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I had the pleasure of trying out some cake toppers from who happen to be not that far away from me, situated in bellshill! I was super excited that they let me get some cupcake toppers to try out as Leon and I have started baking a lot more recently so this will be a great addition to our baking fun! 

First off, yes, I know the pictures aren't the best quality but when you're baking with a near 3 year old, you mind tends to be focusing on other things haha! But with that being said, The cupcake toppers still look brilliant and that's because they are! But I will add better pictures when I do another round of baking ;) 

Anyway, Leon and I decided to have a full day of baking where we would make gingerbread cookies, Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate muffins and vanilla muffins.... Do you think this went to plan?! NOPE! It didn't. You also know what else didn't go to plan? The fact my child sat and ate 7 of the cupcake toppers on their own because they were "pretty paper to eat" 
That's right, Leon loved the cupcake toppers, and if my child loves them, they must be good! you want to know why? Because my child is so fussy, fussy to the point he hates everything and the world is against him and the only thing he will put in his mouth at the moment is either a cookie or chips.... So to hear him say he likes the taste of the cupcake toppers... RESULT! (I can't feed him these as a meal right?)
So before we even started the baking, whilst I was trying to take blog photos my child was munching away on some of the cake toppers, at least he liked them.

How to make these awesome Chocolate cupcakes 


  • Cupcake toppers from Mycupcaketoppers
  • Tesco Chocolate Cupcake Kit 315G
  • Jane Asher Chocolate icing mix 150g
  • 70g softened Butter (I used lurpack spreadable)
  • 80g Softened Butter (For icing)
  • Medium Egg
  • 60ml water 


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/Fan 160°C /Gas Mark 4. 
  2. Place Cupcake Casings onto baking tray 
  3. Weigh out 70g of butter, place in microwave and heat till melted, leave for 3-4 minutes to cool down 
  4. Empty the cake mix, egg, 70g of butter and water into a bowl and mix together
  5. Divide mix between casings 
  6. Place in centre of oven for around 15 minutes or until fully baked.
  7. Use Knife or skewer to check centre of cupcake to see if they are fully baked
  8. Once baked leave to cool for about 10 minutes or until fully cooled down


  1. Empty Jane Asher Mix and 80g of softened butter into bowl 
  2. Keep mixing and add water if needed
  3. Create desired texture and then pipe onto cupcakes
Once you have made your cupcakes complete with icing, add the cupcake toppers!

That all seems fairly simple right? WRONG! For me this was a bit of a disaster as I didn't read instructions right... Well.... I say disaster but to be honest, the cupcakes tasted AMAZING! My gran was the first to try one and she is a cake know it all, Leon and I recieved the stamp of approval, and all the cupcakes were gone the next day.... RESULT.

Let me tell you the disaster story though;

So I am reading the box for the tesco cupcake mix, setting out all my ingredients and I see we need 70g of butter for this, so I fix it all out, put the butter in the microwave for 30 seconds, it comes out fine, I let it cool, pour it into the bowl with all the other ingredients, I mix then continue with the steps. We take the cupcakes out the oven, they are baked perfectly so we set them aside to cool down. Whilst they are cooling Leon wanted to do the icing so it was onto that stage. Little did I know, the cupcakes came with icing so I didn't actually have to buy the Jane Asher stuff, LEon decided he wanted to use the one that came with the box, I looked on the back for instructions then realised  that the 70g of butter was actually for the icing.... NOT THE CUPCAKES! I went into meltdown mode to say the least.... it was horrible! But I continued in the hopes of salvaging it all, I just softened some more butter and carried on with the icing mix.... The butter did not cool enough which curdled the whole icing mix.... NOT THE BEST MOVE! So I didn't actually have to buy the Jane Asher stuff, but boy, am I glad I did! Although that didn't turn out to smoothly, Pun intended! I didn't add enough water to the mix before I put it into the piping bag so it was a little like hardened chocolate I was piping out! I could have cried with it all, Leon was running around with utensils shouting that he was a cop whilst I was trying to salvage these cakes.... In the end they turned out lovely, they tasted amazing which was a bonus plus they were all eaten by the next day. So the butter in the cupcake mix stage is optional, but I would recommend it, they tasted very smooth! But the one thing that made these cupcakes look amazing? THE CUPCAKE TOPPERS! They really did make them look awesome plus you couldn't see the messy pile of icing on top of the cakes. WIN!

In addition to the personalised cupcake toppers I got, I also opted for some festive ones! I actually got a whole load of cupcake toppers through, the whole order was worth up to £15 which was mighty generous of Mycupcaketoppers as they are a great price to begin with so I got a whole load of cupcake toppers in different designs, but so far we have only used the ones with my blog logo and my personalised drawing for some big chocolate cupcakes and the christmas themed ones on some standard cupcakes (actually meant to be peppa pig ones haha) 

We have so many more Christmas themed ones that we are saving for christmas eve, We are going to be baking them then and taking them round to the family on christmas day/boxing day which will be really nice! 

  You will find the picture of the other designs at the bottom of the post. 

The whole order process was surprisingly very easy and the website is really accessible in my opinion. You have all your options available at the customisation stage or if you are going for one of their pre made designs then the options are there as well.
What I really liked about My Cupcake Toppers website is that you can choose just what you receive, size, amount, type of texture etc..

Their options include; Edible Icing, Rice paper, Premium Rice paper, Non-Cut, Pre-cut. 
I loved that they had the option for pre-cut because I am honestly terrible with scissors.... TERRIBLE! So this will definetly be a great time saver for me and now they will look all pretty on the cupcakes!

Are you looking for personalised cupcake toppers? Or pre made designs? Then head on over to so they can tend to your every need! The quality is amazing, the ease of purchase is brilliant and if my son likes them, they must be good!

Also get 10% off your first order with my code; GLASGOWGIRL10

More of the toppers we received

*This post contains PR Samples. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own*

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  1. Love this post! Cupcake toppers sounds like a great meal to me haha 😉 They look great!


  2. This post was fabulous! I definitely want to try out those toppers and these recipes!
    -Olivia Xxx

  3. These look so cute! They look like they would be perfect for parties and will definitely impress the guests :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  4. The cupcake toppers are pretty! Lovely post!

  5. Loved reading about how Leon ate 7 of the cup cake toppers... This sounds like something I myself would do (sucker for anything sweet). Sounds like your little disaster actually wasn't a disaster and infact you got a lot of enjoyment out of your baking day!!
    Becca //

  6. These look absolutely adorable! I'm super impressed with the quality of the prints as well, they'd be great for a blogger event! I can sympathise with your baking disaster, once I added 10g of cocoa powder into my muffin mix instead of 1g hahah 😂 Safe to say, that mixture had to go in the bin!

    Abbey ✨