This time next year tag

I was tagged by the lovely Kim from to do the "This time next year tag" and I was super excited because I LOOOOVE getting tagged for these post's. Admittedly it was a few weeks back and I am a little late in doing this... But I haven't been feeling great so I didn't get around to doing this earlier, So sorry! Anyway, Let's get on with this shall we?

Rules of the Tag:

  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Write your goals for next year
  • Write how you’re going to achieve your goals
  • Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to share their goals
Then, if you wish, in 365 days write a post for everyone to see if you have been successful or not

So here we go then!

This time next year;
I will have passed my driving test! I will achieve this by taking more lessons, booking my test and staying confident!

This time next year;
I will have booked my tickets to Canada to go celebrate my grandpa's birthday with him! And Leon will get to explore my faviourite place in the world.  
I will Achieve this by booking them in the summer this year!

This time next year;
I will finally be eating healthier.
I will Achieve this by being more strict with myself and actually sticking to my plans.

This time next year;
I will Finally have my hair sorted the way I want it! I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with it yet, stay dark or go a little lighter but I do know I need to make a decision on style etc... because now it is getting so wild. 

I will achieve this by spending time thinking about exactly what I want and the look I want to achieve. 

This time next year;
I will have travelled a little more.
I will achieve this by going on holiday in may, going to Slamdunk in leeds, travelling to london again, having a stay over in edinburgh and much more!

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  1. Some lovely goals here! I'm sure you'll be able to achieve them all. You're more than capable and I wish you the best of luck! I love this tag, I did it on An Ocean Glimmer too.

    Gemma |

  2. Best of luck with your driving test, Jordanne! It's a really scary thing to do, but it's the best feeling ever when you pass! FREEEDOOOOOMMMM hehe! Your travels sound like such fan as well, I'd love to go to Edinburgh! I hope you'll be blogging about your experiences!

    Abbey 😘

  3. Ooh thank you for tagging me. Great goals, can't wait to write mine. :)

  4. Canada sounds amazing! Will you do a blog post on it? Also passing your test will be easier than you think, the trick is to take everything slow, never rush and don't worry about other drivers 💕I can't wait to do this post, such a lovely idea, thank you for tagging me 💕

  5. Love your goals, especially the travelling one. It's something I really want to do more of, I've always wanted to go to Ireland and Iceland. Hope you manage to achieve your goals x

  6. Really liked reading this, Jordanne. Good luck with passing your driving test, I have all the faith in you! Thanks for tagging me in this, I can't wait to do mine!

    - Chloe

  7. So many goals!! Passing my driving test was definitely one of the best days of my life lol. I was in shock for days after. Also I'm really wanting to do more travelling this year too!

    Good luck with your goals! x

  8. Good luck for the driving! If I can do it - anyone can!