2017 Goals

Hello everyone & Happy new year! 

I can't belive it's a new year already, can you? I feel like 2016 flew in! one moment I was celebrating leons 2nd birthday and now I'm a few days away from his 3rs birthday party... 3rd!!! he's growing so fast it's unreal. 

Anyway, last year I learnt a lot about myself, A LOT! I wrote an extremely personal post that I had no idea I could write because I was scared to even say these things out loud, but I done it! "Why I Like To Be Positive"

I done so much last year, so much and right now I'm proud as punch because of that. in my 2016 reflections post I spoke about any things that I achieved and I got to thinking, what will my 2017 goals be? what do I want to achieve this year? 

Today's post is all about those goals, they may not be big and there may not be many of them, but these are my goals for 2017. 

Personal Goals 

Go on holiday 

I haven't had a proper holiday in what feels like forever. I also haven't taken Leon on holiday yet so I am dying to do this! I want him to travel & explore the world. In may of this year, Leon will be getting on his first ever plane and flying to lanzarote! this is super exciting and I just cannot wait. 

Pass driving test 

I have passed my theory so next on the list is practical test! I will do this. 

Take Leon to Disneyland 

This one is a bit out there, and if I'm honest I don't know if we will manage it since we are going to Canada in may next year so many is a little tight obviously. But I have put it on my goals list in the hope that we manage it. 

Go to Slamdunk 

Last year's Slamdunk festival was AMAZING. I had such an amazing time so I would love to go back to this year's one, plus enter shikari are headlining, bowling for soup will be there along with cute is what we aim for and many many more amazing bands. this is definetly high up there on the goals list. 

Get new flooring

Not really exciting this one, but I really need new flooring in my bedroom so I would love to get that this year since I managed to achieve everything else decorating wise last year. 

Get a car

So because I want to pass my driving test, which I know I will, I really want to be able to gr my own car as well! 

Get a new piercing

I love piercings so much, I have 16 of them already! So I would just love to add a few more to my list. 

Blog goals

Hit 5000 twitter followers 

At the start of 2016 I had 600 odd followers, I was overwhelmed by this number because I never even dreamed I would get one, bit there I was with my 600+ followers, chatting away and sharing content. Then, one day I started to gain, there were more and more people following me, interacting with me and becoming my friends. today I sit here with 3000+ followers and I could cry! the fact that these people, you, my readers take time from your day to interact with me and read my content blows me away! Thank you, that you so much. I've never seen gaining followers as a goal of mine, I have never said "I want this many by this time" but I thought why not put it on my list of goals this year, so, I hope that by the end of 2017 I will be able to look at my following count on twitter and see 5,000. 

Keep up the vlogging 

I have wanted to start youtube for years now, literally years! and admittedly, I did have one a few years back where I would upload gig videos etc... nothing major but I didn't stick at it and I didn't have the confidence that I have now. Starting youtube has made me feel amazing about myself, I feel so happy and content with the fact I'm doing something I have wanted to for what feels like forever. So in 2017 I hope to keep it up and not let myself down with this. 

Set a schedule 

I used to have a blogging schedule, I had set days etc... and then boom! my creativity took off, I was writing post after post after post. then I started to work with new brands etc... and I started to cram my posts altogether, I feel like I've been posting near enough every day lately and tbh I just want to slow things down a bit, get myself into a schedule where I feel happy and excited with what I'm sharing with all of you. In 2017 I will work out a schedule that works for me. 

Hit 200 Yt subscribers 

I know this seems rather far fetched, but I hope to have at least 300 youtube subscribers by the end of 2017. It would honestly make my year! 
I have seen others start their youtube accounts and rush into getting fake subscribers so it looks "better" to the outside world. But I can't do that, I can't justify fake followers at all because then I'm not accomplishing anything on my own, plus the numbers aren't a big issue for me. I'd rather have 20 real, organic followers than 10,000 fake ones. 

Work with more brands

In 2016 I had so many opportunities to work with some AMAZING brands, it's been mind blowing to say the least. so in 2017 I would love to continue this and start working with some more brands. 

What goals have you set out for yourself in 2017? 

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  1. Love these goals Jordanne! I am sure your 2017 will be filled with happiness and success. I also hope to see you again this year. I would also love to get 5000 Twitter followers this year!

    1. Thanks so much Robyn! I hope to see you as well! Hopefully there are ,any more events to come x

  2. Good luck achieving all your goals this year! I hope 2017 is a great year for you! My goal this year is to focus more on promoting my blog!


  3. These goals are really inspiring! I think you will achieve them all! X

  4. Love this post, and hope you achieve your goals for the year! I would love to set a schedule for my posts this year, I haven't been the best recently- especially after Blogmas!

    Gabija | everylittlethingblog.weebly.com

    1. I know how you feel! Hopefully we can keep to it this year!

  5. Love your goals! ❤️

    I'm so excited for Leon's first holiday to Lanzarote! I bet he will be so happy when he sees the plane, and you deffo deserve the holiday. Would be great for you to go to Disneyland with him, although there's always next year!

    Lovely post!
    Francesca xx

    1. Thanks so much sweetie ;) I can just imagine his wee face seeing it all!

  6. Great goals my love, and good luck on the driving test! I definitely want to go to Slamdunk this year, or even Download! I mean it looks amazing!

    Karina X | http://karinahearts.com

    1. Thanks so much! Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for my driving test!

  7. You can totally smash these goals this year, you're pretty amazing. I love this time of year as everyones so inspired and hopeful for the year :)

    1. Thanks so much lovely!! It's brilliant isn't it! Love all the goals posts

  8. Good luck with all your goals I'm sure you will achieve them all! Looks like you have a busy year ahead of you!

  9. Some great goals on this list I hope they all go well for you and you have an amazing 2017! 💖 - www.teaisawishyourheartmakes.wordpress.com 💖

  10. I really love all of your goals! I think it's a great idea to write down goals in the beginning of a new year. Wonderful post :)

  11. What a thoughtful, diverse list of goals! I'm with you on traveling more -- I'm dying to go to Wales to see one of my good friends from the pinup community!

    Good luck with all of these -- 2017 is gonna be your year!


    1. Thank you! Travelling is just so amazing, definitely need more of it!

  12. Time does fly... One day you're twenty and the net day you're twenty-four... It all go so fast. It can be overwhelming sometimes. But it also means your life is amazing and exciting. You have great goals! we also want to build a bit more our social media and work with more brands. 2016 has been amazing for that. Good luck! xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

    1. Thanks so much! Time really really does fly! Hoping this year will be amazing.

  13. Your goals are fab, especially Slam Dunk, I'm so jealous! I've got a similar twitter goal but I'm not sure I'll reach it, you definitely will though, I love your blog!

  14. Great goal list! We want to do Disneyland too but have a 7 year old and a 1 year old, so the whole do we wait till Rowan is older so not just stuck in his pushchair but same time before Josie-Ann is too old and it is still magical

    Stacey xxx unicornfairy.net