My Grans my world, my hero, My best Friend

Hello lovelies, 

Today I'm here to share with you all why my gran deserves her dream holiday.
Recently I set up a Gofundme to help raise money to give my gran her dream holiday. This woman can't be described by words but I try. She's my best friend and my rock. She's been there for me through so much and never loses her spirits. On the gofundme page I have written the story about why she deserves this but I think this story needs more background so you can all understand exactly why I'm doing this for her.

My grans been through a hell of a lot in her life, more than most people could take yet every morning she gets up, sings and radiates happiness. My gran never asks for anything and is always putting everyone before herself, she never buys anything for herself or treats herself like she should, instead she's looking after me and my son and no matter how hard I try to spoil her, it seems like nothing compared to what she's done for me.


My grans raised me, Her, my mum and myself lived together since I was around three years old. My mum was in an abusive relationship with my dad who often threatened to kill me if he didn't get what he wanted from her, he was a bully and a coward, he often bragged about how much of a 'big man' he was but do you think that stopped my gran putting him in his place? Did it heck! She stood up to that waste of space and got my mum and me our of a volatile situation and became my mum's full time carer, giving up her work to raise me and make sure my mum had the best quality of life she could.

My gran was classed as disabled after a horrible accident that left her in constant pain and bringing on early arthritis but that didn't stop her, she worked and worked and worked because she didn't want to become another statistic but with the situation of having to care for my mum and she happily gave up the one thing that made her feel worth something, that made her feel like she was contributing to society. 

My mum had an array of health problems which often seen her sectioned in hospital but not once did she let me go without a childhood and tried so hard to make sure I wasn't exposed to anything other than barbie's, friends, playing in the mud, basically general kids stuff. She taught me right from wrong, how to be independent and strong, to be the best version of me I can be. She's the reason I'm still here today, living a beautiful life.

My grans beaten cancer twice, she's had Cervical cancer and throat cancer, both times she's been cleared of it and I'm so thankful that it didn't take her away from me. She's a fighter and even though we have been dealing with so much lately in terms of her health, she's been her usual self, always smiling and always looking after us when she knows I'm trying to look after her.

On December 23rd 2016 My gran underwent a scan before being given a date for her thyroidectomy as the Dr really wanted to make sure all was ok with her, In this scan they found a mass so took a biopsy to find out if it was malignant or benign. We were told she would receive a letter with results... I know... A LETTER?!  We waited and waited and waited. Christmas came and went, we had this horrible shadow of doubt looming over us, My gran constantly told me it would be ok, that she would be find and not to worry but at night I could hear her cry... I know she was in pain both physically and mentally. January came and still no letter... we took this as a good sign that they weren't sending for her straight away but we got the letter.... and I waited patiently for my gran coming home from the shops, I paced the kitchen so many times that day, staring at this white letter. But the results werent what we expected, the biopsy wants sufficient, they hadn't gotten enough of a sample so they told us to just wait and come her operation we would know more. 

My gran went into hospital on the 1st of February and had her Operation on the second. She had Throat cancer... They done a full thyroidectomy though and her surgeon was able to remove 100% of the cancer. I am so thankful to him and his team! they were amazing and took great care of my gran. She was in the operating room from 9am until 2:40pm because of everything they had to remove and they didnt want to leave anything behind. My gran had to undergo a blood transfusion and her blood pressure was sky high and they said it was touch and go for a while but my warrior of a gran fought through. 

In late 2016 my gran suffered a stroke, again, she came out of it practically untouched by it. She suffered no paralysis, she's still always on the go and I'm in awe of her. My grans beaten depression, gave anxiety the boot and continues to fight everything that should have broken her spirits, she's been raped, battered and bruises but somehow this haven't ended her. She's amazing and I'm proud to call her my gran.


When I was 3 years old I was quite sick, so my mum and Gran tried hard to make sure I got the rest I needed but our next door neighbours kept playing loud music at all hours day in and day out making me cry uncontrollably. One day my mum had enough so asked them to keep it down or she would phone the police. Half an hour late the two men booted down our door and beat my mum (who was cradling me in her arms to protect me) and my gran who tried to protect both my mum and I. We all ended up in hospital with my gran having to undergo facial reconstruction surgery to rebuild the left side of her face, luckily enough she recovered beautifully and you would never know unless you looked super close to where you can see a scary under her jaw.

