Today is Leon's 3rd birthday and I am so excited! (I think I'm more excited than him if i'm honest) But Today is the day my little baba turns 3 and right now I am not so sure that I am ok with this. I feel like he is growing FAR TOO FAST. I want it to stop *Sobs uncontrollably

I remember this day, 3 years ago when I was in the hospital, trying to breastfeed my little guy, just getting to grips with the fact that I, Was a mum. I looked down at his little face constantly and I thought to myself how truly lucky I was to have this beautiful little boy in my arms after being told that there was a high chance I would never conceive. I felt all different kinds of emotions, I was crying from happiness, pain, lack of sleep, THE WORKS. Looking back now, I wouldn't change a single thing (okay, I would maybe change the projectile vomiting over me every other day, that was a big NOPE) but you get the point. I love my son with all my heart, even now when he throws himself down on the ground and screams bloody murder because he cant have an ice lolly before dinner, I still love him.

It is 4am in the morning and as I write this, my mind is being flooded by so many memories of my little guy, We have truly had amazing days together that I am so thankful for. I think of all the times we have painted, played with the play doh, sang songs, read books, pillow fights, giving the cat treats and many many more things. It's amazing how much you adapt when you become a parent, you do things you never thought you could do like awesome mum saves. 

*Memory Time* 
One day Leon and I were playing upstairs and I had to run to the toilet real quick, I tried to bring him with me but he wasn't having it. Now, Our bathroom is kind of opposite Leon's room so I could see everything that was going on. I left and walked into the toilet, sat down and BOOM! I saw the tail end of my baby walking towards the stairs. I frantically ran, pulling up my underwear and shorts as I done this, Grabbed him just before he slipped down the stairs then proceeded to slide down them all myself whilst holding him in the air like the scene from Lion king. It was one of those moments that I really don't believe and cant begin to imagine what would have happened if I didn't catch him in time.

Time really has flown by, I really understand now what the mean when they say treasure the early years as they grow up to quickly because my little one is changing rapidly right before my eyes. My once helpless little guy who didn't do anything all day but sleep in my arms and giggle away at silly faces now runs around the house laughing his head off because hes just hidden something I really need. It's scary to think back to the start of 2016 to when he was very shy, wouldn't dance and didn't like to play on his own and now he is so independant, loves a good dance plus is the most incredible little guy ever.

I know that in less than 3 hours my little cherub will awake and we will be celebrating his birthday with cake, balloons and toys. We will be celebrating his 3rd birthday and it will be another year of watching him grow into his own. He has some big challenges ahead of him now that I know he will conquer like starting full time nursery, going on a plane for the first time, having to spend a week without his gran, maybe more as she goes into hospital and many many more new and exciting things that are still to come.

I hope he has an amazing day and I hope to capture it all on video so that one day I can relive these memories with him. His birthday party on the 8th was amazing, so I just hope we can make this day even better. Leon, Happy Birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday Leon! Hope he has a truly wonderful day 💖

  2. Aw they grow so quick, it's sad in a way. Happy birthday Leon x