The Perfect Self Love Pamper Evening

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When it comes to a pamper night, I consider myself a pro now. I give myself a Self-Love Pamper Evening once every week because I find that it helps relieve some stress and allows me to centre myself whilst showing myself some well needed love. 

I am a huge believe in self-love and showing ourselves some TLC, so what better way to practice both than infusing them for a very special night in. You have to take care of yourselves in order to give the best of ourselves, and being a mother, feeling stressed isn't a recipe for good things is it? 

That's why today is all about my perfect self-love pamper night, hopefully I can encourage more people to show themselves some well needed TLC and relax for a whilst because self-care should be a pillar in our everyday life.

My Routine

First off, I will make sure Little bear is in bed, snoozing away because that means no interruptions and it truly is "me" time. To set the mood I will make sure my room is clean, I will tidy and put things away because no doubt Little bear would have been playing with some items in my room. When my room is clear, my mind is clear, setting the foundation for the perfect night. 

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Next I will light candles around my room, look out my pjs for after my bath and put them on the radiator so they are nice and toasty for coming out of the bath. I will then look out what bath products I will use, most of the time it will be a bath bomb along with some nice bath salts so I can soak away in the bath. As this time is used for setting up, I will get some nail polish looked out because doing my nails is a sure way to help me feel a little more like myself, especially since I can't get my nails done, what with little bear and running around after him. Other important items for myself care night include a face mask, a good movie or TV series, my skincare items to nourish my skin and a headband to keep my hair out of my face.

The Perfect way to have a Self Love Pamper Evening on

After I have sorted out all the contents that I will need to begin my pamper night, I will start to run my bath, pouring the bath salts in plus I will use a bubble bar if I am in the mood, my favourite is The Comforter and then a bath bomb around 5 minutes before I climb into the bath. My favourite bath bomb at the moment is Intergalactic from Lush as it has a beautiful peppermint scent that helps to unblock my senses. 

Whilst in the bath I will show my hair some TLC, especially now as I am trying to grow my hair out. The hair mask that I have been using lately is the H'SUAN WEN HUA hair treatment, it's fantastic as I feel it really nourishes my hair. Whilst I am in the bath, I take my iPad with me so that I can watch something as I soak away in the water, letting my troubles melt away. Normally I opt for a feel good movie, maybe a romantic comedy, they always help me feel good, anything that could be considered a "Girly Movie" really. It's lovely to lay back in the water and watch a good movie after a full day of having CBeebies on in the background, No more Mr Tumble for this mama! And because it's a pamper night I opt for my "good" shower gel, normally Snow Fairy by lush, it smells AMAZING and I always feel like a princess after I use it. 

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Once I have had my bath (I always stay in for around 40-45 minutes) I will go to my room and start applying my body cream, the one I am using at the moment is the Dove Shea Butter which I coat myself in because it smells amazing and it nourishes my skin. After that I will use my face mask, leaving it on for around 15 minutes or so, normally I will use the GlamGlow supermud as I feel that helps to control my breakouts. Whilst my face mask is on I will start tackling my hair, I will coat it in heat protection spray even though I don't use a hair dryer as I normally use straighteners or curlers at some point and I want to make sure my hair is properly protected as much as it can be. 

After my hair is sorted out, I will put my hair band in and use a banana clip to keep it out of my way as I carry on with my pamper night. Around this time, I am normally thirsty, so I get a pint of water and drink the whole thing, gotta keep myself hydrated you know? By then it will be time to take off my face mask and get stuck into skincare. I will use a toner all over my face, then a serum and then a cream, right now I am using e45 cream to help with my dry skin. 

The Perfect way to have a Self Love Pamper Evening on

Once these stages are complete, it's time to do my nails and either finish watching the movie I was watching in the bath or stick on another one. I tend to look through Pinterest to get some nail inspiration, I have a whole board dedicated to it which you can see hear - Inspiration Nails - I like to try out different designs as I feel I can show my creative side that way, doing my nails seems to make me feel a little more like myself which is a blessing when I feel like all I do is run around after a toddler all day. 

Once my nails are done and dry, I tend to write in my journal, I like to write down 5 things that were positive about the day and 5 things I can improve on in the future, this way I can take a look at what's working for me and what isn't. After that I will write some positive affirmations and maybe read through some, I have already written down to remind me that I am worthy and to stop being so hard on myself. Once this is done its time to fully relax in bed with clean sheets, clean PJs and a good movie accompanied by a big mug of tea. 

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And there you have it, my utterly relaxing night of doing nothing but what makes me happy and relaxed. I will always feel well rested and feeling like a queen the next day because my nails are done, hair is freshly washed and I smell fantastic, plus I will have had a great sleep. 

I really do adore pamper nights because it's my time, it's time for me to feel like I matter and that I'm taking care of my needs after running around all day looking after my wonderful little prince! As much as I adore the wee guy, it's nice to have a little me time, even if it is for a few hours once a week.
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