(My Uncle Jon & My Mum)

On 6th February 2000 my gran lost her son which is horrible for any mother to go through.

On 2nd August 2008 my mum took her own life. It all got too much for her and I truly believe she thought she was doing the best thing for us when it happened. My gran had now lost both her children and she's only 55.

She's lost many sisters and her mother to cancer, her children to suicide and her dad to ill health. Many of her friends are dead now and it's just us. My gran, me and my son.
When I read this back I'm filled with so many emotions. She's everything to me and I genuinely have no idea what I'm going to do when she's gone. Now that she's beaten cancer for the second time I've made her promise me that we will do more, we will experience things and make more memories together so that when she's gone there's more good outweighing the bad. I've made her make a bucket list of things for us to do together or as a family with Leon.

(My gran is super funny and I love that she's never scared to make a fool of herself)

Although she will never say it to me because she knows we can't afford it, her dream is to tour Europe. She talks about it alot, seeing beautiful buildings in Rome, seeing the stunning scenery in Amsterdam, visiting the German markets at christmas and more. And this is a dream that I want to make a reality for her.

My gran is more than deserving of this because she never gets anything that's just for her, that's tailored to her wants and needs. As much as I try she always manages to still make my son and I a priority over herself. She really does deserve this.
I hate the thought of begging, asking for money but I know I'll never be able to afford this on my own so I'm turning to the amazing power of social media, to my followers, readers and friends. To ask you all to help, to share this, to donate, to raise awareness of this cause so that we can reach this target.

I'll be posting updates on this story, my gran had no clue at first until I forgot I had her on twitter.... although she was pissed as hell at me for doing this because she's such a private person, she gave me her blessing and cried because she couldn't believe that people had actually donated. She couldn't believe that people were asking about her, wishing her well and caring for a woman they had never met. It's touched her heart and I know she's more than grateful for this.

First on the target is to raise money for the German Christmas market. That's the first stop on this tour of Europe. Although I say 'tour' we can't do place to place because of Leon obviously but I want to take her to all these places she's always longed to visit.

I also want to ask that of anyone has any idea of how I could raise funds when please give me a message! I'm open to all ideas. You can email me; or message me on twitter; @ofaglasgowgirl
I could do with some fresh ideas tbh.

I will also be selling stuff online to help get funds, I'll maybe hold a blog sale and continue to do everything and anything to get this money together to give my gran this amazing present.

If you've read all this, thank you. Thank you so so much. And if you've also donated, I can't thank you enough, you're such an amazing and generous person for helping out.


If you'd like to know more about my gran I have a couple of posts you can check out;

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  1. I'm tearing up here! Your gran has been through so much (and so have you!). The pictures of her and your wee boy are so sweet- you can see how much she loves him even in a photo. She's defo a wee fighter!

    Ada x

  2. This actually made me cry I was so emotional reading it
    I cant believe the person your nana is she is beyond superwoman its insane. Hats off to her and if I could pay for her trip entirely I would! What a woman to have in your life. My nana has been througb a bit bit nothing on this level ans she is my rock! She would love to see the Northern Lights and the Dutch flower fields! X
    Lola Mia //

  3. This brought a tear to my eye! Your gran sounds like such a wonderful, wonderful person and you are truly blessed to have her in your life! She really is a fighter! Sending you both lots of love! I really hope you raise enough money to send her on this amazing trip! x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

  4. This has actually broken my heart, what a beautiful, strong, courageous woman! I wish you both all the best and I look forward to reading the rest of your updates. Hope that both of your dreams come true lovely ❤️ xo

  5. This made me tear up, your Gran is one amazingly strong woman! I hope she gets to do everything she dreams of!! good luck raising the money lovely!

    Love, Melissa x

  6. What you've been through together is more than most families would go through in more than one lifetime, the bond you've got is incredible, I'm so glad she's been cleared, Jordanne xx

  7. Wow.. just wow! What an amazing woman your Gran is! She certainly doesn't let anything get the better of her!
    Sam xox

  8. I'm currently crying right now. Your gran is such an amazing woman, and you should both be proud of each other for reaching this far together. As soon as my loan comes in I'll be donating what I can 💖

  9. Amazing post and lovely to see you both have such a close relationship. It made me think of my gran and the time I spent with her. Your gran seems amazingly strong and I wish her and your family all the best!