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Hello all you beautiful people. Today's post is a little different, all about tarot readings.

Review │ Runaway Fox

Today I thought I would do something a little different and rehash an old post of mine that I really loved to write because I just loved the product so much! I made a purchase from Runaway Fox and as soon as I received my item I didn't regret it one bit.

They make jewellery, home décor and much more! If you are looking for something unusual then this is the place to go! 


Review | Jojoba Company

I love Jojoba oil, I honestly love these type of oils for my skin because they tend to work so well with it, giving me that silky smooth feeling. There are many benefits to Jojoba oil that makes it a great choice like the fact it's the closes oil out there to the natural sebum that your skin produces.


Why I like to be positive

I've had some very unfortunate things happen in my life, things that could have completely broken me into pieces, things that have shaped some people into a completely different person (in a bad way) so now that I'm no longer living in that moment I want to spread peace and happiness. It's my way of saying, you know what life? You threw all this at me and I'm still standing here today, smiling, promoting love and kindness, so stick it!


The Real Glesga Dance Mums

I love going to see shows at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow, It's always a great night out full of laughs. For me it's perfect to go for a nice night out with friends that doesn't involve a thumping hangover the next day. I've been to see a fair few acts at the Pavilion such as Peter Powers, The Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga, Wee fat glesga wedding and much more. Most recently I went to see Real Glesga Dance Mums with my bestie and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! 


Boots Beauty Box #Faceoff

Ahhh, Boots, The place I over indulge in so many items that I don't NEED but most certainly want. It's great for makeup and perfect for all your beauty needs if I'm honest. So when I found out boots had a review panel where you could try out lot's of different products I wanted very desperately to be a part of it, so I filled in the application and waited patiently for an email but then one day, out of the blue I received a parcel at my door, I opened it and it was this beauty of a box! Boot's had sent me their #Faceoff box that has some amazing products inside for me to review, LUCKY!


Review | Kiss false Nails

I was kindly sent some Kiss products to try out and WOW! These nails I'm going to be talking about today are really great quality and I can't wait to just tell you all about them!


Halloween Pintrest Inspiration

Hello all you spooky people you! Today I am going to show you all some of my faviourite pintrest halloween posts that inspired me for this years halloween! There is so many great ideas out there that I think everyone just has to know about whether it be for parties, costume ideas or make up inspo, you can find pretty much what you're looking for on pintrest.

Faviourite Horrors for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching I have been digging out my horrors (who am I kidding, I watch horrors pretty much everyday haha) but seriously, I've been making a list of my favourite horrors to stick on the full week before Halloween. 


Halloween Wishlist


Everyday Halloween Style From New Look


Halloween Wishlist by Georgia Knight

Halloween Wishlist by Georgia Knight

It’s well-known amongst my family and friends that autumn is my favourite time of year, and it’s not just because of the weather and hot chocolate. I spend the whole year counting down to my favourite holiday, Halloween! I love kitting out my home with Halloween-related decor and I am one of those people that plan my costume months in advance.


Tinto House Hotel Review

Have you ever pulled up to a hotel and though, wow, I can just relax and not worry about everything for at least one day? Have you been greeted with beautiful countryside views and friendly staff? Well I have and it was all at the Tinto House Hotel in South Lanarkshire.


Review | Beauty essentials Shadow Switch

I've never known how much I needed one of these Shadow Switch dry brush cleaners from beauty essentials until I received this little beauty in the post!*


Review | Seventeen Matt Lipsticks

Seventeen Matt Lipstick

I've never been a big lipstick fan growing up, I've loved highlighter, foundation and in particular mascara but I've never been one to play around with lipsticks and I always thought "I just don't suit them" but when the lovely people at seventeen sent me a bunch of lipsticks to try along with some other make up bits and pieces, I thought it was high time I started to experiment with some colours.


Review | Lush Bom Perignon Bath Bomb

Ahhh Lush, The maker of my favourite bath products! I really do love being able to get my hands on their Lush kitchen products because they always sell out fairly fast so sometimes I don't manage to get the ones I want so when I managed to buy the Bomperignon I was over the moon! So today's review is all about this little beauty.

#MeetTheBeauties ││ Ana FadedSpring

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Ana from FadedSpring.

I just joined BloggersClubUk on Facebook and Ana was one of the first blogs I read from there so when she said she was interested in this series I was over the moon because her stuff is so great, Especially Anas photos (ps, I am mega jealous of her blog photos, so much beauty)

So without further adieu, Lets learn a little more about Ana from FadedSpring.


Review │ Broadway ImPRESS Manicure

Sometimes I get sick of having to paint my nails, sometimes I just simply don't have the time but want some super cute designs that will get me through the day that people will notice and compliment; I think that is exactly what I have found with ImPRESS nails! They are no fuss, glue free press on nails that come in an array of designs said to last up to a week. so today I am here to tell you all about these.


Come Find out what to expect from Girls Day Out Show 2016

print screen of girls day out banner

Do you love fun events filled with cocktails, fashion shows and make up counters plus more all in one place? Then Girls Day Out Show in Glasgow SECC is the place for you! From December 2nd - 4th there will be a multitude of things to see + do at the Girls Day Out event.

Review | Miss Patisserie Rainbow River

A few weeks ago I decided to try out some Miss Patisserie products as I came across them on instagram and their bath crumble is what drew me in as I thought it was such a great idea for a bath product. So I added 4 products to the cart and I was ready to buy. A few day's later I received them in the post and I couldn't have made a better decision as they look much nicer in real life, the colours are so exquisite. Today's post is a review of one of those products, Rainbow River! It's super beautiful.

Nutribuddy First Impressions

I was lucky enough to be sent the Nutribuddy 14 day weight loss kit to try and boy am I glad! I have been on a major health kick lately so I have been looking into anything that's going to help me loose weight, achieve a healthy lifestyle and just be in a much better place for my health, So with the help of the Nutribuddy products, I think I'm on to a winning formula. This post is a first impressions of the products and after my 14 day trial of this I will update you all on how I feel about the products as a whole.

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