Hollywood Browzer Review

I hate always having to pluck my eyebrows when they get a little out of control, I can't always go get them done which drives me mad, so ideally I want a product I can use at home that's going to help out. I've found it. Hollywood Browzer is a fantastic addition to my kit of things that help me feel good about my appearance.

I've been using this for two weeks now and wow, what a difference. I can just remove unwanted hair easily and pain free. I have been using it on unwanted hair around my eyebrow area, keeping it nice and tidy. 

Now admittedly at first I was a little skeptical because you know, IT'S A BLADE! How can this be pain free? But then I remembered razors etc... but still... would this really work? Would this help me out when it comes to getting rid of hair I don't want? I put it to the test. 

I had some stray hairs around my eyebrows and that's the first thing I started on. At first I was scared a little to put it near my face but once I started I was surprised at how easy it was, the blade glided over my skin with ease and I felt no pain. Admittedly I had to go over the same spot about 3 times for all the hairs to be removed but that didn't both me because I knew the hair was completely gone. Now I didn't have too much hair to remove so I turned to my gran for some assistance, She hasn't had her eyebrows done in a little while and it seemed only fitting that I test this out on her with the second blade that came in the packet. 

Using this tool on my gran was great, it really did do the job and then her eyebrows were nice and shaped. The Hollywood Browzer worked wonders on her, Now her eyebrows are nice and tidy, I keep using this on her every few days to keep them in check and wow, I am so amazed by this little tool, It will be going in my holiday bag for sure to help me keep unwanted hair at bay.

The Hollywood Browzer lasts about 2-3 months and what I think is so amazing is that you get two in a pack plus a protective pouch. And this pack costs £15... So £15 for an average of 6 months, that's £30 a year. Now think of it this way, How often do you get your eyebrows, upper lip, facial hair etc.... removed? do you use wax or other methods? Now think of how much that costs... is it less than £30 a year? I doubt it... So this little tool is not only amazing for performance but is also fantastic for your bank balance. 

This tool doesn't require batteries, soap, wax or anything like that to work, you can use it on dry skin and it's a tool that lets you remove hair and go, No unwanted redness that lasts for a while, you can simply remove the hair and that's you ready to go.

To see before and after pictures plus a full guide on how to use, Please visit here; Hollywoodbrowzer.com/how-to-use/

All in all I have became addicted to this little tool, It has served me well so far and I can't imagine life without it now. I have given my gran the second one because I know she will get good use out of it and I have taught her how to use it correctly. It's not often I really fall in love with these sort of products, I get worried they won't actually work but I have been proven wrong and this works fantastically well. I really urge anyone and everyone who removes hair etc... to look into this tool, you wont regret it. 

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  1. Sounds very handy. Maybe I should invest in one! x

    Emma | www.brooklynisburning.co

  2. I'd forgotten you mentioning this the other weekend but it's definitely going on my shopping list now!

  3. I never find time to go and get my eyebrows done, so doing them myself would be a better option. When I had the time I used to get them done at least once a month so I'd be saving money by getting one of these as well

    Tasha x


  4. I normally wax my eyebrows. This seems like a nice tool to use an alternative. I will have to look into it.


  5. This looks amazing, I really want to try this out. I think that it would make doing my brows so much easier! Gorgeous photos lovely!
    -Olivia Xxx


  6. Sounds so handy! Definitely going to add it to my payday shopping list!
    love, Melissa x

  7. These photos are so lovely! I'll have to look more into this tool, my eyebrows can only be described as a mess right now!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk

  8. This seems quite handy if your in a rush and you haven't got time to go out and get them done, thanks for sharing :).

    Ellie Xx | www.make-it-up.co.uk