The Art Of Relaxation

Everyone loves to relax, don't they? Relaxing is the highlight of my day, even if it is only for half an hour at a time. After running around all day, taking Little bear to nursery, making food, cleaning the house, going to the shops and trying to fit absolutely everything into my life plus deal with what feels like a million tantrums, it’s no wonder I enjoy a good relaxation session. 

So, what exactly is "relaxing"? I suppose it's different for everyone, I love a great big bubble bath with a face mask and good music playing in the background, whereas some of my friends like to cuddle up with a nice cuppa, a biscuit and watch River City. 

Everyone has their own thing that they enjoy, so I say do that as much as you can, try new things, search for different ways to relax and make sure you take some time for YOU. Really get yourself into self-care mode if you haven't already. 

A big thing for me was hearing "in case of emergency on a plane you put your own oxygen mask on before you help anyone else", so why shouldn't you take that approach to your everyday life? you can't look after someone or do what you have to unless you take care of yourself first, and that really hit home for me. 

I used to burn myself out all the time, I would constantly be on the go, trying to do as much as I could and as fast as I could, for as many people possible when it was simply too much for me to handle. I wasn't one for self-care, from an early age I was my mums personal carer, I done everything for her like administer medication, go with her to hospital and much more, I was always a giver and that definitely followed me into adult hood, I didn't stop to take any time for me, so when I started to think more "selfishly" at the age of about 18/19 (which is totally encouraged) I didn't know how to unwind, I didn't know how to truly sit back and relax. 

I mean sure, I had bubble baths and I often sat painting my nails or watching tv, but I was always, and I mean always still doing something wither it be making lists for the week or course work and making sure that everything was organised. I still didn't fully relax until one day I said no more. I couldn't do it, I was exhausted, I was a new mother, I had just had a c-section and I couldn't do as much as I was used to, it killed me a little inside that I had to pull back on the control a little bit and let others do things whilst I rested up. 

Saying that though, I didn't get much rest, I did only just have a baby after all, but it was then I started to master "The Art of Relaxation".... okay, so who knows if it is actually an art or not but to me it is, it wasn't something I was used to and it definitely didn't come easy to me (I say didn't because now, I could relax all day if you let me) But I soon found way's that put me into pure relaxation, to the point I didn't think about anything and really enjoyed just letting things go. 

For me, my major relaxation technique is BUBBLE BATH! full of lush goodness that transports me to my happy place. Although I have been using Lush for years, I only started to really appreciate Lush in 2013 (whilst I was pregnant) and once I had Little bear I made sure to stock up on their amazing products so that I could enjoy my "me" time to the fullest. 

Anyway, here are some ways to relax and take some time for YOU. These ways of relaxation are great and if you are like me, or well, like I was, then it's a little boost in the right direction of how to master the art of relaxation. 

A cup of brew and a seat.

Okay, so this might seem super simple but it might just be what you need, a little time to recharge your batteries before you have to get back to work or go pick up the kids. It might only be for 10 minutes but if you can sit down and clear your head of anything that is bringing you down or making you grumpy, then it is completely worth it.

Bubble bath.

Ahh, the good old bubble bath, so simple yet very very effective. You can use the time in the bath to pop a Lush bath bomb in the water, lay back, close your eyes and transport yourself to a better place. The heat helps relax your muscles, you have alone time and can jazz things up as much as you want with candles, rose petals etc....
It feels all very therapeutic.

Going for a walk

For some people this can be very soothing as they can walk and walk and walk. It allows for some time outside to get fresh air and think. Personally I have to be in the mood to walk otherwise I see it as a bit fo a chore but I do understand how it can be relaxing, just you, the outdoors and some music (if you like to listen to music and walk) Sometimes a good walk really helps, plus it's exercise which is a bonus.


For me colouring is very therapeutic, it is very calming to sit down with a colouring book and let the world pass you by. It is great to see your picture at the end of it as well, I always feel some sense of pride once I'm done. 

Painting your nails

Now, this might seem like a silly one for some of you, but to me I love painting my nails or painting my fake nails so that they are ready to stick on when ever I need them. The sense of creating something that really makes me happy and also will boost my confidence whilst I'm wearing them brings me so much joy.

Do some yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax and help your body at the same time, it can bring a sense of peace which is amazing. I love yoga but I'm not always in the mood for it so sometimes it can feel like a bit of a chore so I don't do it unless I know I will be fully committed to it so I don't get bored of it.

Doing anything that makes you happy. 

I know, simple right? but sometimes it just doesn't occur to you that doing something that makes you happy can be a relaxing activity. 

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  1. Great list. I love relaxing, I don't get much time to do it these days but when I do get the chance I make sure I make the most of it. My favourite is relaxing in the bath and reading, I could lay in a hot bubble bath for hours. I love lush bath bombs too, they always smell amazing.xx #coolmumclub

    1. Lush baths are heaven, always my go to! I totally have that in common with you, I could stay in a bath for hours!

  2. I love getting a bubble bath and colouring in really helps me relax too - I am currently working my way through a Harry Potter colouring book. Reading is also a good one for me and also playing World of Warcraft - for some reason leveling a new lowbie character always helps me relax, I think it's the familiarity of it all

  3. Love your list. My most favourite is having a long-hot-uninterrupted-bath. I do manage them, although rarely have uninterrupted ones, unless I do it while my daughter is in school. But taking walks is also good :)

  4. I love your list. For me a hot bubble bath filled with Lush goodies is a winner. Ive also started colouring too which is great!

  5. The cup of tea one is my fave! I totally need to stop at points in the day and just regroup! It all echoes back to the principles of mindfulness, which I started reading about earlier in the year. Must finish that book ;-)
    Thanks for linking back to #coolmumclub

  6. I love to read and find it is the only way to completely relax and loose myself in it x

  7. Great post, a good reminder to take some time out for a bit of me time. I keep meaning to practice 10 minutes of mindfulness but somehow it never gets done. But I do love to read a good book or listen to a great podcast.

  8. I have relaxed when I mediate it just sit still. Bubble baths and a good massage help me relax too.

  9. You're so right, everyone has their own way to relax and I think it's just about what's finding out what works for you. I know for me one of the most relaxing things is just sitting and watching a tv show or movies.

  10. A lovely list of things to do to relax! I find painting nails really relaxing! I've also been meditating for 10 minutes each night! Everybody needs to remember and to learn to relax! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn