April Wishlist

This months wish list is a mix of practicality and want, I am really in need of some clothes so why not stick a couple of tops in here and a lovely cat jumper! I also really need some new make up, that's why I added the Naked 3 palette to this, I have been lusting over it for a while so next time I get paid I think I'll be purchasing that bad boy! The colours are beaut and perfect for the make up looks I like to achieve. My number one want item though is the purse from river island, I love purses! like, I am obsessed with them and I only get them from River island (Sad, I know, but they are my faviourite) I currently have 7 purses from river island and I think this one would be a great little addition to my collection.

What's on your wish list? 

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  1. I love the Harry Potter top and the River Island purse is so cute! I've not gone shopping for a while so I've no idea what's on my wishlist - changing that ASAP!

    Sarah xx


    1. The river island purse is lovely isn't it? Totally caught my eye on their website and I've been lusting after it ever since! Xx


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