July's Best Buys

Hello lovelies and welcome to my best buys post for July! 

This month I haven't really been spending an awful lot as I have been paying off my holiday so I really don't have many best buys, but what I have bought has brought me so much joy! I finally managed to get a few things from Skinnydip London that I have been lusting after, such a great accomplishment for me if I'm honest.

Skinnydip London: I managed to get myself The gold shell bag that I have been lusting after so much. I also bought myself the Unicorn Luggage tag for my holiday. My suitcase is going to look super cute next year. 

Coconut Lane; Once I was asked to be a #coconutqueen I decided to buy a few things from them so I could clue myself up on their products and I am just super happy with everything I bought. My faviourite has to be the socks! they are so cute.

So as you can see I don't have a lot of best buys this month, in fact I only have two lots of best buys but I really do Love what I managed to get.I did buy a lot of other things but they are mostly things I needed like dry shampoo, beauty and skin products etc.. 
Keep an eye out for next months because I do plan on buying a hell of a lot more!

Thanks for checking out my post. What things have you bought this month?

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  1. I bought quite a few things in the sale. Bargains everywhere.

    1. I love sales, always spend more than I should!