his face!) The look of excitement on his face when he tells me he painted a cat or a ball just melts my heart. I love giving him complete creative control, seeing him blossom with his creativity is something I never knew that would make me so proud; but it does. 

Mermaid | Unicorn Wishlist

Among my friends I am known for being absolutely crazy about Mermaid and Unicorns and it shows when I get given presents at Christmas or my birthday. I am always on the lookout for new little trinkets I can add to my ever growing collection of unicorn & mermaid themed possessions. Today I have compiled a little wishlist that showcases all the things I am lusting over right now and wish would just be mine already. My personal faviourite from the bunch is the Mermaid Tears Clutch bag from SkinnyDip London. I am completely obsessed with that website because you can find so many treasures that you wont get anywhere else, I really suggest that you check them out for statement bags.

Do you have anything you are lusting over at the moment?

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Self love; Pamper evening

When it comes to a pamper night, I consider myself a pro now. I have one every week because I find that it really helps relieve some stress and since just before Christmas I have been stressed out my box, so a pamper night happens at least once a week (some weeks I've had two, but that's ok) I really do believe in self love because you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others and being a mother it's never good when I'm feeling stressed, tired and down right miserable; So I like to do my best to keep myself feeling like I can take on the world because if I am well rested and relaxed I am much more energetic and ready for anything. So today I have a post for you all on my pamper night routine. 

First I will make sure baby is in bed, snoozing away so that I have the time to have a rest and I will clean my room up. I will make. Sure my bed is made, the curtains are drawn and everything in its place. I hate clutter and looking at a messy room so getting it all out of the way before I start relaxing is a big help! Other wise I will end up wanting to clean my room half way through and that's never fun. 

Next I will light candles around my room, look out my pjs for after my bath and put them on the radiator so they are nice and toasty for coming out the bath and I will look out what lush products I will use. I will also look out nail polish for painting my nails and make sure I have a face mask at hand to use. Basically I make sure I have everything I need for starting my pamper night. 

After sorting everything I need I will run a bath. This time I opted for The Comforter bubble bar by Lush and Intergalactic for when I'm in the water. I also used my H'SUAN WEN HUA hair treatment to give my hair some love. When I am in my bath I have my iPad at the side with some sort of programme on, this night I opted for RuPauls Drag Race Season 7 (I loved Violet and Pearl from the start) It's just lovely to lay back in the water and watch my programmes after a full day of having CBeebies on in the background, No more Mr Tumble for this mama! And because it's pamper night I used Snow Fairy by lush, it smells AMAZING and I always feel like a princess after I use it. 

Once I have had my bath (I always stay in for around 40 minutes... Oops!) I will go to my room and start applying my body cream, on this occasion I used Dove Shea Butter for all over my body then I apply my face mask (GlamGlow) while I brush through my hair and put my pjs on. I will at this point make sure I take a big glass of water to help with the heat of the bath I just exited. I'll wait 15 minutes then wash off my face mask and apply some e45 cream to my skin. 

After making sure my skin is seen to and my hair is brushed through and left to dry naturally I will begin painting my nails whilst flicking through a magazine with some TV or music on in the background. 

And there you have it, my utterly relaxing night of doing nothing but what makes me happy and relaxed. I will always feel well rested and feeling like a queen the next day because my nails are done, hair is freshly washed and I smell fantastic, plus I will have had a great sleep. I really do adore pamper nights because it's my time, it's time for me to feel like I matter and that I'm taking care of my needs after running around all day looking after my wonderful little prince! As much as I adore the wee guy, it's nice to have a little me time, even if it is for a few hours once a week. 

What is your pamper night routine? What products do you swear by? 

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Handbag Wish List


Review │ Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb By Lush

Shoot for the stars was a bath bomb that I just had to try but never really got around to picking it up because I always seemed to go for old faviourites or found a new bath bomb I wanted to try more so Shoot for the stars was often put on the back burner until November of 2015 when I decided that it was time to give this beautiful little bath bomb a go! And oh boy, Am I glad I did! Everything from the look to the way it makes the water feel just gives you one of the best bathing experiences you can find. 

Let's talk; Body Shaming.

It's been a while since I have written a post on a topic that I feel really passionate about, so here is another post for my Lets talk series on Body Shaming. 

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