My Netflix Addiction

So my other half has been paying for Netflix for quite a while now but we haven't used it really, apart from when I went on a binge of Orange is The New Black when the new season came out and I spent 2 days vegetating and obsessing over the whole thing, but that's been it. After he talked about canceling it we decided to leave it one more month to see if we would actually watch anything on it and sure enough, I'm completely addicted to the TV shows on it. Now that's what today's post is all about, my addiction to Netflix tv shows! 

That 70s shows was a child good favourite of mine, I didn't manage to watch all of them back then so the fact that it's now on Netflix has made my life to be honest. I am really enjoying working my way through the episodes  and reminiscing about my child hood. As suspected, I'm still completely in love with Hyde! Who was your favourite? 

Still Game.... perfect Scottish comedy that made it's comeback in October 2016! If you ever watched it you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when I say BELTER! It's so funny and I can really imagine the residents of craigelang being real and being exactly like that, I would love to know people like this!  I do suggest that if you have Netflix and like a good comedy show, you should give this a go for sure. Their banter is perfect. 

Ahhhh, my horror fix, the show that provides me with everything I need from a TV show! It's no wonder this show is so popular, you can literally watch them over and over again and not get board. My personal favourite so far has been Hotel, although this isn't on Netflix yet but it's my ultimate favourite in the whole AHS series.

When Bates motel first started on TV my gran and I fell in love with it, psycho was always a favourite film of ours and to see a TV show had been made was amazing! After season 1 we kind if fell away from it though and didn't keep up so now that it's on Netflix it's a God send! We can start from the beginning again and enjoy the programme. 

Have you watched breaking bad? If you haven't, why? Now I'm not judging you but seriously, why?! It's so good and I would recommend it to everyone because it's so gripping. I've watched this twice already and I want to watch it again so bad. I just adore Jessie in it! 

Dexter was one of the first TV series I watched on Netflix of not the first. I love crime TV shows so when I found out it was all about a man who works for the police in the forensic department but he was also a serial killer, well, I just had to watch it! I came to love some of the characters and Dexter as a whole was my crush for around 4/5 months after I had finished the series. I imagined him being my husband as weird as that sounds haha. Fantastic show. 

I hadn't heard of this one before until my friend Ross let me watch an episode where they sing a son called "Day man" and I was hooked. I haven't managed to watch a lot of episodes yet but I do really what I've seen so far. 

Ahhhh, orange is the new black, my ultimate addiction lately. I've watched these over and over again and im still not bored of them, everyone I watch it I find something new which is pretty awesome. I really can't belive that I have to wait till next year for the next season, the ending of the last episode was wow!!!! 

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  1. Still Game is a given :). Love American Horror Story! Not so keen on the likes of Breaking Bad etc. have you watched Designated Survivor yet or Stranger Things or Kimmy Schmidt...oh my list goes on and on :). Netflix is awesome!