Tinto House Hotel Review

[AD/Gifted] Have you ever pulled up to a hotel and though, wow, I can just relax and not worry about everything for at least one day? Have you been greeted with beautiful countryside views and friendly staff? Well I have and it was all at the Tinto House Hotel in South Lanarkshire.

When we arrived at the Tinto Hotel which is situated in south lanarkshire in Biggar we were pleasantly surprised at the hotel, surrounded by beautiful views it really does make you feel relaxed. It's only a 50 minute drive from my place so it's not a long commute but it's still far enough away to enjoy a little weekend break. We walked up to the reception to be greeted by a friendly smile which is always nice and received the key to our room, which like most hotels is a plastic card that works with your room. We were told that we had been given the Coulter Suit, now I didn't have a clue what that meant but we soon realised it's the biggest room in the hotel! I was pleasantly surprised by this for sure.

The Room

Beautiful bed with robes and slippers.

The living room area

The bathroom

As you can see by the pictures it's truly a sensational room! It's basically a whole flat but minus the kitchen. My jaw literally dropped when we walked in, I couldn't believe we had this room. Not only was the lighting AMAZING (I wish I took all my products with me so I could take pictures for my blog haha) but the whole place was spotless! You could smell how clean it was which for me is perfect, I love, love, love clean spaces. I think the rooms been recently decorated as it still had that new scent to it, I loved it. The carpets were so soft to walk on, I felt like I was walking on a cloud and they were very clean which was brilliant as I've been to some hotels with carpets in the rooms that look like they should be burned and re done! 

In our room we had a complimentary bottle of red wine and use of their robes plus disposable slippers. I felt like a queen if I'm honest, it's the fanciest hotel room I've ever had in my life. Normally I wouldn't touch red wine but of course I just had to pour myself a glass or two... or three haha it was great. My faviourite room in the suite had to be the bathroom as it was very beautifully done, clean and I wish it was my standard bathroom at home as it's much bigger than the one I have in my house! (Sadly we have quite a small bathroom, boo!) I love bathrooms so much and if you follow me on social media you will know it's because I love lush products, I do wish I brought one of my bath bombs with me so that I could have had a big luxury bath at the hotel. For me the whole room was a massive hit, I loved everything about it. Luckily enough upon checking out of the hotel one of the standard room doors was left open as it was turn over time, so we got to have a little peek into it and It was a good size, it's like most hotel rooms. You have your room with the beds and then a bathroom, from what I saw it looked very nice.

My only complaint for the room would be the water pressure and how long it took for us to get hot water. Because of this I didn't have my morning shower which was a bummer. If I was going to be staying for the weekend I would expect this to be fixed. 

The Garden

I am a sucker for outdoor spaces, I love to go walks when I can and see some breathtaking views so when we found out they had a garden area that overlooked the countryside that you could walk about in I was in my element. The first thing I noticed about the garden area was it reminded me of fairies.... yes, fairies! Just because of the still water, little stone bridges and beautiful little mushrooms. I loved the whole thing, I walked about snapping a lot of pictures and taking the whole thing in.

Now onto the food and show. 

At about 7:30 on the saturday night you go down to reception where someone will take you to the ball room. This is where dinner is served and the show happens. Now, I must admit, I was expecting that we would have a table to ourselves but that wasn't the case. It was set out with 7 round tables and one big long table where you are sat with others who are there for dinner and the show. At first my anxiety spiked so bad, I hate sitting with people I don't know and I especially hate being thrown in at the deep end with it IE. Not being told about the layout... But after getting a little drink and getting introduced to the others at the table it seemed to ease up a bit, conversation was flowing and I felt a little more at ease with the whole situation.

