Glasgow Therapie Launch

[AD/PR Event] On the 27th of October my best friend Lisa & I attended the new Therapie Launch in Glasgow City Centre where we enjoyed a night of getting to know all about the clinic and the products they stock whilst having some prosecco and nibbles as well as being treated to a goody bag and free bikini laser removal session.

Therapie started over in Ireland and has now branched over into Scotland with a clinic both in Edinburgh and Glasgow. They offer a range of treatments with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Their staff are so lovely, professional and filled with so much honest information. I found all my questions being answered before I even had the chance to ask. When talking about the laser hair removal the consultant we got, who's name was Lee and was super nice by the way, told us about their machines, the treatments and more. One thing Lee spoke about was how they cannot say that any treatment is permanent, this stuck in my mind because there are many other clinics out there who use that word when they shouldn't. After looking into laser hair removal for a while now I was left feeling certain on what it is, how it's done and the equipment used. I felt very comfortable talking to Lee about it all as she was very nice about everything plus informative. 

The clinic itself is a big space, the decor is very simple and clean, white walls, bright lights and lovely high ceilings with some beautiful art on them. The whole clinic is very open which makes you feel invited, I think with these sort of places you need to feel comfortable with the business and the staff, it's a personal thing you are getting done so there would be nothing worse than a place that was rude, dark and dingy. The Therapie Clinic is none of that. I could see myself just popping in for a chat if I was passing by one day because they are all so lovely and make you feel very welcomed. Hazel, the manager has such a bubbly personality, shes so nice to talk to and can tell a great story! When Lisa and I attended for our free bikini laser removal, we stood and talked to both Lee and Hazel for ages, just talking about life and sharing our life stories with one another, that's the type of place you want to be getting your treatments at, somewhere that makes you feel welcomed. 

I found out so much information about laser hair removal, thing's I would never have dreamed of asking about. The event was a great eye opener to those of us, like myself, who have always fancied getting a treatment done but never known just where to look for answers on it. At the therapie clinic they don't just cater for women, it's also for men! I really like that it wasn't JUST focused on females as I know a few men who would be interested in this sort of stuff. Not only do they specialise in laser hair removal, they also have other treatments available such as; Anti-wrinkle fillers, Oxygen lift treatment, Jet peel 3V treatment, iPixel Treatment and much more! 

All in all I enjoyed my night and Lisa did too. We left feeling like we have found just what we were looking for, a professional and friendly place to receive laser hair removal at a reasonable price. The fact that all the staff were really warm and friendly completely sold me on it as I love going anywhere where you know you can have a conversation with the staff and not feel like it's forced. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking into laser hair removal as you get a free consultation with patch test. It's worth looking into and you get the relevant information and all your questions answered. Thank you to Therapie for having us, we really enjoyed the evening.

Right now they have up to 70% off treatments which will finish the end of November so it is really worth looking into them right now, Lisa, she got her treatment for £400 odd instead of £1,500 odd, that is a massive saving to say the least, it is worth looking into at these prices.
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  1. I love places like this where you feel welcomed. I've been thinking about hair removal but i dont have the nerve hah. Thatbis great its catered to both males and females. Everyone needs a little pampering now and then.

  2. This sounds like a super fun event, especially the prosecco and nibbles part, lol! :)

  3. This sounds a wonderful place - I am in real need of a special treat, just for me! Lovely post. Kaz x

  4. Wow 70% off is such a great deal, I love getting laser hair removal but it's such an investment x

  5. I like the Prosecco and nibbles part but laser hair removal sounds a bit scary to me. I have not yet plucked up the courage to dye my hair!

  6. I love the look of this clinic. I have had laser hair removal treatment done before. Best treatment ever.

  7. Sounds like a great place to go for a laser treatment - friendly and peaceful atmosphere. 70% off is indeed a massive saving. It's a shame they are not in London.