Christmas Jumpers for Boys

Rudolph Jumper // Santa Claus Jumper // Pom Pom Jumper // Let it snow // Fairisle Shaw neck Jumper // Polar Bear Jumper 

I love Christmas fashion! And because I love it so much I have now got my son sporting some awesome christmas jumpers because, well... why not!! They are super cute and children just look so adorable in them, I love seeing Leon running around in a little santa jumper or penguin one. There are so many places you can get Christmas jumpers for children but one of my faviourite places to buy jumpers from is George at ASDA. Not only are they a great price but they are also great quality, so that's what today's post is all about.

First up are my two favourite jumpers from this selection which are the polar bear and the Shaw neck one. I think that leon really suits the colour Grey, I just love him in any sort of grey top, jumper, jeans, anything! So the polar bear jumper is perfect and at just £8.00 it's great value. I also think that Leon really suits the colour red, he looks lovely in red jumpers so that's why I want this jumper for him. The design is really cute and perfect for winter in general, this jumper comes in at £8.00 as well.

These two jumper are super cute, I particularly like the Snowman one. It's fun and really cute for christmas time. The snowman one is £9.00 and the penguin one is £8.00

For me these are such cute little jumpers, perfect for christmas day outfits in my opinion! I think I'll be getting Leon the Santa Claus one to go with his outfit as he has little braces that are on his jeans and are red tartan, the colour would be perfect! This jumper comes in at £8. The Rudolph jumper is very very cute, Leon seen it in asda and just loved it so we already have this one for him and he loves wearing it, This jumper is £9.

All Jumpers are available from Asda

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  1. The kids range of Christmas jumpers looks good and quite cheap too! A lot better than the adults range, they didn't have much choice when I was there the other day!

    The Yorkshire Gentleman