Date night With Tangle Angel

Ahhh, good 'ol date night. I must admit, I far more enjoy cosying up under the duvet with a cheesy horror and a take away, but once in a while a date night is well and truly needed! Especially when you have a mini me who's always around, it can be hard to get that we'll deserved "alone" time.

Tangle Angel kindly sent me a lovely parcel filled with goodies to help me get ready for my Date night this Valentine's day. Now I know this isn't valentines day okay, but, I hate doing anything on that day because it's over crowded, the prices are amped up and I just cannot be bother with that, so we always do date night about a week before hand. It's still our alone time and we still get to dress up.

What I recieved;
  • Tangle Angel Brush 
  • Kiko Nail Polish 
  • Fake eyelashes 
  • LA Girl pigmented gloss 
  • Love heart sweets 
  • A ton of confetti (YAY)

In preparation for date night I curl my hair, oh how I LOVE my curls. When I'm doing this it's about the only time I'll use a brush if I'm honest because I'm just not a fan of them tugging on my hair and making it feel... weird, so I stick toy fingers mostly. Obviously for the purposes of this review I've been using my Tangle angel brush loads.... maybe I'm over using it a little but with antibacterial bristles and an easy to clean method, it's perfect for my long locks! I've found that it doesn't tug on my hair and I have to brush it in sections because my hair is sooooo thick. I really like to make sure there are no tugs what so ever and this brush helps me detangle all the strands! It's perfect for me I think, no overly annoying bristles. This has made sectioning my hair for the curls a lot easier and my hair feels better for it. 

Okay, hair done. Now onto make up!

Once I had done my base makeup and my eyes it was time to apply the finishing touches with the lovely products I was sent. First off I applied the false eyelashes (which were a breeze btw!) And my eyes just popped! I loved it. They looked so natural and blended in with my natural lashes really well.

Then to finish the whole look I applied the LA girl gloss. Admittedly I normally go brighter, a lot brighter and bolder because I feel it suits me more so I did remove this colour and apply my trusty matt lipstick by Seventeen. Not that there was anything wrong with the LA girls one, I just feel that would be better suited to my 'everyday' look as it's quite a muted/nude tone once applied.

Make up done, hair done, now time to do my nails!! I always leave this step till last because I like to avoid chips! I hate chipped nail polish. I instantly fell in love with this colour! it matched my lips perfectly and the glossy shine just made it look so beautiful.

When the other half saw me, he said I looked amazing (I did blush) I felt absolutely wonderful, I felt good, I looked good and I was definitely ready for dinner!
The date night went fantastic, we had a lovely time together eating a meal and having a couple of drinks. It was nice to just chill out and have some 'us' time for once.
Thank you so much to Tangle Angel for sending me the package with these wonderful items! I just loved using the brush and getting ready with the extras. It was really nice to feel Glammed up.

What are your plans this Valentines day? Is it a date night with the OH? Stay in and get all cosy with a take away? Are you having a night with the girls? Or are you having a totally awesome self love night? Let me know! I like being nosy. 

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  1. Love that nail polish! Colours like that are so perfect now it's coming up to spring and summer aswell :) Also the brush sounds incredible, I desperately need something to replace my tangle teaser. Your photos are so good, looks like the perfect package for a date night. loved reading this :)

    Tiffany x

  2. I have been looking for some good false eyelashes. The ones I buy never seem full enough just add length which sucks. I will have to try these out for sure!

    Jordan K.

  3. Great post and great products you talked about! I love having nice things to go to when I want to look nice for a date night. I have not ever tried false eyelashes... I see everyone else doing it, but never myself tried it. I heard it makes a big difference, maybe I'll give it a go.

  4. Looks like you had a great night, and I definitely need to get one of those brushes! Also, you just reminded me that I've never tried putting on eyelashes before....
    For my Valentine's Day Date Night, I had a self love night with a lovely meal (homemade of course...) and a few movies. Hope you had a great time! xx

  5. What a lovely parcel. I need one of these with my super knotty curly hair. It gets so matted in turns into dreadlocks if I do not brush it! We much prefer nights in and Valentines is so overrated with price hikes! But I agree you must treat yourselves once in a while x
    Lola Mia //

  6. What a lovely package :)

    I love my pink tangle angel, one of the best brushes I have ever used on my hair! Xx