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Ah, the sound of my child pulling every single plastic cup out the cupboard till he finds his favourite one because he wants to make "magic juice" (orange diluting juice) all by himself. We have reached the "Me do it" stage and if I'm honest, it's not what I thought it would be at all!

Little bear tells me, well more accurately, screams at me "No Mum!! ME DO IT!" as he attempts to try doing something on his own to only get extremely frustrated at said task and give up whilst he screams the house down; He then asks for help to which I reluctantly agree to and I say reluctantly because I know what comes next.... the "No mum!! ME DO IT" phrase again because he has decided that he no longer wants my help, so the cycle continues.

I love that my little bear is trying to do things for himself and more times than not lately he succeeds, but all it takes is that one time for him not to put his shoe on the right feet for a meltdown to occur. He's so smart and very attentive to everything he does, but when he doesn't get something right on the first try, he won't keep trying; Instead he gives up and has a strop. I'll encourage him to keep going and to try again but that only makes matters worse, he screams louder and tells me to go away then shouts me back for help, then tells me he doesn't need help anymore. (I literally just sighed writing this because I know tomorrow this will all happen again, and again and again and again.... AND AGAIN!)

As much as I encourage him to do things for himself like put his shoes on (they are Velcro shoes) and do them up himself, to hold the cup whilst we pour water in or try put the toothpaste on the toothbrush, I do wish that he wouldn't get so upset when it doesn't happen the first time. 

I tell him all he needs is practice and for the most part, he's great at these things, but it just takes that one time to send him overboard. Right now, my technique is to just stand watching him while he screams at a shoe for not doing what he wants because I just don't know how to help the situation. If I approach him, he screams louder so I just wait until he asks me to help him but when I do.... boy, when I do... he suddenly turns into this little angry mini me whose looks could kill because I'm literally doing something, he asked me to do, it's very confusing to say the least! This whole "No mum!! ME DO IT!" thing isn't very fun, AT ALL.

I thought that when this stage hit of him wanting to be more independent, that I would be teaching him how to brush his teeth properly or to help tidy up; To put his shoes on the right feet and pull down his trousers etc. Instead I have to stand about and watch him get very frustrated at things when it doesn't go his way. I'm not sure if it's like this for everyone but it is for me and I'm learning to just deal with it. 

Little bear is very enthusiastic about doing this stuff himself but sometimes, just sometimes I wish he would let me help so that we could maybe get out the door on time, maybe we could avoid a full on meltdown and maybe once, just once, we will get to an appointment on time.
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  1. Haha oh dear this doesn't sound at all fun or helpful! Hopefully this morning goes slightly better for you 💖

  2. This doesn't sound fun at all, I'd definitely get irrated by it, but it's nice that he wants to do things for himself x

  3. Hahahaha oh dear, I don't even know how I would deal with that but with my nephew I spend a lot of time encouraging him to try it again even when he screams. Usually he stops when he sees I am not responding to his screaming and just doing things alone.

  4. My kids love doing things themselves now. Especially things I don't want them to do.

  5. I remember when my little girl got to the stage. Now she is eight she wants me to do everything for her. Funny how that happens!

  6. We have a very passionate 'me do it' stage in our house at the moment too. If we forget to let her do it, we literally get fireworks, followed by a half hour sulk. We are learning too

  7. I remember those days all too well! Absolutely exhausting but precious moments all the same.

  8. Oh no! We're at the me do it stage too, but Evie is always very calm and collected when it doesn't work out and lets me help or guide her. It's funny because she's not patient when doing anything else, like waiting for food. That's when we get the tamtrums! It's so good he's trying to be independent but it must be so hard that the strops are following. xx