The Bomb Shell Spectrum Collections Brush Set

Make up brushes, the essential tool for any make up junkie or that a like... Wither you consider yourself a master in the art of make up or you simply just love to get yourself all made up then it is a must that you have some sculpting tools that are fit of a Queen or King! For me, Spectrum Collections brushes are the brushes to rule them all, With their amazing look, fantastic quality and their reputation being held up to the highest standard it's no wonder that they are so saught after.

On Friday the 23rd September I waited patiently for Spectrum Collections to release their new brush set, The Bomb Shell. At 12:01pm on Friday afternoon I clicked "Pay Now" and suddenly it had sunk in that these brushes were going to be mine! Much like The Glam clam it comes in a shell shaped brush case but this time it looks exactly like a bag and that's what I'll be using it as! Because, well, JUST LOOK AT IT! It looks so pretty and my heart defiantly skipped a beat when I first saw the preview of this set, I knew I had to have it. This set comes with 12 brushes which are as follows;

From Left to Right

A07 - Colour Applicator
A14 - Winger Definer
A02 - Angled Foundation - a new, softer, version
A12 - Fluffy Pencil
C02 - Flat Top Contour
A13 - Short Smudge
A00 - Luxe Powder
B06 - Tall Tapered Blender

C03 - Tulip Powder

A15 - Lip Liner

A05 - Precision Blush

B05 - Luxe Blender

For me these brushes are thee best out there. They are definitely the best brushes I have ever used and I say this as someone who uses The Glam Clam brushes almost daily and washes the brushes twice a week. Since having these brushes they have never lost any fibers nor do they look over used which some brushes tend to do after extended use. These Bomb Shell brushes however are smaller in size, they aren't as long as the glam clam brushes but that doesn't bother me in the slightest, if anything it's better for me as my make up bag will have more space ;)

Left; The Glam Clam / Right; The Bomb Shell

There's also a difference in the case's as well, most noticeably, THE COLOUR! Both are amazing but The Bomb Shell for me has my heart, the colour is amazing and it's so shiny, there's also the addiction os the spectrum logo being put on an embellishment rather than being printed right onto the case which for me is better, it's really nice.

 All In all I am just so happy with these brushes, they are a beautiful shade of pink and with pink being my faviourite colour, they fit in so well with my life. I would really recommend anyone and everyone to try out some spectrum collections brushes, trust me, you wont regret it!

L; Glam Clam Brushes / R - The Bomb Shell Brushes

About The Bomb Shell
Taken from Spectrumcollections

"Here she is...the Bomb Shell...isn't she a beauty!
The set includes 12 gorgeous brushes, in a stunning new colourway, of blush, rose gold, and hot pink. The brushes are a mix of our new luxe, contour, and essential brushes, and the case is a shell shape, in a beautiful holographic finish with rose gold zip & detailing, complete with a gorgeous sky blue lining, just to make your brushes pop. Oh, and did we mention it has a detachable rose gold chain so you can also use it as a bag? We know you want to! The brush heads are full size, but the handles are slightly shorter, making them handbag friendly, you can take these babes everywhere and keep your makeup on point, that is when they're no on display looking lit in their case. The best thing about this baby is that it's even prettier in real life, pictures really can't do it justice."

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  1. Oh you put me to shame as I can't tell you the last time I bought a make up brush. I think I'm still using mine from my student days - and I get to use them rarely these days. Your photos look so tempting!

  2. These brushes and the respective cases look really pretty. Don't use make-up (to be honest, don't really know much about it) but I do love pretty things ;)

  3. Oh my, these brushes are beautiful!! I used to wear make up daily, now I'm lucky if I remember once a month!! But these brushes are oh so tempting!! x

  4. They look beautiful, simply glamorous, real old time Hollywood glamour. Enjoy using them. I don't wear make up, maybe I should start!

  5. Wow that is one hell of an amazing set of brushes and the case is beautiful. I might have to have a look at these as I have been meaning to get some new brushes for a while x

  6. What pretty brushes, they put my boring black ones to shame. x

  7. Oh goodness! They are so pretty - I wouldn't want to use them, just look at them! haha

  8. They look so pretty, love the cases! I don't know if I would use it they are so pretty lol

  9. These are ADORABLE!!!! I've never been really into make-up brushes but I want these so much. I love the colourful ends and I absolutely love the shell case they come in. x

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