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I was recently sent these products from Organic & Botanic to try out and let me just start this post off by saying WOW! They smell absolutely amazing.

When it comes to skin care I absolutely love anything that's organic and/or natural so this sort of stuff is right up my ally! My first Impressions on this skin care were really positive, the packaging is really lovely in my eyes, I love anything like this, the brown boxes are perfect for my personal ashtetic preferences. When I receive these products the first thing I wanted to know was "do they smell nice?" And wow, they smell amazing! The products that I received were, body cream and facial serum.

Here is some information about the company taken from their website;
"The finest botanical ingredients in the world.
At Organic & Botanic we bring together an unparalleled selection of the world’s finest natural and organic active ingredients to power our beauty products.
Our products are created using the highest quality, ethically-sourced natural and organic ingredients; and they must be effective, elegant and guilt-free.
We insist on NO parabens, NO harmful preservatives and NO animal testing.
This range embodies our belief in the potent power of botanicals.

First up is the Amazonian Berry shear Butter body cream. 

When I first opened the body cream I was greeted with such a heavenly scent. The texture is thick which is pretty nice when you're smothering it on your skin. With this cream a little does go a long way! What I like about it is that once you put it onto your skin it absorbs fairly fast leaving you feeling like a heavenly scented goddess. This body cream is defiantly one of the most luxurious creams I've ever tried, it's really good quality and if I'm honest at £55.36 I wouldn't expect anything less. For me the price is a little much to have as my every day cream so it would purely be on a treat basis, not that I mind as I just love how it feels on my skin, I'm always left feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing! If you're looking for some luxury body cream organic and botanic have you covered.

Next up is the Mandarin Orange correcting facial serum. 

Admittedly I haven't used this a lot, well not as much as I wanted to because my skin has been in really bad condition lately and I've been scared to put anything on my face apart from some cream but the few times that I have used this facial serum I have enjoyed it, it's not broke me out nor has it flared up the redness on my skin. My cheeks in particular have felt super soft after a few hours. I really like that it comes with a dropper so it's easier to apply to my skin.

The scent is amazing, I could sit and smell it all day long as it's really calming yet refreshing if that makes sense. It's mandarin orange so you can imagine how good it actually is, such a perfect scent for some skin care if I'm honest, nothing worse than a product that doesn't smell very appealing, I could just eat this up! 

All in all I am really pleased with this range, the body cream is so amazing and the facial serum has really gave me a new outlook on serums themselves. I love that only natural ingredients are used in these products and the fact they smell absolutely amazing just makes it even better. I would really suggest checking them out as you might just find your new favourites skin care range. 

Facial Serum £57.06

Body Cream £55.36

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*I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. That looks amazing. I do love body creams (though admittedly I can't really use most products because of my eczema :( ) Would love to try the facial serum though.

    1. The stuff is great although like you say when you have eczema it's hard to be able to use things like this :(

  2. I think it's so good more and more products are becoming suitable for vegans as there's no need for the additional ingredients. It's always nice to have something a bit special to use when your skin really feels like it needs it x

    1. I love the fact that it's Vegan, it's great knowing it's all natural.

  3. These sound so luxurious! My little man has Autism & barely sleeps meaning neither do I, this has a massive impact on my skin & tired eye! I really do need a good serum to try & boost it

  4. They look amazing and I love the fact that it's natural...a bit pricey for me. I have to admit the serum is calling me!

  5. It looks amazing, i love the fact that is vegan too. x

  6. I love the sound of these products. The packaging looks amazing.

  7. These products look really amazing. I am all for organic skincare and makeup. I love butter creams. The Amazonian Berry shear Butter body cream will definitely be my favourite.