Caseapp Review

Hello lovelies, today's post is a review of CaseApp phone cases! 

I love phone cases. Ever since I had my iPhone 4 I've been collecting them as an extra accessory to my daily life so it's no surprise that now I'm on my Samsung s7 my love for phone cases has grown and I'm getting even more with each phone I get. So being able to review a phone case was like a dream to me and especially since its from Caseapp.

I have seen Caseapp around social media A LOT and I love that everyone talks about how nice the cases are and how easy it is to personalise so I had a go, this is my result! I love the night sky and I love blacked out tree lines so it was only fitting that I had a phone case that matched something I loved.

When I received the phone case in the post, It came in this beautiful little brown box with writing on it that really made the experience personal! It made me smile for sure. 

With caseapp there is plenty of choice for designs and what I love about the website is that you can personalise your own phone case, it's a fairly easy process and you can choose anything you want! I went for the beautiful night sky with the blacked out tree line, it's something a little different so that's why I love it. You have full control of the design, adding anything you like to the image and I discovered that you can put a few different photos together to create the perfect phone case! To show you an example I put together this one with two different images of glitter and rotated the silver picture to give it a bit of an edge and I did add text at the bottom with my blog name, just to show that you can add what ever you want and have full control. For me it is one of the easiest sites to navigate with phone case designs and the accessibility is perfect.

This case that I got is very robust I think, I am terrible for dropping my phone, like, terrible for it! so it was only natural for me to put this case to the test! I dropped it 4 times on different surfaces, I first done it on my rug, the phone didn't bounce and the case was intact, so far so good. I then dropped it on my room floor which is vinyl and again, phone and case intact, then I dropped it on my wooden floor in the hall which don't get me wrong, my heart completely stopped as it bounced! There was a slight little scuff in the top corner but bar that, all good, phone intact and finally I dropped my phone onto my bed, naturally it bounced onto the floor but no new marks from that. All in all I was fairy impressed with it but I do think that if dropped repeatedly, like most cases, it's going to break as it is a plastic cover. So don't be throwing your case around! haha.

The finish on the case I got was matt and it looks just beautiful, I really think that the overall look of the case is perfect as it has achieved just what I wanted. I was worried that the colour might get muted in the printing process but I gt a nice surprise when I opened the box to see it looking absolutely perfect!

All in all I am impressed with the case, the website and the ease of the whole process. The only problem I encountered was the first time the case was sent, it went missing in the post but they were really nice about it and sent me a new one and the delivery on that one was very speedy! I would definetly recommend caseapp if you want to personalise your case, so many different choices like layouts, collages, mashing photos together etc... and they have a good few designs on their site too to choose from. 

*Contains Press sample. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. Looks fab! I'm afraid my phone case is a really boring black one :)

  2. Wow love the design of that case - looks like great quality too!

  3. That's a really pretty case. I have a very plain and boring one on my phone but I'm always on the lookout for a nicer one. Thanks for the helpful review!

  4. I really need to get myself a phone case, its mad to think how much we spend on our phones so they are well worth protecting. Even better to do it in style :)

  5. I need to get myself a phone case but cant seem to find one I like!

  6. I love your case. So very bright and pretty. CaseApp rocks. Love them.

  7. i really like the design of that case.. ive just invested in a new phone and really must look at a case for it.. ive a huge scratch on the screen already

  8. I've been looking around for a case for ages! I'm terrible for smashing phones and could do with the protection. I love the design of this one. I'd love a really unique design for mine. x