Eating Out In Glasgow | The Hope Bar & Eatery

Hi Lovelies, Today's post is all about The Hope Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow City Centre.

*UPDATE* - The Hope restaurant is now The Smokin' Fox, come read my updated review HERE.

[AD/Gifted] A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to go and review The Hope in Glasgow so naturally I said yes! I love discovering new places to eat and/or have a little drink in Glasgow as I spend a lot of my time there so I got my bestie on board and we attended. Having never visited The Hope before I was really excited to see what kind of place I was going to walk into, Would I love it? would it be another same old same old restaurant? Well, I can definitely tell you all that I loved it so much that I am seriously thinking of booking it for my Birthday dinner.

First off here is what it say's on their Website:

"The Hope Bar and Restaurant is in a cracking location on Waterloo Street, the heart of Glasgow’s city-centre and we’re a proud part of the Glaswegian tradition of great food and great drink.

The Hope is a perfect choice for fuelling a shopping mission, dining with friends, enjoying a cheeky pub lunch and sampling our great selection of draught and bottled beers, including a wide range of craft beers, mouth-watering wines and delicious cocktails!

- Taken from Their website

First Impressions:

When I first entered The Hope I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and ambiance of the restaurant, It was very open plus there was two sections, one for the bar and one for the eatery. The decor is very cosy with quite a relaxing feel, The copper styled lights, the big felt light shades and the miss matched chairs along with the beautiful paintings on the roof is just so inviting. It's a place you could go for a couple of drinks and catch up with mates or go for a lovely afternoon lunch after shopping with the girls or even for date night because it's just so lovely, from the staff to the food. Everything is a winner.

The Restaurant:

As you can see from the photo it's very open and plenty of seating available. I absolutely loved where we were sitting as it felt quite cosy in the corner, it was like we had our own little world going on where Lisa and I could talk and share some great food without feeling like everyone was staring at us, although they probably were since I was snapping so many pictures because well... LOOK AT THE PLACE! I am so glad I got the chance to come along and eat some great food in a beautiful little restaurant. From where we were sitting you could see right into the kitchen which personally I find lovely as I know where my food is coming from then. Sometimes I get the fear of closed off kitchens because I don't know what state they are in... so open kitchens are great for me as they put my mind at ease and you know your food is prepared fresh!

The Food:

Ahhh, The best part, THE FOOD! I am such a big fan of food so doing reviews like this always make me super happy. Looking at the menu I was torn between the steak and their classic burger, after asking the man who was serving us what he would recommend, I went for the Burger without cheese and fries with the skin on and Lisa went for the cheese burger with skinny fries and we both shared the onion rings. I am such a sucker for a good burger and one of my faviourite places to go for them is broadcast in Glasgow and let me just tell you, The Hopes burger is right up there contending with it! It's a sort of melt in the mouth meat with an amazing taste, The burger comes with their own burger sauce which at first I wasn't too keen on as I'm not a big fan of sauce in general unless it's mayonnaise, but their sauce was very lovely, I was pleasantly surprised for sure. What I liked about the sauce is that it came separate from the burger in its own little metal bowl so you can add as much as you like, if at all. I found myself dipping my chips into the sauce and so did Lisa, we both enjoyed the sauce a lot, So if you go, and you should go, try the sauce!! All in all the food was BEAUTIFUL! Everything from the main course to the desserts. 

At first we weren't going to have desserts because of how full we felt after the main, the food is just so filling and amazing for the price if I do say so myself. But after being tempted into trying some stuff we finally settled on The Refreshing Lemon Tart for myself, The New York Style Cheesecake for Lisa and then went for their Ice cream selection to share. The two flavors we chose were salted caramel and butterscotch. When the desserts were brought out to us my first reaction was WOW! seriously, the desserts look so amazing and the taste... WELL... I'm not much of a dessert person but that Lemon tart was so refreshing and I found myself a week later craving more of it. The butterscotch ice cream was a winner in my eyes and I could have ate a full bowl of it myself if I hadn't ate all the Lemon Tart to begin with. The salted caramel ice cream was so nice too but I much preferred the Butterscotch where as Lisa found the salted caramel the clear winner for her. Lisa got the New York Style Cheese cake and the presentation of it was amazing, you just could not fault the presentation at all on it, I seriously wish I ate cheese cake so that I could have tried it but Lisa told me just how much she enjoyed the whole thing because Lisa polished off her plate. 

