Sunday, 7 August 2016

4 Things Tag

The 4 Things tag has been a really fun post to write. I came across this on Nicolas blog which you can find here; 

Nicola had found the 4 things tag on Kims blog which you can see here;

So after reading it I thought I would join in too! It's a really fun way for people to find out some random facts about me that they might otherwise never know. So I present to you, the 4 things tag!

Four names that people call me other than Jordanne

1. Jojo
2. Mum
3. Jo
4. Hen

Four jobs that I have had ...

1. Assistant
2. Sales assistant
3. Nursery assistant
4. Babysitter

Four movies I have watched more than once ...

1. Wizard of Oz
2. Tangled
3. Rocky Horror Picture Show
4. Pulp Fiction

Four books I would recommend ...

1. Genesis By Karen Slaughter
2. Harry Potter Books
3. The Hobbit
4. Diary of a Manaton Call Girl

Four places I have lived ...

1. Glasgow
2. Ayr
3. Canada
4. Easterhouse

Four places I have been ...

1. Lanzarote
2. England
3. Spain
4. Canada

Four places I would rather be right now ...

1. In bed, sleeping.
2. At Marra Lake in Canada
3. Lounging by a pool at a spa hotel
4. In 2008

Four things I do not eat ...

1. Tomatoes
2. Beatroot
3. Haggis
4. Rice pudding

Four of my favourite foods ...

2. Burger
3. Vegetable chow mein
4. Chicken

Four things I am looking forward to this year ...

1. My Birthday
2. The Hunna gig
3. Feeder Gig
4. Christmas

Four things I am always saying ...

1. Bloody hell!
2. NO!!
3. Stop it.
4. I'm tired

And that's my 4 things tag. I really enjoyed that, I am so glad that Nicola came across this on Kim's blog! It's been fun.

You should go check out the 4 things tag from Kim and have a read at Nicolas answers too!

I tag all my readers to have a go! Why not try the 4 things tag out. Leave a comment if you do so I can go read it!!

*side note; I did have cake included in the foods I don't eat, but that's not true, it's just I'm super fussy about what cakes I eat as I can never find any I like haha* 

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  1. No cake? Why ever not!? :) What a super idea for a linky. Glad to read you've lived in Canada too (I'm an expat Canadian).

    1. It's not that I don't EVER eat cake haha its jut, I find it so hard to find any that I actually like. Usually the icing is too much or the sponge is too soggy. I'm so fussy when it comes to that sorta stuff haha

  2. Love this! I'm with on the 4 things I always say :)

  3. no cake! so jealous you've lived in Canada, I'd love to go there I have family in Ontario so there really is no excuse either.

    1. I really need to change this cake bit because I now realise that it's not that I don't eat cake it's that I'm very fussy about what kinda cake I eat lol

      I love going to Canada, we were there for a little while, not even a year and my mum couldn't handle being away from her mum so we moved back, I am glad she did though because my grans my rock lol I still go a lot as that's where my grandpa lives so it's fun to still keep going back.

  4. I've seen Rocky Horror Picture Show way more than once too! It's just such a good film. I can see why you don't eat rice pudding, that stuff it gross haha x

    1. I just love the rocky horror picture show!mits so amazing haha love Tim curry in it, such a great actor! X

  5. Ahh! Thank you for the mention!
    Oh my! You don't eat cake...I could not imagine not eating cake. hehehe

    1. Haha I've fixed the post now because I should have said it's hard for me to find cake I like lol I'm so glad you posted the tag to begin with! It was so fun.

  6. Aww thank you for the mention! So glad to see you took part too! :)

  7. I'd definitely rather be sat by a spa pool too. Great movie and book recommendations although I still haven't read the hobbit, oops x

    1. It would be heaven right now wouldn't it haha I read the hobbit when I was younger and I'm still in love with it haha such a good read so I would deffo recommend it!