Playlist; My musical addiction

Lately I have been super addicted to listening to music. I have made myself a few playlists for different moods but I seem to keep going back to the same one, I don't have a fancy name for it or anything, it's called "playlist 2" but I find that it really puts me in a good mood which is what I've been needing lately. I've found that my moods been a little up and down so I make a point of putting music on for at least half an hour a day to just give me that little boost. I usually stick it on when I'm getting ready or cleaning as it helps me to stay motivated. It also helps that Leon really likes the music so he dances about to it which I think is great, he's always been shy about doing anything like that in front of anyone, even me. So to see him enjoying the music as well brings me joy. His favourite has got to be The Hunna though, he likes to take my phone and dance with it when they are playing. 

As music had been a big part of my everyday life lately I thought I would share my playlist with you all. I really do feel passionate about the artists I listen to and I enjoy listening to their different styles. 

Royal Blood

Loose change 
Little Monster 
Figure it out 

The Hunna

She's casual 
Still got blood 
We could be 
You and me 
The world is ours 

David Bowie

Underground (from labrynth)
As the world falls down (from labrynth)
Under pressure 
Life on Mars? 
Start man
The man who stole the world


Smells like Teen spirit 
Heart shaped box 
Come as you are 
In bloom 
About a girl 

Simple Minds

Don't you (forget about me) 
Someone somewhere 

Good Charlotte

The anthem
The river 
Bloody valentine 
Girls and boys 
Lifestyle of the rich and famous
We belive 


If I could change your mind 

Lana Del Rey

Video games 
West coast 
Blue jeans 
Shades of cool 

What's on your playlist? 

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  1. I've just got addicted to Lana Del Rey again, at the moment I'm really enjoying Oh Wonder x

  2. Used to listen a lot to David Bowie too and Simple Minds. At the moment, I only want to listen to happy music or music that gives me a happy vibe :)

  3. Oh I LOVE Royal Blood, my playlist currently includes Macklemore (he is so awesome), Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, and there has to be a little Arctic Monkeys in there too. Kaz x

  4. My little boy does not cope well with noise so I don't get to listen to music as much as I used to. My own playlist would be very limited right now! I have not heard of several on your list though so am off to Google. x