Boohoo Night at Village Spa Glasgow

[AD/PR Event] On Tuesday 7th February I went along to the village spa hotel in Glasgow to spend the night with boohoo. Now, when I first got the email I was EXTREMELY excited. Me getting an invite to chill out with some people from boohoo & other bloggers in a spa? HELL YEAH! 

In preparation for the night Boohoo let me pick something from their swimwear range to wear whilst at the spa hotel, and their swimwear is totally on point right now. By the end I had about 6 or 7 tabs open with all equally beautiful pieces from their collection but I had to cut it down to one, this was much harder than I expected. In the end I had two that I absolutely LOVED! This Mermaid one and This flamingo one. Both look utterly stunning but I could only pick one so I went for the mermaid one, thinking back this should really have been an easy choice.... I mean come on, I'M A MERMAID FANATIC! Saturday came and so did the postman with a lovely parcel from boohoo for me, I couldn't contain my excite and ripped it open straight away to be greater with an utterly stunning swimming costume that was much prettier in person than it was on the website. Naturally I tried it on and wow, I loved what I saw. I felt hella good in this & didn't feel ashamed to get my pasty white legs out! Admittedly I would have loved to pick a bikini but being self conscious of my mummy tummy I opted for a one piece. Sometimes I find that one pieces can be really restricted in the design department so I was very pleased to have one that looks super stylish and cute.

*My Photo*

Tuesday came and I was dying to get there, I planned a head and made sure I know the route to take etc... when I planned it told me it would take 23 minutes, come five past 5 on Tuesday I stepped into the car, set up the sat navigation and BOOM, the journey would take 43 minutes because of traffic, I wasn't impressed and ended up getting there at half 6... ONLY ME! but getting there late didn't phase me once I stepped into the big open room which had a beautiful blue pool, jacuzzi and sauna. There were sun beds spread along the side for people to relax on and a little corner with some relaxing chairs.

Pool Area

The whole place gave me an instant Relaxation feeling, it was warm but not too warm, dimly lit but not too dark. It was just perfection. The noise level wasn't high and it was such a soothing atmosphere to say the least. I tried out the jacuzzi and the pool which were both amazing. The jacuzzi bubbles made for a relaxing soak whilst sitting there enjoying the heat. Once the bubbles stopped it was off to the pool. The water was lovely and warm, nothing like those bone chilling ones that you normally get and have to brace yourself for. Surprisingly the pool stayed the same level the whole length of it, I was actually expecting it to get deeper at one end but it didn't and I liked that. Although I'm a good swimmer I do like to be able to touch the floor, it always makes me feel safer.

Once we were finished in this area it was back to the changing room to get dressed. The changing rooms are a good size fitted with showers along one side and toilets on the other before walking into the other room with all the lockers, seats, mirrors and hair dryers. I don't know how they managed it but even the changing room was hella soothing. One detail that I really loved was that they had plastic bags which you could use to put your wet stuff into incase you forgot to bring something for them, and as someone who forgot a bag of their own this was a nice added bonus.

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Next up was the skin case masterclass where we all sat around a big round table in a nice relaxing spa room that was dimly lit and had relaxing music playing in the background. There were little treats laid out for us and some bubbly. The place was absolutely stunning and I just didn't want to leave, the ambience made me want to get pampered all night long (sadly it was only for an hour or so, mega sob!) 

Once sat at the table I tucked into my little treats and filled out their consultation form before starting the facial routine. We were presented with two cotton pads, each with a different scent on them. We were told to smell each and figure out which one we liked best, the idea behind this is that what ever scent we like and choose determines what our skin needs, apparently mine needs balancing as that's the one I chose. We were given some eye make up remover and told to cleanse our eyes, as we were doing this I started to feel my eyelash extensions coming out.... Half way through this the woman then told us that it melts the glue so it's not ideal for those who have eyelash extensions in.... WELL THEN! I really would liked to have known this before I started the eye cleansing routine as I wouldn't have done it If I knew because I did pay to get my eyelashes done two days prior so that was money down the drain... I wasn't happy. But that was the only thing I wasn't happy with, The products were amazing which was great and my skin definetly felt amazing afterwards! We went through a cleansing routine with eye make up remover, facial cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I did learn a lot at the skin care master class and now I know that my skin needs balancing. 

Once the night came to an end we were given a goody bag which contained St Tropez Gradual shower tan, Unicorn make up brushes and Espa skin care products. The goody bag is fantastic and I have really enjoyed using the Espa skin care, my skin feels amazing now, super soft! 

The whole night was great, I LOVED getting to relax and unwind, finding out about skin care and getting to sport my new mermaid swimming costume! It was fantastic. Thank you so much to Jo for inviting me along, it was such a great night and I am extremely thankful for my swimming costume!

This event was part of the Boohoo ‘Treat Yourself’ Spa Tour
Swimwear by Boohoo | Skincare Workshop by Village Spa | Pool by Village Gym | Food by Village Hotel

You can also watch my Vlog from the night here;

*Due to a camera malfunction I lost all my photos, so the photos featured in this post were kindly supplied by Jo & Emma from Boohoo unless stated otherwise*

*I was gifted the swimwear by Boohoo and supplied a goodybag from both Boohoo and espa at the village spa hotel. The night was free. None of this has effected my opinions or thoughts on anything. This post is 100% my own thoughts and opinions*

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  1. Woow! This sounds like an amazing night! I love your swimming costume, I would have taken forever to chose one aswell, very picky me! I love how relaxing it was, that's perfect for a spa evening, I'm glad you had a lovely time.

    Gemma |

  2. Sounds loooovely! I really wanna go to the spa now xx

    Emma |

  3. Ah it looks like you had such a great night! I hope one day I get to be invited to events like this as well, they look like so much fun :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  4. Aww sounds like you had a lovely night :) Shame about the lashes - whenever I've had lashes done they've told me at the appointment to be very careful not to cleanse my eyes with oil based cleansers and offered me to buy a suitable one there! It sucks that the place you had your lashes done didn't fully inform you :( Where did you get them done? So that I can avoid them in future haha!

    This spa night looks fab!

    Jess x