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Have you ever wondered what to get someone who has everything? Do you have a fussy friend who likes things that arent the normal bath gift set or perfume? Then this is the gift guide for you! With some pretty awesome suggestions I think you can find something for your chosen recipient in mind.

*Tarot Reading

Now I don't know about you, but I would love to wake up on christmas day to find out that someone had bought me a tarot reading! How awesome a gift would that be? It's different, out of the norm and personal. I have done a full review of a tarot reading by Tarotslut and you can find the full review >>HERE<<

Pink Parcel

This subscription box is a little different and I think this is just for the girls out there, but it's pink parcel, you can see my post on it >>HERE<< 
But this is geared towards periods, you know, that terrible time of the month that us girls get at least once a month? and I say atleast because I sometimes have it TWICE! *CRIES IN CORNER*  But yeah, this is for that time. You get all the pads/tampons you will need, a lovely little bag to keep in your handbag filled with emergency towels etc... PLUS you get some amazing beauty products, tea, chocolates and just a load of thing to make you feel amazing! This is a great present for the girls in your life with periods, I think they would really appreciate this!

Magazine subscription

For those people who love their magazines I think one of these is the way to go! It means they can get their magazines all year round and they don't have to go buy these themselves, it's all taken care of it for them. I would suggest using as they have so many available. I personally have had nothing but a great experience with them, I was subscribed for about 2 years when I still read magazines. 

Laser hair removal

Now this may seem a bit strange, but this would be a lovely present to receive, some vouchers for laser hair removal! A lot of people shave, and a lot of people hate it and A LOT of people have hair they just wish would never grow back, so if you know someone that is like this, Laser hair removal is the way to go! Now, I am pretty sure you could find somewhere near you that does this, but if you have a Therapie Clinic near you, like in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ireland, then get down to them! They are so amazing. You can see my full post on the company  >>HERE<<


Everyone loves to be pampered so I think a nice facial is a great idea as a present at christmas. It's some time to feel pampered and like a princess/prince 
It's lovely in my opinion and I think anyone who received this would be super happy with it! I know I would.

Spa day

A bit like the facial, a spa day is super relaxing, perfect for some unwinding. I really do want to wake up on christmas day to one of these spa experiences.... HINT HINT! It's not something I think a lot of people go to straight away when thinking of presents, it would also be good to get a couple, a spa day for them to go chill out and spend some time together.

Weekend trip 

Now this definitely isn't a hair dryer, aftershave or pjs! It would be an amazing gift to give someone and if I am honest, I doubt they would expect it! Really would be out of the ordinary.


Ok ok ok, so tea... it may seem strange BUT hear me out, I know some tea lovers and if I gave them this... WOW! I would be the best so I am sure I am not the only person who knows these type of people, Tea is great for those who have everything. It's something new to try, it's not your typical shampoo and conditioner stocking filler either so for me I think this is quite unusual! I am in the midst of trying this stuff out! So stay tuned for my full review on this stuff, So far, I LOVE IT

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