I'm Bored Of My Child...

I'm bored of my child...

So, let me explain this, I'm not actually bored of my child, but I do get bored having to do the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. I think it's normal, completely normal to get bored doing things that your child likes all day. Peekaboo for instance, the first few times, yes, it's funny and cute, the child is entertained and watching them have fun is heart-warming, but after the 200th time in the day I'm bored of it.

I was in the shower the other night, I put YouTube on my phone like I always do, I leave it on auto play so that it will just keep going with videos. It's the one time where I try to catch up on the stories from "This Morning" you know the morning TV show that's on after Jeremy Kyle? Yeah, that one. Anyway, I stuck that on and about 3 videos in, this one came on -

After watching this clip, I found myself questioning why anyone would feel ashamed to admit that some things their child does bores them. Like one of the points made, we are adults, we have different Interests. I'm so glad that this topic was brought up because like they say, some parents probably feel really guilty for saying "this bores me" when it's most likely a really common feeling among parents. If children can find something boring, then why can't adults?

I think if you don't find it boring... EVER, then that's great! I mean, tell me how?! I would love to not get bored of crashing car's 3 hours a day every day with my little one, I would love to not have that gloomy feeling of "not again Little bear, not again" I guess this is a really touchy subject in a way because I can imagine someone will read this and be totally gob smacked that I find certain things boring when it comes to my child but then on the flip side, someone might read this and think YESSS!

I do know, after speaking to a couple of my mum friends that they feel the same and one has let me quote her here on the condition that I only use her initials

MC; "Do you know how boring it is going in and out the living room shouting boo? I do this every day right now with 'B' and she loves it, I step out the door then back in about 70/80 times over and over again, day in and day out and I just can't stand it anymore [upside down emoji face] Her smile obviously makes it worth it you know? but being worth it and being boring is two different things. Studying for exams is boring but necessary, this is the same concept in my mind"

I love the way MC described it with exams, it is boring but necessary. We do it, we will continue to do it and don't get me wrong, I'll never complain to Little bear about it, I'll never let him see that I'm bored because I'm his mum, I'm his care giver and I'll always do what I need to for him wither that means I'm going to play peekaboo for an hour or crash cars with him day in and day out. We will play together and continue building his development, but come on, why would I enjoy constantly folding that piece of paper over and over again, let's be real!
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  1. Can really relate to this, I get bored of doing the same thing or even worse saying the same thing over and over again! ' stop doing that' is a fave!

    Loved this post :)


  2. Very unique post, I think one of your qualities is definitely not being scared to speak your mind! Great read xx

    The Frugal Teen | http://thefrugalteen.wixsite.com/thefrugalteen