Saturday, 18 March 2017

Disney Tag

Hello Lovelies!

Todays post is the Disney tag, I LOVE DISNEY! Love love love so this is the perfect tag for me ;) Thank you so much to Claire ( ) and Katie ( ) For the tag! 

The rules

  • Answer the questions below
  • link to and mention the person who has tagged you 
  • Tag 5 more people to take part! 

Simple, right? You haven’t seen the questions yet… So lets get to it! 

1. Favourite Character – Oh lord, just start with a difficult one then eh?! Haha. Hmm, I would have to say Merida or Mushu.

2. Favourite Princess – Ariel! Or Merida.

3. Favorite Heroine – Mulan for sure! She's kick ass.

4. Favoruite Prince – I really don't have one :/ I mean I have faviourite male characters but no prince.

5. Favourite Hero – Again, Mulan!

6. Favourite Animal – Mushu, Maximus or Simba.

7. Favourite Sidekick – Maximus or Sven

8. Favourite Villain – Hades for sure!

9. Favorite Original Character – Piglet!

10. Favourite Love Song – Either can you feel the love tonight (Lion King) or When she loved me (Toy story 2)

11. Favourite Song – Under the sea (Little Mermaid)

12. Favourite Villain Song – Friends on the other side ( The Princess and the Frog) 

13. Least Favourite Song – Oh Dee Lally (Robin Hood)

14. Favourite Kiss – Anna and Kristoff

15. The First Movie You Saw – Snow White

16. Favourite Classic – Little Mermaid

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head – I wanna be like you (Jungle Book)

18. Favorite Pixar Film – Inside out

19. Least Favorite Pixar Film – I don't have one.

20. Favorite Sequel – Lion King 2!

21. Overrated Movie – The Incredibles

22. Underrated Movie – Brave.

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh – The Emperors new groove.

24. Movie That Makes You Cry – Lion King & Lilo and Stitch.

25. The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie – When mufasa dies!

26. Saddest Death – Mufasa.

27. Favourite Quote – "It's kind of fun to do the impossible"

28. Favourite Theme Park – I haven't been yet *sobs uncontrollably*

29. Favorite Theme Attraction – Once I go, I'll report back!

30. Favorite Theme Park Show – N/A

I tag;

I just want to say thank you so much to Claire and Katie for tagging me to do this! It was such a pleasure to take part.

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