Monday, 6 February 2017

My First Negative Product Experience

Normally I don't like to do negative reviews, I just hate them! This is my happy place, a zone where I like to promote products I've tried and liked because I love recommending stuff that I find works, but today I just wanted to share with you all something a little different.

Last year (2016) I was approached by a company which I'll call "flowers" because I really hate the idea of "dragging a brand" plus I've seen so many others actually have positive experiences with them. But for me that wasn't the case.

I was asked to review a bouquet of flowers up to the price of £35 so I chose some that were £34, in the pictures they looked stunning, absolutely beautiful flowers. The company sent them to me and I emailed them to say I received them and all was ok. The roses were already pretty much in full bloom but the lily's didn't even look close to opening yet so I was a little worried at how long they would take. Like with most flowers in our house they take pride of place on the dining room table, perfect amount of light and they normally last between 2-3 weeks which is fantastic. We make sure they have water and add flower food to them.

All seemed to be going fine, the roses looked stunning but the Lily's were still in bud, not bloomed yet so I thought it would just be a case of a few days, they will be open and it will all look so lovely together. After about 4/5 days the lily's started to bloom but some petals from the roses were starting to fall off and I had to remove one of the roses because they were dead. By the time that the lily's had all bloomed all the roses just looked completely dead, they didn't look pretty at all. I can't complain about the lily's though as they looked so nice and did last around a week and a half. I was just extremely shocked because these are flowers worth £34... if I had paid for them I really would not have been happy and would have been demanding a refund and I would have felt so embarrassed of these were a gift for someone because the quality just wasn't there.

I emailed "flowers" to let them know of my experience, I explained that although the roses were beautiful and it all seemed ok at the start that I was left feeling disappointed (see screenshot below for full email)

As you can see I kept it professional and a simply voiced my concerns to the company. I want expecting them to resend another batch but I was expecting a reply which I never got.... now if you followed me on Twitter at this time you may have seen me posting updates weekly with the amount of days it had been since I sent the email and still no reply. After the initial email I sent pictures of the product about 8 days later and nothing. To this day I've never heard a thing from them, not a thing. I am very disappointed because the conversation was fine and dandy and communication was going on until I said something against the product I recieved. I find this really bad customer care... and I know I didn't pay but they approached me to review a product and I done everything right, I let them know what my experience was and asked them how they would like to proceed yet I heard nothing back. In a way I wish I could get up the guts to just name the company but at the same time I don't want. I'm saddened by this because it's my first ever negative experience and I really did expect more from them as a company.

If they had emailed me and spoken to me about this situation I wouldn't be writing this post but when you are left in the dark and wondering why you haven't been contacted it's a little defeating. Are they actually after HONEST reviews or just Good reviews? Well, in my mind I know which it is because that's how it's came across. 

Have you ever had a bad experience that left you feeling a little deflated?

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  1. That's so odd that they treated you like that? It wasn't even as if you were being horrible or overly negative, and from your email you kind of imply you'd rather not write a post at all if it was going to be negative, so why didn't they just tell you to forget it, or send a replacement? Really makes me wonder about their customer service - is this how they'd treat a paying customer who had a complaint? Good on you for sharing this!
    Beth x
    Adventure & Anxiety

    1. It was a horrible experience from a brand that's meant to be professional! It's a joke how they can treat people lile that.

  2. Yeah some companies are fine with you as long as you're praising their brand or spending money on them, but have an issue and nothing gets done. I had that problem with my last gym, overcharged me and were very unprofessional!

  3. You cannot review something in a positive light, if you didn't have a good experience! There's no point because you could get bad comments from readers saying negative things about the flowers, the same negative experience you covered with a positive comment. I spent nearly £30 on flowers and I was massively disappointed with them, they were a Mother's Day present as well! I recon it would be worse if you actually brought them.

    Gemma |

    1. There's no way I would pretend to lile something just to make the brand feel better, it's just false advertising and I would hate for one of my readers to go and purchase flowers from them and then have the experience I had! Just doesn't sit right with me.

  4. Oh no! That sucks you had a bad experience and super kind of you not to drag their name into the dirt. Glad you kept the review honest though!

  5. So bad on their part that they haven't even replied to you! Wouldn't take much for them to at least acknowledge you and take on board what you've said. You would think they would want to know so they can improve in the future! Clearly they only want good reviews and will only acknowledge those who give them that. Well done for doing this post, not everything bloggers review is perfect and it's important people hear the other side of it sometimes!

    Tiffany x

    1. All they had to do was email me back and say they were sorry for this experience and take my notes on board! I wasn't looking for more, I wasn't looking for any compensation, just for them to be real and up front with me!


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