Money saving tips; From a once careless shopper

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Hey beauties, Today I thought I would share with you my money savings tips as they have really helped my in recent years.

I once was a careless shopper who would buy everything and anything just for the sake of it, I had no outline on what I wanted when shopping and this always made any shopping trip super expensive for me. There was a time I wouldn't care about how much I spent, I was young, careless, with no real responsibilities and my money would go faster than I got it, I was a champion at spending which soon started to drain my bank.

Finally one day I saw sense, I realised that I wasn't spending my money on anything substantial, I had nothing to show for my money at the end of the day and I just sort of snapped into reality. I decided to turn to Google to help me out of my speedy spending habits. I found some tips that I tried to fit into my life, try being the key word here because I just didn't get the hang of it at all, I soon slipped into my old habits once again, throwing money away basically. Back to the drawing board it was. This time around I made rules for myself, I set goals and applied some tips that I found online, for me it really seemed to work because I can now go shopping without feeling the need to throw cash at people for absolutely ridiculous items plus I have found that my food shopping is much cheaper now that I have set myself limits and found ways that help me keep spending to a minimum.

So here are some of the tips that I have applied to my life, these have helped so much in not over spending.

Make a plan

First off I made a plan. I figured out what exactly it was that I wanted to achieve with my cutting back. For me I really needed to stop buying anything that would just clutter up my house because I didn't actually use it. A big flaw of mine was constantly buying clothes that didn't go any further than the hanger. So I grabbed my notebook and write down a plan of how to clear out what I didn't need plus made a list of things I actually DID need so I wouldn't forget or just by pass it. 

Make a shopping list

So this is an oldie but a goodie as they say. It's a tried and tested method which I find works. If I make a shopping list before I go to the shops I rarely come home with anything that isn't on it because I'm being disciplined about my spending. It's good knowing that I went out to get the next week's dinners and basics but I didn't over spend by buying all the food that was on a "special" and because I don't overspend Leon normally gets a little treat whilst we are out like a sweetie or a magazine. The list making also works on clothes shopping or home decor. It's great to have a plan to work off of when out.

Have a bank account for saving/piggy bank.

I feel like this is said all the time this tip but it does make sense. It works. For me I use an account to put my money into. Anything spare goes into that and I don't have a card for it so I can't use it if I'm out. It's really perfect for me. It's a place to put your money to save... hence the name haha.

Use coupons or voucher codes

Coupons seem to be a really big thing in the US, here in the UK it's not as popular but if you know where to look you can get some good ones. My favourites are from Tesco, Boots, Superdrung and New Look. I normally get booklets through from Tesco and boots every month or so with new coupons on them for everyday items such as toothpaste, deodorants, hair care, certain foods and much more. It's great because there is always more than 4 coupons that I will use so it does save some money. Plus from the likes of Tesco, boots and Superdrug you can collect points from their points system every time you use the cars and that equates to money that you can spend in store. As well as coupon books, I look online for voucher codes when ever I am shopping online, normally I will search google with the name of the store followed by "voucher codes", doing this has helped me save loads.

Buy in bulk when there is a sale or multibuy

When it comes to household cleaning products, bathroom products such as toothpaste etc... and make up I will always buy them in bulk when there is a sale or multibuy option because most of the time you are saving quite a bit of money. Not so long ago we done a big shop and got 2 of the toothpastes that we use for £3 when they are normally about £3.50 each so it's worth doing if it's stuff you will use.

Allow yourself one treat a month.

Every month I try to allow myself one treat such as a new phone case, accessory, or other little things because I know I will feel like I am treating myself so I don't feel the need to do it throughout the month. The same goes for Leon, I will treat him to something as well like a little toy that he wants, nothing too big though. Doing this means that I don't completely ban myself from buying something that I like. 

Have goal items and save

For me having goals in place really helped me. I wanted to start saving my money to buy some more expensive items that I wanted for a long time but never managed to get because I was too busy buying a lot of bumf. Since applying all these tips to my own life I have managed to get myself a new laptop, iPad, more shoes and bags that I wouldn't have necessarily been able to buy. Although I am still treating myself it's more luxurious items and I treasure them more because I saved and achieved my goal. I wrote my goals down and placed them on my memo board, the first goal I achieved was saving £400 for my new laptop and I honestly felt so proud.

So there you have it, My money saving tips. They may not be everyone's cup of tea but they work for me and since I have applied these to my life I have found myself with an ever growing savings account which is great because we have just booked a holiday. I have managed to buy myself that laptop I wanted along with the iPad I had on my luxury items list. I have also managed to buy myself a new TV and many more items that I wouldn't have been able to if I didn't apply these methods to my life. 
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  1. Wow, your saving abilities are so inspiring, I am hoping that now I am beginning to earn my own money I will be better at saving and not just spending everything on food! Well done for saving up for your laptop!

    Lauren |

  2. Great tips. I was a bit like you when I was single and working. In a way, it was okay because I was on my own. But of course now that I'm a mum and married, I don't spend as much as I used too. x

  3. Brilliant tips, love the one about the wardrobe I need to do this, I tend to buy stuff on a whim that doesn't go with anything else. Love the saving idea to and well done you for saving all that money!

  4. Great tips. I used to be so bad at wasting money when I was working before having children I am much more careful these days. I wish my partner was though as he wastes so much money on nothing xx

  5. Great tips - I need to start looking out for more coupons!

  6. Some great tips in this post, I love trying to find new ways to save money wherever possible whether its finding voucher codes/coupons or using cashback websites to get some money back on online purchases. Every pennies counts these days x

  7. Some really great tips here!!! I have never tried looking for things like coupons before and I certainly don't plan for things and I really should. x

  8. When I was working full time on a great wge I used to spend without even thinking about it, I had the money. But since I've left my job to be a full time mum & part time freelancer then I really have to think about what I spend my money on. We haven't had to cut back on our luxuries, just stopped spending money on crap we don't need!

  9. Great tips, I was very hapless with money when I was younger and I am still cleaning up the mess so to speak, 1o years later!

  10. Great tips these. I'm terrible for just spending money without a thought, but I'm quite good at being frugal too.