2016 Reflections

2016 has been one hell of a year to say the least... We have all  been through so much! With this year being one of thee absolute worst in terms of how it will be written in history, it's no wonder most people want it to be over and done! With the likes of Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Lemmy passing away, Brexit happening and Trump becoming president it's no wonder we just want to forget about 2016 altogether, it's being horrible,
 But personally, I have had an amazing year and I have achieved so much. So that's what today's post is all about, my personal 2016 reflections.

I am definitely proud of myself because this time last year my mental health was in a rather dark place, I wasn't confident, I was arguing with everyone around me, pushing those who cared for me away, not being the best mum I could have been and I was in such a terrible way. But this year has been amazing, I have gotten myself back on track. This year I made a point of making sure that I was always there for friends, done thing's that took me out of my comfort zone and actually seeking help for my MH. I would say I have achieved everything I set out to achieve.

So here are some things about 2016 that have been amazing for me;

Started driving lessons
Passed Theory Test 
Visited London
Made new friends for life (Katie & Francesca
Hit 3000 followers!
Got my MH back on track
Finally grew my hair out
Done so much with friends
Seen Panic at the disco live!
Visited Leeds!
Went to Slamdunk Festival
Seen sum 41 live
Seen The Hunna
Seen Twin Atlantic
Had the best birthday ever! 
My little guy has come on in leaps and bounds
Booked first family holiday
Finally decorated room
Visited London 
Visited Oxford Street London

Good luck in the new year, I hope that 2017 is amazing to you and hopefully no more amazing celebrities will taken, big disasters will happen and we just have a great year as a whole.

What have you achieved this year that you are super proud of?

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