Winter Fashion

Hello all you beautiful people! Today's blogmas post is all about my top picks for this years winter fashion!

Lately I have been really loving some of the fashion that you can find on the high street, I love love love big jumpers, chunky scarves and cute little backpacks. So I have compiled a list of some of my top picks from New look & River Island.

I love a good long coat, So this one from New Look is just perfect, It's a beautiful colour plus it has some Faux Fur detail! It looks lovely and cosy for winter. I have paired this jacket with the lovely blue was jeggings from River Island just to add some contrast then the Black knee high boots from New look as a whole outfit. I feel that the boots and jacket tie in very well with each other then the jeans break it up a little. I really really want this whole outfit! 

I also love these picks because I am a Jumper Junkie at this time of year! I practically live in one so this lovely jumper from new look, looks super cosy and perfect for winter! Be it for a casual occasion or a christmas dinner! It looks beautiful. I thought pairing it with these black high waist jeans from River island would go really well plus the grey chelsea style boots from new look. I think this would be a lovely casual outfit for shopping or catching up with a friend this festive season.

For me I am loving hats this winter! I have never really been a hat person but this year I love them, probably because my hair is long enough for me to be able to wear one without looking like a chubby little ball who doesn't suit hats haha. I chose this lovely metallic silver hat from River Island along with this grey knitted scarf because I think they would go with a lot of outfits this winter! Plus they are super cute! who wouldn't want that hat! *Heart Emoji* 

As I said above, I am loving the scarf hat combo this winter. So these two picks from River island have completely drawn me in! I love the look of this block colour scarf, I could see me wearing it! I also think this grey hat would go if the outfit was done right! 

Something I am also loving this year is BACKPACKS! I just love how they look, how much stuff they hold and how convenient they are. I have chosen 3 from River Island that just caught my eye as soon as I seen them! Cute bags perfect for different occasions this winter. I would really suggest investing in a bag! They are perfect for so much! 

And there you have it, My winter fashion picks. I love these picks, I love the bags and the hats especially! Hat's are my go to this year for sure! What's on your Fashion list this year? 

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  1. Love this post! I'm all about knee high boots just now 😊


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