Candescent Lip Balm Review

Have you ever found a product that you instantly fall in love with? Well I have!

I was sent these lovely lip balms to review from Candescent and wow! I was instantly drawn in by their scent. I received 4 of their 15ml tins which each have a different scent and one which hasn't got one. Out of them all my favourite has to be Cherry which is just so inviting. I have been using cherry for about 2 weeks now and have loved just how soft my lips feel. I am applying this stuff regularly throughout the day just to keep my lips feeling lush and because I love the smell! I've also uses a little bit under my nose because it was getting dry from how many times I was having to wipe it (I was so lucky to have been blessed with the cold!) But the next day I noticed it wasn't dry and itchy anymore!!! I didn't have any other cream to hand so thought what the hell because these lip balms are made from coconut oil, vitamin E, beeswax and a few other ingredients, so there's no harsh chemicals etc... and it's probably a lot better for my skin than my moisturiser!

Anyway, I am completely loving these lip balms. The scents are potent which I love and they really do last forever. I'm still on my first one and there's still loads left in it, for only being 10g, it sure does go a long way. The tins are round with a sticker on top telling you what each one is and what's in it. I found that holding the tin in my hands for about 10/20 seconds before I stick my finger in there really helps to soften it a bit and make it easier for application. I suppose an actual "stick" would be ideal and I have been told that they will be introduced soon.

The products as a whole are really lovely to use, very moisturising to your lips plus they have other uses too! I'm sort of wishing my cherry one would hurry up and run out so I can start on the Orange scented lip balm. I have this thing where I won't start on a new one until the other is fished, but that little lip balms is hanging in there are going a long way!

I have honestly loved using these, I have had a bit of a try of each of them but I am waiting until the cherry one runs out to use another. Once these run out I can really see me buying more they are that good. It's not often I like branching out o new lip balms after a very unfortunate reaction I had to one last year, but these are just the ticket. I would definetly recommend their cherry one... I mean I would recommend them all but ye'know, my faviourite scent has to be cherry.

About Candesent;

The lip Balms are made up of;

  • 100% organic coconut oil
  • 100% pure, unbleached and unrefined beeswax
  • 100% pure Jojoba oil
  • 100% Pure Sweet Almond Seed oil
  • Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) (Bulking Agents: safflower oil, sunflower oil, mixed natural tocopherols (D-beta, D-gamma, D-delta, D-alpha tocopherols) )
  • Flavour Oils

These little 15ml scented tins come in at £3.00 
And the unscented tins are £2.50
They have both an Etsy shop and Ebay store so do check them out!

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  1. Oh I am such a huge fan of cherry lipbalms! These look lovely and I like all of the natural ingrediants that go in! I dont mind them not being in a stick as I tend to kiss the balm when its like this lol x
    Lola Mia //

  2. Omgooodness I am buying myself some of these, I love lip balms because my lips are dry all year round so love finding great lip balms, and knowing they're scented makes it so much better, I'm currently using a cocoa butter lip balm and it smells of chocolate and I literally try my hardest not to eat it haha. Great review. :)

  3. Your photos are stunning as always, Jordanne! I've heard so many good things about these lip balms, they're an essential product while it's still cold to avoid painful lips!! These are super reasonably priced too, £3 for a scented tin is a great deal! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey 💓

  4. Oooh these are soo cute! I think I'd love the cherry one too! x

  5. Ooo I love the sound of the bubblegum one! Great post Jordanne!

    Love, Melissa x

  6. These lip balms look amazing! I love the fact that they're natural and I bet they smell great!

  7. Lovely post! These look so cute, will need to give them a try! xo

  8. These sound absolutely lovely! The ingredients seem like just the right mix of good stuff. Thanks for sharing this! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  9. I love scented lip balms they always make me want to eat them when they smell really nice. Pixie x

  10. These sounds lovely :) wish we had smellervision right now!
    I think I'd like the orange one - having scented lip balms really reminds me of summer!

    Gracie :)

  11. Oh thee sound great! Nice ingredient list and the price point is great for good quality. The orange one is calling my name!

    C X

  12. Lip balms are my favourite things. My lips are literally dry all the time. And these sound amazing. I am totally trying these ones out. :)

  13. Wow these look amazing! Anything bubblegum scented has me sold haha.

    Terri x

  14. Oooh that orange one sounds so nice! I always love citrus flavours! Fab post, glad to know it stops your nose being sore with a cold, I'm constantly ill at the moment! x


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