For dinner you get a choice of three different things for your starter, main and dessert. The choices that night where;

Cream of Roast red pepper and plum tomato soup 
Smoked Mackerel, wee potato and horseradish salad, oaties
Pressed Bacon, Chicken and duck breast terrine, Toasted Brioche, Pickled Gherkin
Charred Chicken Supreme, Coarse grain mustard and white wine cafe au lait
Steamed Salmon Fillet, Sweet corn, Leek and potato chowder
Thyme and Garlic Roasted butternut squash, courgette and mull cheddar crumble
Selection of Cheeses Grapes, Celery and biscuits
Warm Toffee, poached pear and frangipane tartlet, vanilla ice cream
Dark Chocolate and scottish berry brownie, chantilly cream

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my starter as I just tucked straight into it but I had the Pressed Bacon, Chicken and duck breast terrine, Toasted Brioche, Pickled Gherkin and it was absolutely beautiful!

Main; Charred Chicken Supreme, Coarse grain mustard and white wine cafe au lait - The chicken was beautifully cooked and the sauce it came with really surprised me as I enjoyed it so much, it reminded me a little of peppercorn sauce but not as peppery? if that makes sense. The potatoes were nice and I loved the broccoli but for me I do not like cooked carrots... not at all! So I left them but that's my personal preference.

Dessert; Warm Toffee, poached pear and frangipane tartlet, vanilla ice cream - For me this was the best part of dinner! The ice cream and toffee sauce was a lovely refreshing yet sweet finish to the dinner. The pear was really nice as well but for me the pastry was a little too sweet to eat and a little hard at the bottom. I loved this dish though, I have been craving it since!

After dinner we had the show which was a tribute night of the 60's and 70's. I was really impressed by the singers as they were amazing! Their voices were great and it was nice to just watch them do their thing. With the tribute night it was really fun as they interacted with the audience and lot's of people got up to dance along to the songs. I can imagine it would be a great night out for a bunch of friends who want to try something different or for parties etc... I really enjoyed my time and I loved listening to some old songs that get you tapping your feet and wanting to dance. In the tribute act the woman kept changing outfits which was a great surprise and it added a little variety to the whole act. All in all the entertainment was great, I really have no complaints about it.

The Breakfast

The next morning we got up and headed down for breakfast. I didn't know what to expect as some places do continental breakfasts and some different options to a full breakfast so I was super happy to see the full scottish breakfast was on the list so both of us opted for that and some tea. The breakfast area was lovely, very clean and bright and there was a table with all the morning juice and bread etc... on it but the breakfast service is just like dinner, you order what you want and they bring it to you so no getting up and having to wait in line for food (personally I hate doing that at breakfast time) For me the food was great, It was cooked well and I have no complaints about it at all. 

This experience as a whole was amazing, I would definetly give it 5/5 for sure. The staff were lovely, the place was beautiful and oh ehm gee the food.... THE FOOD WAS BRILLIANT! If you are ever looking to get away from everyday life for a weekend then I would suggest giving Tinto house a go. They have tribute acts on Saturdays which include your dinner if you get tickets for that, So there is entertainment to throw some fun into the mix. But even if that isn't for you, the hotel offers some amazing views, lovely countryside to walk in and some very VERY comfy beds. I had a great time here, so much so that I am more than positive that we will be booking up to go again after christmas, probably January at some point for a whole weekend. It was a lovely experience and I hope to one day take my friends for a lovely night of fun, singing, dancing and great food at their tribute night.

About The Hotel;

Taken from their site

"Nestled in five acres of stunning gardens within the breathtaking countryside of the Scottish Borders, this traditional country house hotel is the perfect setting for a short break or for creating memories to last a lifetime. Built in 1914, and celebrating its centenary year, it has retained a respectful eye toward the grandeur and charm of the past, while also embracing the conveniences of the modern age. Throughout Tinto Hotel, stunning architectural details, such as the majestic sweeping staircase with ornate stained-glass windows, and remarkable period pieces, like the penny farthing bicycle and grandfather clock, sit comfortably beside the numerous touches of tasteful modernisation. Relax and enjoy the appealing ambience of a bygone era and comforted by the convenience of the most up-to-date amenities."

