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#MeetTheBeauties ││ Double The Monkey Business

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Double The Monkey Business.

1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Yvonne. I married my husband James 8 years ago and I am a twin mummy to two little monkeys, who are four in September. I started my blog in January, and I have been hugely surprised by how much I have enjoyed it. I also have a day job, Reporter/Sub-Editor for a newspaper.

2: What is your blog name and how did you come up with it?

The majority of my blog is based on parenting. So I decided to pick a simple and easy to remember title. I have twins (double) who are always up to mischief (monkey business), so Double the Monkey Business was born!

3: How long have you been blogging?

My current blog has been on the go since January. However, I did have another blog which I had for a few years, but that has went to the great blog scrapheap now.

4: Who/What Inspired you to start a blog?

For my first blog, I pretty much used it as a diary. In my mind it was something for my kids to look back on and read when they are older. However, I didn’t like the platform I was on and decided to have a full makeover. By that I mean change everything and start again.
Double the Monkey Business started as a way to raise awareness of HELLP syndrome and pre-eclampsia. I suffered from both during pregnancy and I knew very little about both conditions. Since then the blog has grown and grown. It has become something I never imagined, it has been a pleasant surprise.

5: Do you have a tip you can share for bloggers?

Speak to other bloggers, get to know them, learn from them and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I have been really lucky to find an amazing bunch of bloggers, some of whom I consider close friends - even though we have never met. I think that has made my experience richer and we keep each other going. Oh and don’t expect too much too soon, it takes time to build up a readership and for people to get to know you it won’t happen overnight. Take it at your own pace and don’t forget to enjoy it.

6: Tell us a random fact about yourself.
I am an Open Water qualified scuba diver. On the first dive after I qualified, I swam with three whale sharks. It took my instructor 672 dives to have that experience. I am very lucky!

7: How do you find inspiration for your posts?
Definitely through parenting, that provides me with 99% of my blogging material. Who knows what I will write about when they are grown up!

8: Describe your perfect Night in.

I was a bit of a party animal when I was younger, but these days I am just happy sitting in with a nice bottle of wine and some good food. On a perfect night in I would have a digital detox, but as a blogger that is easier said than done. I sometimes cant resist checking my phone just in case I miss something.

9: Out of everything you have blogged about so far, do you have a faviourite post?

Oh gosh this is a hard one. You know I found my posts about HELLP syndrome the most cathartic and it has had the best reaction from readers. However, my favourite post has to be the ‘Leaving Home’ post ( I didn’t outline it on the post but that was my personal experience of leaving home and going off to university (funnily enough some readers assumed I was the mum in this post and my daughter had left home). I wrote it one day when travelling home from a weekend at my parents. For some reason I started to think about when I left home to go to university in Glasgow and how that felt. I often wonder if I should do a follow up to it and do another chapter. But I am not sure if people want to read stories about a drunk university student ha ha!

10: What are your links, where can we find you?


Quick Fire Round

Bus or Train? 
Jeans or Dress?
Massage or Nap?
Rain or Sun?
Fries or Fruit? 
Night in or Night out? 
night in 
Stripes or Polka dots? 
Starbucks or Costa?
Chocolate or cake? 
Netflix or Amazon Prime?
 ha ha I have neither but if I had to choose, Netflix

Drop by next week for another installment of #MeetTheBeauties Interview series.
Special Thanks to Yvonne from Double The Monkey Business.

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