For me the food was amazing, I would defiantly go back just for that lemon tart alone never mind the burger and such which was also really tasty. So if you find yourself out in Glasgow, craving a good burger or some sweet desert, try The Hope, I can't imagine you would be disappointed. 

Onion Rings

Refreshing Lemon Tart

Selection of Ice Cream

The Staff:

Anytime you go out to eat it's always a much nicer experience if the staff are really pleasant and The Hope has to be one of the nicest places that have such cheery and smiley staff. I found myself greeted with a warm welcome and was treated so well throughout the whole experience. Lisa and I actually talked about how nice the staff were when we were enjoying our Mojitos (They were AMAZING btw) During the main course there was a mix up with my burger and I received one with cheese on it but I can't eat cheese with meat, always makes me feel sick, so I told our waiter and he couldn't have been any nicer about the whole situation. My meal was sent back to the kitchen and a whole new one was prepared for me which didn't take that long at all. During the time I received plenty of apologies and they even offered us coffee, tea or something else for the mix up while I waited. I was just blown away by how nice all the staff were so I can imagine if you decide to try The Hope out you will have a great experience with the staff.

The Toilets:

If you have read any my previous reviews such as "Eating Out In Glasgow: TGI Fridays" then you will know how important toilets are to me in restaurants and bars. They have to be well kept and not filled with rubbish for me to find the place as a whole, appealing. So what are The Hope's like? Well, they are CLEAN! so clean and they actually have quite a lovely smell to them which I later realised was an automatic air freshener (I was actually so tempted to ask which one it was because the smell was very nice!) There was no rubbish laying about, all the cubicals were spotless (yes, I checked haha) and their floor was clean. All in all I would give their bathroom top marks. 

So there you have it, The Hope was a very pleasant experience indeed. The food was lovely, the staff were so nice and the restaurant as a whole is somewhere I will be visiting again. I was so lucky to have this experience, I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with my bestie than eating some good food, having awesome drinks and chatting away for ages. If you're in Glasgow and looking for a place to eat, try The Hope, you wont be disappointed. 

This Bar and Eatery has now Closed and been Rebranded as The Smokin' Fox

*Please note that I received complimentary meals and drinks for this review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own*

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  1. This looks and sounds a fantastic place to eat....The food looks amazing and everything else about it seems perfect.

    1. It was so nice, I was honestly very surprised at how much I enjoyed eating there.

  2. Love the d├ęcor, this is just the sort of place I'd look out for when I'm out and about, shame I'm so far away ;)

  3. I love discovering new places to eat too. Love the look of this restaurant.

  4. I love the warm and open ambiance its stunning. The salted caramel and butterscotch sounds sooo good!

  5. Looks lovely I'm always looking for nice places to eat when I'm out n about in town I'll definitely be checking it out x

  6. Love how spacious it looks - I hate sitting too close to others in restaurants! The food sounds great. I love chips with skins on. & i really love New York cheesecake too! Sadly, I don't live anywhere near Glasgow, but sounds like you will have many amazing meals here! (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  7. Looks a lovely relaxing place to eat. The food looks amazing, especially the ice cream selection my favourite choice X

  8. It looks a great place to go. Bright and airy. The food looks fab especially that tart x

  9. Wow this place looks amazing. I love a good quality burger, and cheesecake / lemon tart / ice cream / yes / yes / yes! If only I lived within a couple of hundred miles of Glasgow :( Thanks so much for sharing with #fartglitter x

  10. What a lovely place and the food looks awesome!
    Glad you enjoyed it :)

    Thanks for being part of #MMBC. Hope to see you next week xx

  11. What a beautiful decor, especially the area outside.

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