Let's talk; Body Shaming.

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It's been a while since I have written a post on a topic that I feel really passionate about, so here is another post for my Let's talk series on Body Shaming. 

Body shaming, it's awful, yet we see it daily from articles that are written online to the comment section on Instagram. Not a day goes by where someone in the world isn't being unnecessarily cruel to another human being all because they feel like they have the right to speak upon someone else's body. When did this become ok? I'm not sure that it ever did, yet it happens all too frequently. 

Lately I have noticed a lot of posts whizzing around the Internet about celebrities being "Too Fat" or "Too Thin". Or an article on how to change your appearance, to fix the "Problem" areas on your body and this got me thinking about all the body shaming that really goes on, day in and day out in our daily lives wither it be reading comments on the internet, passing someone on the street or from our own family; It's everywhere now.

Someone always has some kind of comment about someone else's body when it really doesn't affect them in any way, shape or form. A person’s body is their "Temple" if you like and if that person is comfortable in their own skin (or not) it really isn't down to anyone else to pass judgement on them, yet we see articles about someone who needs to "beef up" or someone who needs to "hit the diets" and this is all in the name of entertainment? For a story? Ripping apart someone’s looks to satisfy others? Personally, I don't get it, what do I care that someone is a size 20 or a size 4? is it really any on my business? I think not. 

I feel that we, as humans, as a society need to stop buying into the bullshit that is the medias perception of beauty. Now I say "media" as a blanket statement but there are media campaigns out there that celebrate everyone’s beauty, I love looking through a catalogue and seeing women ranging from a size 0 right up to a size 24 and beyond, because in reality as humans, we all come in different shapes and sizes. 

I'm a size UK 12/14, I have a big bum and wider hips than my friend who is also a size 12/14, but she never gets questioned if it is her real clothing size whereas, I do. Yes, I know what size I am, but does it matter? when all is said and done, does it really matter?

Why does my weight or dress size define who I am? It's a simple answer, IT DOESN'T.

I find it very worrying that people are told that they need to change by magazines, online articles, peers, bullies and many more. We are told how to get slimmer, to be more tanned, get a bigger bum, that we need to hide our imperfections by someone that does not know us and then we in turn feel pressured into changing because if it's there in front of you, in black and white, then why wouldn't you feel the need to change? 

I went through a stage of hating my body, I completely hated everything about myself, I talked about it in my post Let’s Talk; Body Confidence - But I am now starting to love myself for me. It's a slow process for sure but I am learning to block out any negativity that centres on my appearance; But others may not feel like this, it can take someone years to build up confidence about themselves and then someone could body shame them only to have that hard work stripped away, it's happened to me many times and each time it still cuts deep.

There is so much I could say on this subject, I could go on and on about it, writing pages on why I think it's such a "silly" thing that is still happening because that's how passionate I am about everyone respecting each other’s bodies. What do you gain from body shaming someone? How does this benefit you? 

I just don't understand why body shaming has become second nature in a way in society now, these people don't think that what they are doing wrong and that annoys the hell out of me. 

Below I have included some screen grabs of articles I came across in research for this topic and I am utterly shocked that Headlines such as "18 ANOREXIC THIN Celebrities that need a few Big Macs!" are acceptable! I also came across this article about "celebrities who were body shammed while pregnant"
18 ANOREXIC THIN Celebrities that need a few Big Macs!

Celebs that got fat

I also came across this picture of Selena Gomez with a snippet of writing underneath it that reads: "Yes, she is fat, but as she quoted "There's more to love" According to reports, she has gained 10 pounds

10 pounds.... are you f**king kidding me? Since when was this acceptable? well, I know that some media outlets do view this acceptable and that baffles me. I don't care what you think of someone, their size or shape should never be weaponised against them. 

Yes, she is fat, but as she quoted "There's more to love" According to reports, she has gained 10 pounds

These are just some of the headlines or articles that I have found surrounding body shaming and personally I find it very damaging because if the media have content such as this, what's to stop children and other adults thinking this is ok? What's to stop them from talking to their peers like this? 

Body shaming is downright disgusting and it needs to stop. Body positivity and Fat acceptance should be bigger than all of this, it should be the message that is put across throughout the media, we should be celebrating each other and how we are all different from the size of our waist band to the colour of our skin. 

We as humans are beautiful, full of possibility and wonder, we just need to start acting like it and the media has to stop this portrayal of what is acceptable to say.
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  1. This is terrible!! Body shaming is such a bad thing and can destroy people. There was the sister of a girl I knew and a boy called her fat - and guess what? She was obviously a little fragile already and got in therapy for bulimia and anorexia several months later. Great job.
    Of course, I was body shamed. I guess, there are only a few people out there who weren't body shamed ... I was called "fat", "ugly", "an orange walrus" (I was wearing an orange winter jacket at around 12 y/o. Maybe you can guess, that I never wore it again afterwards? Sad, because it was nice and warm) and more. People pointing out I had gained weight, or lost it, without me asking them about anything. Even once, when I wanted to cheer a friend up that had issues with her body I told someone else "tell her it's not true" and it came back to me like "but you have gained 5 pounds, haven't you?"
    It's terrible what people do and say. Everyone can have an opinion obviously and not everyone has to be attracted to the same body type, but people should learn to shut up and keep their opinions to themselves ...

    1. So many people don't know how to keep their mouths shut or re evaluate what they are saying. It's so damaging to people when they constantly have negative comments made towards them about how they look. I remember being teased about my weight so much I ended up in hospital from not eating because I wanted to be "skinny" xx

  2. This post really highlights how the media has gotten, well plain nasty! The British media just loves to build people up then tear them down. I don't think I have ever experienced any first hand, direct body shaming, but girls love a bitch behind backs. I do think there should be awareness on the health dangers of obesity, so I'm not entirely sure we should say it's ok to be morbidly obese, but the angle should definitely be support and educate, offer help and encouragement. A really thought provoking read.
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

    1. I really feel that it's getting out of hand, I don't think anyone has the right to make someone feel bad about themselves, it's just wrong. I do agree that people should be made aware of health risks of obesity but I feel like that is a professionals job because no one knows any one else's circumstances, I couldn't comment on anyone's body/weight as I feel it's disrespectful but Drs and nurses should be making their patients more aware of the dangers and help them get on track with their health as I feel not enough Drs or nurses do this and dismiss it when it should be mandatory.

  3. It's scary isn't it - everyone is too fat or too thin and noone of us can be happy with our bodies - we all need to change something about ourselves. I can help thinking if we were all happy with how we are (and we all should be) then a lot of brands would be selling a lot less products!

  4. Great post. Body shaming is so disgusting! No wonder kids are obsessed these days. Thanks for highlighting!

  5. Body shaming is so wrong. I hope it stops. Good you are spreading the word.

  6. Absolutely spot on!!! I couldn't agree more. being healthy and happy is what is important x