Mother's shouldn't have sex

I've talked about some pretty open topics on my blog before from "Why I'm positive" to "The Girl That Lied " both being pretty big for me if I'm honest but I don't like to shy away from touchy subjects and I sure as hell don't like being silenced in my views, so here I am again, back with another topic I never thought I'd write about so openly....


First off, we had to have sex in the first place to have our child/ren (This isn't true for all MOTHERS though, I understand that) But basically there was sex involved and honey, it ain't stopping there.

I've been reading some articles and posts online recently that have all centered around sex, people's experiences and such so it got me thinking, why are mothers in particular shamed for wanting to be seen as sexual as well? Is it because society thinks we shouldn't discuss it so openly? Is it because now we have another little human to take care of so how on earth can we be sexy? Like, why? Why is it I've seen people make comments like;
"You're a mother, you shouldn't be talking about sex" 

"You're a mother, you shouldn't be wearing a dress that tight"

Why do others feel the need to tell me how I should and should not feel, how I should or should not dress and whether or not I have sex or... not. It's MY body. I am a human being. I enjoy sex. I enjoy feeling sexy. Just because I'm a mother does not mean I have lost all rights to feel good and have an orgasam. Ok, so you think it shouldn't be talked about, but why? And why is it that women In general talking about sex brings on a shit storm of unwanted comments and views from those people who believe a woman has no right to say how she feels or talk about sex as openly as a man does? Why is that?
I never see comments like "he's a dad, he shouldn't be talking about sex" and the worst part for me is most of these comments come from WOMEN. Not men, but other women. Like, why? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. Why?! But these are the same women who would happily share a picture of Ryan Reynolds topless on their Facebook wall talking about how good he looks... 
Excuse me ladies but ehm, he's a dad.... oh you know? O...ok, ok, got it. But God forbid Blake Lively does a swimsuit photoshoot.... EHM, SHE'S A MOTHER SHE SHOULDN'T BE DOING THAT.
GURL.... you literally posted a picture of her husband topless like 5 minutes ago, get some chill yeah?

This whole topic is mind boggling. I don't understand that why, now that I'm a mother I'm no longer allowed to feel sexy and have a good gab about that sex position I like or how many times we done it the night before while we actually had some alone time. Don't get me wrong, before I was a mother it was pretty looked down upon for a woman to be mentioning the word sex and being so sure of herself, but I have noticed that since becoming a mother, that there's this added "taboo" on top of it.
I just wish that we as a society could just get on with our own life's and stop worrying so much about what Helen at number 24 does with her partner at night whilst the little ones sleep... if Helen wants to get ravished by her man then tell the girls about how they actually managed to find some time to be intimate then Helen has every bloody right. (Helen is obviously being used as an example here) But hopefully you catch my drift.

As a mother I still like to slip into my favourite lingerie and have a good old 'fuck. That doesn't make me a bad person and just because I have a son doesn't mean I'm gonna give it up anytime soon.

'Well I guess I better go throw those condoms in the bin and get ready for my vagina to dry up because clearly I'm not allowed to have sex because you know, I'm a mother and all'

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  1. Omgoodness those last two bits are great. I love this and can totally relate, having self confident issues I have been shying away from it all, not feeling sexy enough, looking so gross I'll turn him off all because I've had children and it's destroyed my body haha but I've come to learn It's my right to feel good in my skin and it's my right to do it without feelinh guilty haha

  2. What a great blog post! I totally agree with you. Just because you become a mother, doesn't mean that your life stops then and there. I also don't see how people are gonna parent a healthy sexuality towards their children, if they teach them that sex is such a big no-no.

    Emma |

  3. Loved this post so much, something not many people talk about but should! Every woman has the right to feel sexy and can do whatever they want, regardless of whether they have a kid or not, some people are just so judgemental!

    Tiffany x

  4. Entertaining read, you have guts to write up a post and address an issue like this. You are very right though, it's ridiculous that we're shamed and taught that sex and being human is suddenly not okay if you're a mother.

  5. I love this post! I think it is a topic that people need to talk about. I don't think being a mom should stop someone from being and feeling sexy. In my honest opinion I think that when you become a mom is when you need to feel sexy the most because from the moms I know that is when they are feeling the least sexy.


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST!!!It's so true, it's taboo enough for girls to talk about sex never mind mums

  7. Yes! I love this post! Mothers are allowed to have sex just as much as the next!

  8. When I read the title of your post, I thought I was about to have to argue with you! When I read your post, I was extremely relieved to see that you were actually going against that statement. Great post, with great points!

    Melina /

  9. While I'm not a mother I fully agree with everything you said! Women shouldn't be seen as less sexually attractive when they have a child and it's stupid that they're shamed for their sexuality xx

  10. This was so entertaining to read! Its so true- this is such a taboo subject for all women and I have no idea why! I’m not a mother myself but I definitely agree that just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you stop being the women you were before with the same wants and needs! Keep owning it girl !