For one nights stay plus show and dinner it costs £139.00 based on two people sharing. For more prices and information please visit http://www.tintohouse.com/

Tinto Hotel, 44 Biggar Road, 

Symington, Nr Biggar, 

South Lanarkshire

 ML12 6FT

Tel: 01899 308 454

*Stay and tickets to tribute night complimentary in exchange for review*

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  1. Sounds utterly amazing. The food photos alone convinced me!

  2. This sounds amazing! How gorgeous are the photos, the room is stunning. I need to look at booking somehwhere for mine & the hubby's fifth wedding anniversary

    1. Oh that sounds lovely, your 5th anniversary! I hope you find somewhere beautiful and relaxing

  3. Whoo it looks amazing here. Beautiful pictures. It looks so peaceful and relaxing :)

  4. I love the way the room is decorated. It looks very cosy. Shame the water took so long to heat up x

    1. It really reminded me of a beautiful Scottish modern cottage home with the decor and how cosy it felt. It was a bummer but I hope they get it fixed soon.

  5. Such a stunning looking place! I'd love to spend a weekend away there. Great review!

    1. I really want to go back as it was a lovely get away

  6. Oooh how lovely, it looks simply stunning. I bet you had a fabulous stay there.

  7. Wow, what a beautiful hotel. For us, it would need a ceiling hoist in the bathroom and bedroom so do feel free to let them know that! πŸ˜„ I paused at the menu and was making my choice! Roasted butternut squash, please!

  8. This place looks so beautiful and calming. My husband and myself haven't had a honeymoon yet and are looking at places to go next summer, I am going to add this to the list. Thanks babe! πŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸ’œπŸ’«✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x

    www.AlishaValerie.com || www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

    1. Oh a honeymoon sounds great! I'm glad this is going to make your list! It's a fan place!

  9. Ah I love the garden! I love chilled out spaces and this certainly looks like one! I'm not one for taking breaks in the UK often but I might have to in the future- looks so gorgeous.

    Thanks for such a detailed review of this place! xx


    1. The garden was just spectacular if I'm honest, I loved it! Thanks for commenting x

  10. This looks amazing!! Like you said, it looks more like a flat rather than a hotel and those views!! 😍 It actually kinda reminds me of the bed and breakfast where I work with the view and the whole idea of 'being in the countryside.' The food also looks amazing too, yum! Great photography lovely and great post, I'm so envious but it looks like you had lots of fun!! X

    1. It really was more like a flat than anything! I just loved the whole experience and I'm definitely going back again!

  11. Looks like a fantastic place to stay! The Suite is beautiful and I love the bathroom! Great place for a weekend getaway!

    1. The bathroom was definitely my favourite, so beautiful!

  12. ohhh red wine.... love it... this place looks amazballs... lucky you

    1. The red wine was nice, I'm not a lover of it but it was a nice added bonus

  13. Although the place is a little too pricey for me (I much prefer a cheap and cheerful getaway), 697 can definitely see why it's that much - the quality! That bedroom looks amazing and the garden so so beautiful. I think the entertainment alone makes me consider it for a fun, luxury weekend.

    With love, V x

    1. I do enjoy cheap and cheerful but I think this was great for what it offered as well. It's more of a luxury time away for sure

  14. Oh this looks gorgeous, for those indulgent, child-free moments....which are few and far between!
    I think there's nothing better than a cooked breakfast, without the children. It's the kind of little indulgence which now means so much!

  15. That sounds amazing! What a nice getaway you had. I also love a clean hotel room, I think it's the most important thing! Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

  16. Wow, the room really seems to have everything, but the kitchen sink! Lots of lovely touches (like the wine!). I love the fact there's something interesting on the menu for non meat-eaters like me, too. I could eat that now. Beautiful grounds. Perfect! X


  17. Sounds a lovely place to stay over. I don't think I would have been overly keen on the table set up either.
    The food and the overall hotel looks amazing though. Glad you enjoyed your time there x

  18. Sounds lovely! That room looks amazing! Would love a hotel room with a living room! #bigpinklink