July's Best Buys

Hello lovelies and welcome to my best buys post for July! 

This month I haven't really been spending an awful lot as I have been paying off my holiday so I really don't have many best buys, but what I have bought has brought me so much joy! I finally managed to get a few things from Skinnydip London that I have been lusting after, such a great accomplishment for me if I'm honest.

Garnier Micellar Water infused with oil review

Unless you have been living under a rock I'm pretty sure you will have heard of Micellar Water in some way or another. It's quickly became a beauty must have in my household and among my friends, I have actually spoken to someone who doesn't like the Micellar Water (No doubt one of my friends will tell me they don't like it now that I've said this HA!) But it's a pretty big deal it seems with multiple brands bringing out their own Micellar waters and I think that's great, I love having variety to choose from but time after time I find myself picking up the Garnier Micellar Water. It was the first one I ever heard of and the first one I tried, from that first use I was hooked and I even wrote a review of it *Here* But upon my last shopping trip I decided not to buy my usual one, instead I opted for Garniers Micellar Water infused with oil.


Parenting; Advice I DON'T Want

When you become a parent it's one of the best feeling in the world, you have just brought life into the world or watched the mother of your child go through a tough time to give you a little bundle of joy or maybe you are adopting etc... but no matter how you become a parent, it feels amazing and when you do become a parent you are always looking for some tips and tricks to help make things easier like "should I make bottles up in advance?" "What are the best mother and toddler groups?"; stuff like that, but sometimes you get given advice that you DON'T want and it can be daunting hearing it over and over again or having the same person pipe up and give you their two cents worth. That is what today's post is all about, the advice you don't want as a parent.


The art of relaxation

Everyone loves to relax and if you don't, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? No, but seriously, relaxing is the highlight of my day, even if it is only for half an hour at a time. After running around all day, taking Leon to nursery, making food, cleaning the house, going to the shops and trying to fit absolutely everything into my life plus deal with what feels like a million tantrums, its no wonder I enjoy a good relaxation session. So what exactly is "relaxing"? I suppose it's different for everyone, I love a great big bubble bath with a face mask and good music playing in the background, where as some of my friends like to cuddle up with a nice cuppa, a biscuit and watch rivercity. 


Beauty wish list


Terrible twos; A never ending battle

Ahhh, The "Terrible Two's" It's a horrible time for both parent/s and child/ren alike. It's an endless loop of crying, frustration, violence and the occasional hug (if I'm lucky). Somehow, now that I am experiencing it first hand with a toddler who likes to scream the house down, I think that no one was ever very honest with me about the terrible twos.... well, at least I don't think they were, it's either that or my child's a complete and utter monster who is testing what ever patients I have left at this point. It's a horrible time for sure and I fear that it wont magically go away and be all rainbows and kittens once he turns three (although I wish that were the case) Like the title of this post says, It IS a never ending battle between myself and my never happy (that's how it feels) toddler.

My Break From Blogging

Today I wanted to address some of the reasons I hadn't been blogging for a while there. I know I've already made a few posts aimed at this, saying I'm getting back to "me" etc... but I just wanted to go into some more detail about them because I was really struggling to find my inspiration again and get back into the swing of things even when I felt like things had been getting better. 


15 thoughts I have on my periods.

Periods are most definitely a dreadful time of the month for any woman, they turn your world upside down and turn you into a monster, and that's if your lucky! Not so long ago I wrote a post on all things period related which you can read here "Unwelcome Visitor"  

Junes Best Buys

Hey everyone and welcome to another installment of my Best Buys post. 
This month I have tried my best to not spend as much.... But as per usual I couldn't quite manage it. Not that I am complaining mind you haha. So here goes, This is what I spent all my money on this month, and by the way, there's a pretty big treat for myself in here!


July Wishlist

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