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Well hello you spooky lot! Anyone else love Pinterest? It's a great place to find an array of things from life hacks to DIY projects, Pinterest has it all, you are bound to find just what you are looking for. But today I am focusing on Halloween inspiration from ways to create the perfect spooky look to throwing a boo'tasticla party, sure to leave all your guests talking, and not in a bad way! 

When it comes to pinterest I could brows it for hours, I always find myself going down the rabbit hole so to speak and at this time of year, I spend even longer scrolling through, looking for as many spooky DIY ideas that I can. I actually have a whole pinterest board dedicated to halloween which you can find here. Anyway, enough talking! now onto some truly awesome pins I found that will help you smash Halloween this year! 

If you are looking at creating some fun and unique treat bags, then look no further! these awesome Halloween hand treat bags are just the trick to leave the kids singing your praises for weeks to come. It's a fun way to add in a little touch of spooky and super easy to do as well, I know I will definitely be trying these out, little bear will love them. Not only are these great to give out to trick-or-treaters, it's a great way to add in some special touches to any Halloween party, take these along and wow everyone with these bags of fun. 

Looking for some last minute Halloween hacks? Then look no further! This pin that I found on Pinterest from Buzzfeed has some awesome last minute Halloween hacks to help you through some sticky situations. With the likes of creative ways to spook up juice boxes, truly fun halloween wreathes, seriously scream inducing ice and more! You are bound to find something that will make you want to get creative this October.   

30 Halloween Make-up Ideas 

I don't know about you, but when it comes to Halloween one of my favourite things to do is dress up which means I am always on the look out for some fun and creative ideas. Whilst browsing for some make-up ideas I came across this pin which features 30 Halloween make-up ideas that will leave people gasping at just how good you look with your costume. There are some truly beautiful works of art in this article that I instantly fell in love with, mainly number 5!

Want to wow your guests at your Halloween party this year? Then this is the pin for you. A post by cosmopolitan that features some seriously mouth-watering cocktail recipes for you to win Halloween. Treat your guests to some Sleepy Hollows or some Blood (orange) punch this year and watch as your guests gasp with approval at your seriously delicious creations. 

Spooky Halloween Hand Soap

This one piqued my interest when I first came across it as I loved to make soap with my gran when I was younger, we would make it for people on their birthdays or at Christmas and it was an activity that we really enjoyed; So seeing this pin brought back all those memories. I love getting creative for Halloween as you may have guessed already so to create some spooky Halloween hand soap is right up my street. This is one to check out for sure, give your house guests a fright this Halloween with spider infested hand soap. 

25 Clever Halloween Nail ideas

I am a huge fan of doing my nails, I have a new set every week and I am always on the lookout for some fun and creative ideas to theme things up. When I saw this pin, I fell in love instantly because it's packed with some great nail art to really drive home that Halloween is upon us. So, if like me you love to get creative with nail art, check this out!

Halloween parties can sound daunting if you're on a budget but that shouldn't stop you throwing one hell of a monster's ball. I really liked this pin because it has some great ways you can throw that party without worrying about breaking the bank. Packed full of tips, you'll be able to throw that party in style.
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  1. Hi Jordanne, Halloween isn't a big thing over here, but I can see that it has become a bit of a big thing in the UK since I left. I love the idea of the hand gift bags. And the spooky soap looks like fun... Our bathroom towel always seems to look like that. Which can't be a good thing.

    Thank you for linking up to the #MMBC


  2. Fab Halloween tips here. I love the Halloween nails.

  3. Oh wow, some great ideas here. I love the towel idea, my daughter has some fake blood and is always playing tricks on me! You have gave me and idea, how to get her back hehe. Love the spiders in the soap too. I 'm sure I could get both my youngest 2 with this :):)

  4. There are some great ideas here, I love the spooky cocktails and the 'hand bags' :). I need to get sorted for Halloween today, it has crept up on my this year x

  5. Love these ideas especially the towel and the hang bags. I can't wait for halloween, it's always so much fun! xx