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A few weeks back I was contacted by Teagime, a specialist on tea blends who taylor a teatox just for you and was asked if I would review their 14 day teatox, naturally I said yes! I really like tea and have tried out some teatox's before but I can never seem to find one that taste's great if I am honest... I am not a fan of the way certain tea's taste such as green tea... NOPE. So I was very very excited to try this teatox out, would it be the same old boring tastes? Would I fall deeply in love with it? 

What I like about this teatox is that it is completely tailored to you and your needs. When you sign up you are prompted with a quizz to find out about your health needs and what you want from the tea, you are also asked about flavors which I LOVE! I feel that being able to choose what my tea will taste like (to a certain extent) really give's me power and that's totally okay with me. It really is a teatox that revolves around you as an individual. 

From Their Website;

You are unique. A one-size fits all tea may not meet your individual needs. In order to provide the flexibility you deserve, we have designed a new programme that allows you to personalize your teatox regimen. Let us craft a Teagime for you based on flavour preferences, caffeine requirements, skin condition and menstrual cycle. We use information provided by you to custom-blend herbs and other ingredients specific to your needs. That means each cup of teatox you drink is optimized for your particular health and energy needs. Additionally, with Teagime, there are no unhealthy and painful 'colon-cleansing' effects. We carefully blend teas to be gentle enough for long-term-use. We believe in using 100% natural ingredients - no flavourings, no laxatives, no nasties. Teagime allows you to focus on being healthy. Our blends are also fine-tuned to support your health throughout the seasons. We focus on herbs that boost the immunes system during the flu season, and warming herbs are included during the colder months to combat seasonal blues. On top of all this, your first order of any loose-leaf blend includes a free tea infuser. Steeping draws all of the rich flavours and aromas so that you can get the most out of your teatox. If you want to lose weight in a natural, healthy, and pleasant way, try Teagime. We promise you will enjoy both the taste and the benefits.

With this teatox you get 3 separate bags of loose tea plus two silicone tea infusers which I really was not expecting, these silicone infusers are re-usable and so handy, not just for this tea but for future use as well! The leaflet you get with your order explains absolutely everything you need to know about this tea from how to use the infuser to the time's you should drink it.

For my three teas I got; 
Liquorice and Lemon 
Liquorice + Lemongrass + Oolong
Juniper Ascending
Pouchong tea +Hibiscus + Juniper Berry
Night Vision Aid
Lemon Balm + Honeybush +Bilberry

With this teatox, Teagime will send you a new box every two weeks so I guess you could say that this is a subscription box like no other, A tailored teatox box! One thing that particularly sticks out to me with this teatox is that it DOESN'T contain any laxatives at all which is perfect as there are a lot of fads out there that use this to help give the illusion of weight loss, instead teagime hand blend each packet with ingredients tailored to your needs.  

So how did I feel about this product? Well, at first I found it hard to stick to as my personal life wasn't great and I had a lot going on but when I eventually got into the routine I started to notice my energy levels going up in the morning, I no longer want to rush back to bed after the dreaded nursery run. Although I don't eel like I have lost weight as such, I do feel more energetic and I feel better all round which motivates me to stick to some sort of work out routine (5 days straight so far!) I haven't noticed the sleeping better thing but I put that down to the stress I have been under lately so I can't fault the tea, It does seem to stop my cravings at night as I'm not snacking as much which I know is so good for me. All in all I would say that I have enjoyed this tea, There are no horrible tastes, I LOVE the morning one the best and I've got more energy, this has to be a bonus. 

Price £29.99 for 14 day supply

*I was sent these products for free in exchange for this review.
All thoughts & Opinions are my own*

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  1. That's different, i like that they tailor it to you. if you are a tea lover it is a great idea, tea is supposed to be very beneficial #MarvMondays

  2. I do like tea and tasting new ones is always nice, isn't it, especially if it boosts my energy levels too, which like you, isn't too good in the morning ;) x

  3. Wow this looks like an incredible range. As a tea lover I think I'm going to be trying to smuggle this out!

  4. This sounds great. I like that it is tailored to you! I'm not a big tea drinker but I do like the sound of the Liquorice + Lemongrass + Oolong x

  5. I loooooooooooooooooove tea but being pregnant its something that disgusts me at the moment!
    I so want to try this!

  6. I love teas and flavored teas as well...It's great to know that it's actually tailored to every person's need which I think is a clever idea, so I'm very interested. Great Review by the way. #MarvMondays

  7. Love the idea that it is suited to the individual.
    I don't normally go for flavoured teas but the lemon balm, honeybush and bilberry sounds nice x

  8. This looks and sounds really interesting. I have not trie teagime before but will look out for the herbal lemon one .

  9. I haven't heard of a teatox before but this sounds right up my street! The Liquorice and lemon tea sounds fabulous and I think there is a lot to say for herbal benefits. Great review. Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

  10. I am not a tea drinker, its my mums fault it made her feel sick when she was pregnant! But I know lots of my friends like tea with a bit of flavour, apparently its much nicer x

  11. I would love to try their teas, especially since it is tailor made to suit what you need. Plus loose leaf teas are great !

  12. The range sounds fab. Will love to try it and see.

  13. This sounds great, wouldn't mind trying myself.

  14. I really wish I liked hot drinks because I love that tea has so many different purposes and different flavours for different situations!

  15. Great idea. I'm always looking for healthy options and I love that this is tailored depending on your needs! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo