Christmas Eve Traditions

In many households across the world, everyone has their own christmas eve traditions. Today I wanted to share with you all, our Christmas eve happenings.

On christmas eve we like to make sure the house is spotless, all spic and span so we have nothing to worry about for the next few days, it means we can relax knowing that nothing (bar hoovering) will need done unless we have a mishap. We change all the bedding, wash everything down, make sure there is no washing to be done on christmas day and more.

We also like to spend the full day together, getting ready for santa coming. Since Leon was born we normally make some cookies for santa or some reindeer food. It's a nice little activity to keep him occupied during the day but since this will be his first christmas where he understands everything that is going on, it is going to be super fun to watch his face light up with everything we do! 

We will have christmas movies on the whole day, THE WHOLE DAY! Just to get us in the mood for Christmas day, Plus we don't spend much time in front of the tv during the day as we are always doing stuff like cleaning or activities etc.. but at night we will settle down and watch a movie together. 

On christmas eve we will all sit down around half 6/7, in the living room, where we exchange our christmas eve gifts which consists of; Pjs, new robe, new slippers and some chocolate or treat for watching tv with. It has been like this since I was little then we have our baths/showers, get cosied up and watch nightmare before christmas! 

Now that I have Leon, I have a christmas eve box for him which is filled with stuff to do with Santa etc...  He loves it so much and it keeps his interest on christmas, Last year he really started to enjoy it, so this year I am excited to see what he thinks of it! I will be doing a full post on his Christmas Eve box!

Just before bed, We will put out our stockings which will be around 8/9pm because of Leon going to sleep etc... Then when he is asleep, My gran and I will get all the presents out, under the tree for the morning.

After we have done everything, We sit down with our hot chocolates, Watch the rest of what ever christmas movie was on, then head to bed.

So that's our Christmas Eve traditions! 
Is there any you can relate to? What's yours?

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  1. love this so much, my husband and I don't really have any traditions yet as (sadly) we have only had 2 Christmas's together in the 11 years we have been married as one or both of us have been working the day or Christmas eve but we both hope to change that next year! xxx

  2. I love Christmas Eve with my boys, can't wait! #OAGGxmasgiveaway

  3. I am so excited for Christmas. We pretty much do everything that you do, clean the house, Christmas Eve boxes. We also get a takeaway so there is no cooking that day. I can't wait :-) #OAGGXmasgiveaway

  4. Christmas Eve is always such a magical day. It's especially more magical for me now as I have a younger sister who just loves anything to do with Christmas. We always go to the cinema on xmas eve or the day before (it just depends how busy we are) this year we are off to see Moana (and I am SO excited to see it). We also go to an annual xmas eve party with family and friends and then when we get back my mum presents us with a xmas eve present which normally consists of a xmas movie and some new PJs! 🎅🏻 xx

    t a b i t h a //

  5. Having Christmas movies on the whole day sounds AMAZING!! I'm so excited for you and your family for this year's Christmas! Can't wait to have hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies this year too 😊 Merry Christmas to you and your family!