Colourelements Blogger Event

On Wednesday the 24th August I was invited along to the Colour Elements blogger event at Castle Galleries in Princes Square Glasgow which was in collaboration with The Body Shop, Sugar Dumplin and SnuggleMuffin. I was so excited because it was my first ever blogger event that I was able to attend. To say it amazing would be a complete understatement. 


Blog comments I can't stand.

So I recently done a post on "Why I HATE your Blog" and I really wasn't expecting it to be as popular as it was, So it got me to thinking about other things I don't like about the whole blog thing and what comes with it! This time around I settled on blog comments that I can't stand, you know the ones you read and wonder why the comment was even left in The first place? Sometimes I'm not even sure why I get so annoyed at certain comments, I guess there's just no need for them. This is also a guide of sorts of HOW NOT TO COMMENT ON A BLOG. Anyway, here's a list of the comments that I could be doing without reading.

Throwback Thursday │ My Pregnancy

Hi lovelies! 

Today I wanted to do a little throw back post all about my pregnancy because if I'm honest I have been feeling a little broody lately. I seen some bump pictures on my "on this day" bit on Facebook and since then I have been missing my bump like crazy! Although I had a pretty crappy pregnancy I loved knowing that I had a little live growing inside of me and my love for the baby grew stronger every day. Right now I would love nothing more than to be a mum to two little babies but I know it's not practical at this moment so I thought I would just reminisce with pictures about my pregnancy with Leon!

The Liebster Award

I just want to start by thanking @Kvburton657 who nominated me for this. I am very grateful!


Eating Out In Glasgow | The Hope Bar & Eatery

Hi Lovelies, Today's post is all about The Hope Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow City Centre.

*UPDATE* - The Hope restaurant is now The Smokin' Fox, come read my updated review HERE.

A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to go and review The Hope in Glasgow so naturally I said yes! I love discovering new places to eat and/or have a little drink in Glasgow as I spend a lot of my time there so I got my bestie on board and we attended. Having never visited The Hope before I was really excited to see what kind of place I was going to walk into, Would I love it? would it be another same old same old restaurant? Well, I can definitely tell you all that I loved it so much that I am seriously thinking of booking it for my Birthday dinner.


#MeetTheBeauties ││ Motherhood: The Real Deal

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties, Today is all about Talya from Motherhood: The Real Deal.
Motherhood: The Real Deal was one of the first parenting blogs that I came across when looking into them and I instantly fell in love. The way she writes and captures moments is really beautiful, Her posts are always so relatable in every sense. One of my faviourite series from Talya is The "What is it really like" series with posts that explore different issues from parenting and motherhood. I really enjoy reading those posts for sure. Talya is such a lovely person to talk to, always so friendly. She also co-hosts the #coolmumclub linky along with mummuddlingthrough every Thursday so check that out for sure and don't forget to check out Talyas blog after you have read the interview. So without further adieu, Lets all learn a little more about Talya from Motherhood: The Real Deal.


Why I HATE your blog.

up your blogging game

Okay so I don't hate any blogs, I just dislike some things people have on their blogs and it gets quite frustrating sometimes when all I want to do is read an awesome post that someone has shared a link to and I'm greeted by like a gazillion pop ups. I must admit, my title was a little clickbatey but I just liked the ring to it. Although this post may be filled with things I dislike about blogs it's also a way to help anyone and everyone up their blogging game. These things seem to be universally disliked by other bloggers I have talked to, I haven't came across anyone yet who does like these.


Bakerdays Cake Review

Today's post is all about the Bakerdays letterbox cake. 


#MeetTheBeauties ││ AlohaLolaCards

Hello Beauties and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties, Today is all about Claire from AlohaLolaCards 
I first saw some of Claire's work on twitter and I fell in love completely with her designs. I haven't seen anything similar before and all the caricatures are so spot on plus really fun and cute at the same time. I have recently asked Claire to design my new blog button and I am just so excited about it. Her stuff is lovely and I know a lot of other bloggers who have used her services. Claire is really sweet as well which makes it all that better because you can have a conversation with her and she is super supportive of the community. This is one business woman I admire immensely. So without further adieu, Lets all learn a little more about Claire, AlohaLola.


Review │ August Pink Parcel

For a while now I have been subscribed to Pink Parcel, The monthly subscription box that's packed full of happiness.

Money saving tips; From a once careless shopper

Hey beauties, Today I thought I would share with you my money savings tips as they have really helped my in recent years. 


Guest Post ││ Five Steps to Help you create a Vintage Wardrobe

Do you often look at pictures of decades past and long to be able to wear those vintage garments such as 1950’s full skirts or the simple silhouettes of the 1940’s?

I adored watching “This Old Thing” hosted by Dawn O Porter where she attempted to convince shoppers to create their very own glamorous and personal style by buying vintage. Of course we all can’t have a personal shopper like Dawn but I hope the following basics will help you discover your glamorous and vintage style.

First I wanted to tell you why I buy vintage. For me vintage means quality, it means it was made with care and attention that mass produced cannot match. For me it means history. Whatever the item it has been pre-loved and pre-cherished. For me vintage also means individualism. Most items are one offs or limited finds. There are so many different styles and beautiful flourishes to vintage items that our modern mass produced items just cannot come close.


JD Williams Wishlist

Looking through the pages of JD Williams online catalogue I can't help but wish I won the lottery because I actually want so much from there it's unbelievable. 


Review │ Jojoba Oil by Eden's Semilla

A few weeks back I was contacted by Eden Semilla and asked to review their Jojoba oil, Naturally I said yes because well, I love natural and organic oils! I was so excited to try something that I normally use in my hair care routine anyway but this time I decided to try it on my skin as well to see how it went. So here is my review of the Jojoba oil.


4 Things Tag

The 4 Things tag has been a really fun post to write. I came across this on Nicolas blog which you can find here; 

Nicola had found the 4 things tag on Kims blog which you can see here;

So after reading it I thought I would join in too! It's a really fun way for people to find out some random facts about me that they might otherwise never know. So I present to you, the 4 things tag!

My Wreck This Journal

Back in 2013 whilst I was pregnant I came across a post on tumblr about a Wreck This Journal and it really intrigued me. I loved the idea of being able to create art and be destructive at the same time. It looked filled with amazing little tasks and I knew right in that moment that I HAD to have one. The Wreck This Journal is filled with different ways to be destructive in so many creative ways. I love that it's so open to interpretation and very easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some stress relief or new ways to bring out their creativity. 


My Mother │ The Angel

Last Ever photo of My Mum & I

Yesterday marked the 8 years milestone since my mum passed away. I really wish that I could say time heals everything but I don't think it does. It still hurts knowing she's not just a phone call away or sitting in another room eating rice pudding watching Dr Who.
My mother was amazing. I was blessed when the universe decided I would be her daughter. I was loved fiercely, she was my everything, my idol.

August Wishlist

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