15 Thoughts before sleep

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping because my mind seems to wander, it likes to remind me of everything I've forgotten to do and everything I plan on doing the next day. I feel like it's an endless cycle that likes to show up at the worst time, when I just want to unwind and fall asleep after running about after the little one all day.

1: I forgot to buy nappies at the shop, I MUST remember these tomorrow.

2: Did I remember to take the washing out the tumblr dryer?

3: What activity can me and the little man do tomorrow? We've pretty much done everything by now!

4: Fuck! I forgot to text everyone back today... and yesterday and the day before that! I'm such a crappy friend.

5: Can the cat stop meowing now.... he's going to wake Leon!!

6: Cat food!! Must add that to my list of things to buy.

7: I really need to get that hair cut I've been putting off for the last 2 months.

8: What day is it?

9: OH! That's a great idea for a blog post, better write it down.

10: Might as well check Facebook whilst I'm here... and instagram and twitter and some new blogs.

11: Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have been on my phone for the last hour.

12: If I fall asleep now I'll get 7 hours sleep.

13: I should probably make a plan for wallpapering my room soon.

14: FUCK! it's bin night, better take the bin down... I could just get it in the morning though couldn't I? Who am I kidding, I'll never do it in the morning.

15: Ahhhh, comfort at last. Bins down, shopping list made and blog post ideas written, I'll get 6 hours and 30 minutes sleep if I fall asleep now.... Dammit! I need to pee.

Does anyone else get this? thoughts just popping into their head at the worst times?! 

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  1. I use to stress out that I will be having very little sleep if I had to get up very early. Now I am just so tired every day that I fall asleep very easily.

  2. Ha! This is so me when i'm lying in bed. I have to write a to do list most days, just to prevent me going over everything in my head when in bed and ending up getting little sleep. And I've forgotten the bins so many times and had to put them out in my pjs! Looking like absolute shit x