Leeds & Slamdunk Festival; Travels with The Bag Man.

On the 27th February, Ross (The Bag Man) and I ventured down to Leeds for the weekend to attend Slamdunk Festival 2016. This is our first time away together and I couldn't have went with anyone better, He's truly one of the most amazing people I know and the fact that I can call him my Brother (from another mother) is truly a blessing. The whole weekend was brilliant, from start to finish. 


On the Friday Hayley and Leigh came to pick us up from Ross's house to travel down to Leeds for the weekend. The drive down consisted of great banter, pit stops for food and a lot of laughs. For a long car journey, it didn't suck. And I didn't get car sick, YAY!

Once we got to our hotel which was The Holiday Inn Express, we kicked back for half an hour, settled in, let everyone know that we arrived safely then made plans to meet back up with Hayley and Leigh for a little drink, I think it was well deserved after all the travelling, especially for Hayley who drove all the way. 

We ended up going to a union place with a terrace bar. It was very crowded but it was lovely. The atmosphere was chilled even though there were people everywhere! We did manage to get a seat outside at one of the picnic bench style tables that was quite a bit away from anyone and it was nice to sit, have a few drinks and have great banter. We did only have a couple of drinks then decided to call it a night, headed for some food then got a taxi back to the hotel where Ross and I chatted for a while then fell asleep.

On the Saturday morning we woke up buzzing for the day ahead.... well I say we, Ross actually woke me up before the alarm went off, I am NOT a morning person but I surprised myself on how quickly I came to and was ready to eat. So we got ourselves ready for breakfast, made sure we had a lot of munch to set us up for the day, went back to the hotel room to get ready for the day ( I may have taken a few hours to get ready) and made plans about meeting up with Hayley and Leigh to get our wristbands.

We met up with the two girls, got our wristbands and proceeded to have a great bloody day! The whole event was completely packed, the atmosphere was great and the sun was shining which made it all the better.

L-R; Leigh, Me, Ross, Hayley

The whole day was fantastic, from start to finish. It was great to be around such lovely people and have awesome banter. I don't think there was a dull moment at all the entire day.

Ross & I

A big highlight of the day for me was seeing The Amity Affliction. I am just in love with that band. It was just great to watch them doing their thing, seeing all the fans sing along and everyone have a great time getting drunk.

Panic At The Disco were the headline act at the end of the night on main stage and man oh man, did they put on an AMAZING show. I was definitely in awe of them while they were preforming. Getting the chance to see one of my favourite childhood bands was unreal. They played some of my favourite songs of the moment such as "Emperors new clothes", "Don't Threaten me with a good time" and "hallelujah".

All in all, The whole day was amazing. I had such a good time and not once did I have a panic attack which surprised me and also made me feel proud of myself because I was so worried the week before going that my anxiety would be too much. I am really glad I didn't freak out once and enjoyed myself. After the whole thing was done we headed for food then back to our hotel room where we crashed immediately, we were shattered and needed the sleep for sure.

Again, Ross woke up before me and tried to wake my up like he had the previous morning but this time my "Cranky Cow" attitude came out. I refused to get up for a good while and when I finally did decide to get up, my legs felt numb! I couldn't move them and felt like complete shite. Ross found this hilarious though, He was hyper and ready for the day ahead where as I just wanted sleep and to forget about the world and it definitely showed on my face as you can tell below.

Ross says that this is the best picture he will ever take of me because it shows how grumpy and tired I am, and I really was.

On our way back home, Hayley and Leigh told us about a lovely little Cafe that they visit every year on their way back home called the Llama Karma Kafe, So naturally we stopped there for a bite to eat and see the beautiful Llamas!

Ross and I got some chips and gravy (Which was AMAZING btw) while Hayley and Leigh got some cheese and bbq chicken baguette thing and to be fair, it did look pretty good. I also got a banana milkshake, I was so looking forward to it but it was a horrible disappointment, very very watery! I wasn't impressed at all, but the cute Llamas, monkeys and the great food more than made up for it.

I cant thank my bestie Ross enough for such an amazing weekend down in Leeds for Slamdunk festival. He took great care of me, made sure I had an amazing time and not once did my anxiety flare up which I was super surprised at. This guy means so much to me and I definitely think we needed the time away as our friendship grew closer. 

After a lovely weekend, great banter, lots of laughs and amazing food, This was Ross and I on the journey home. Thanks Leigh for the photo haha.

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  1. Glad you and Ross had a great time away hen xxxxxxx

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Love the food pictures!

  3. Looks like an amazing time you spent with your brother! It's great that you were both able to bond over something you enjoyed. Love the photos, so much fun!

  4. Oh wow this sounds awesome. It's been ages since I have seen live music. I would love to see Panic at the Disco live.

  5. oo this looks fab! I have never heard of Slamdunk before but if Panic! at the disco were headlining it must have been amazing! I haven't been to a concert in forever because I am not great without much sleep (and it doesn't look like you do either haha!)

  6. oh i love a good festival and this would be right up my street.. sounded ace

  7. Glad you guys had such a great time together. I used to love Panic at the Disco - didn't realise they were still going (I sound so old!!)

  8. Does sound (and look) like you had the most amazing time!

  9. I bet you had a great time! I didn't go :( I had work and a friend of mine went there and im so jealous!

  10. I live in Leeds and have never been able to make it to slam dunk!! I did see Panic at the Disco last year at Leeds Fest though and they were outstanding!! X