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Today I'm here with my first impressions post all about GoldCrush Hair food supplement. I was lucky enough to be part of this campaign with Gold Crush and test out their food supplement capsules that are specially formulated to help boost the amount of nutrients in our bodies to feed hair follicles.

New Beauty Finds

I love a good beauty find, I am always on the look out for new beauty tools wither it be a lipstick that's going to moisturise my lips plus enhance them or a hair brush that can detangle my hair really easily and recently I was sent these Lashes and Blush Brush from Sparkle PR to try out. 

First up I tried out the Lashes from Eye Candy. I love when lashes come with the glue because that's one thing I haven't actually invested in yet (Note to self, Buy Eyelash glue!) So when I opened the packet to see the glue I was pleasantly surprised, nothing worse than getting lashes and you can't wait to get them on and you have no glue. The eyelashes themselves are thin enough to build up your look to create more fuller looking lashes. 

I found them really easy to use, I always cut my lashes into three separate bits to make application smooth and I use tweezers to help be more precise, when applying I was able to position the lashes just where I wanted them, the glue didn't instantly dry making it easy to move some bits where I felt they weren't sitting right but once dried and in place they didn't move and I didn't have to re-apply any glue or loose any lashes throughout the night. I wore these lashes to a gig so it was a heavy going night and when I got home they were still in place. 

I can definitely say that I would buy more of these lashes, I was impressed with the quality, the glue held well and these lashes definitely made a great impression with me, I would for sure recommend these to anyone looking for lashes that help bulk up your natural lashes. 

Next up I tried the Brush works Blush brush. 

Very rarely do I venture out my comfort zone for make up brushes, I always love my spectrum collections ones but I am starting to find more and more that I would use regularly. 

When I seen that I was sent this brush I was really quite excited, have I found a new brand of brush that's not going to break the bank? 
These brushes are a good price to be honest and won't leave you crying at your balance once you've purchased them, but are they good quality? 

I really like the packaging, it's clear and straight to the point. You can see the brush clearly and it tells you what kind of make up brush it is. I really like the design of the brush, it's sleek and has a good trip on it. 

If I'm honest I can't say I would purchase this brush but I might venture into getting more brush works brushes because maybe it was just a bad brush in the batch but with all the shedding of the bristles it didn't really stand out to me. It was shedding as soon as I took it out the packet and after the wash test. I do hope that it was maybe a fluke and not all of their brushes are like that because the over all look of the brush is nice and it came in nice packaging so I would consider giving this brand another try. 

The brush was super soft which I did like, it wasn't bristily and applied the blush quite nice. The whole look of the brush is lovely and the feel is nice, it's just a shame that all the shedding of the brush let it down because if it never, I would be ranking this brush quite high. As I said, I would be willing to try out more from their range in the hopes this is just a one off. 

Thank's again to Sparkle PR for sending these out for me to try, I have now found lashes that I will most definitely buy again and got to try out a new make up brush. All in all I am happy with the products and would consider trying more from these ranges. 

You can get Eye Candy Lashes HERE and Brush works Blush brush HERE

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Eating Out In Glasgow | The Smokin' Fox

Photo of the outside of The Smokin Fox in Glasgow city centre taken from the street

On Saturday 8th April I went along to The Smokin' Fox to see the new place. It was once  known as "The Hope" and I was able to go review the restaurant then so when ideas asked if I would now like to go check out The Smokin' fox naturally I said yes.  

Skinnydip London Wishlist Update


#MeetTheBeauties ││ Emilyybecca

Hello Lovelies and welcome to this week's installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Emilyybecca


April Pink Parcel

Hey Lovelies! 

I'm back with another Pink Parcel post and it's the April one. This is my third post of this series, you can view February's & March' s by clicking on the links ;) 

This month box I received on the 8th of April and this time I went for a Tampon box because I'll have my periods when I'm on holiday so I need as many as I can get, I just thought since I'm paying for the box anyway why not get the tampons through pink parcel rather than buying them from the shop. That's one thing I do love about pink parcel, you can change up your box at anytime! 


What Do You Get Someone Who Has Everything? *Songfinch

It's approaching their birthday and you're stuck for ideas on what to get them. At Christmas you just bought them that new gadget they have been wanting for what seems like forever, then the next occasion rolls around and you buy them some gifts that you think will do the job because you're starting to run out of ideas, then come's their birthday and you have no clue on what to get them, you're stumped. What DO you get for someone who seems to have it all? A new bag to add to their ever growing collection? how about some perfume/aftershave? no? what about a boat load of chocolate? not personal enough? well look no further! Because here is the ultimate personalised gift that NO ONE else will have because it is truly unique to the recipient.  


The Sisterhood of Night

On Saturday 1st April I watched The Sisterhood of Night. I watched the trailer for it on my quest to find new film's to watch, I was so/so about the trailer but after finding nothing else to take my fancy this seemed like the best choice because it did speak to me a little which was more than the other choices did.

#MeetTheBeauties ││ Anoceanglimmer

Hello Lovelies and welcome to this week's installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Anoceanglimmer


My Love For Jewellery *JewelleryBox

Do you love Jewellery as much as me? Probably, because jewellery is fantastic, you can get so many different designs and there is bound to be something for everyone out there and Jewellerybox certainly do have EVERYTHING! The amount of designs they have on their site is so overwhelming, I spent the best part of two hours on their website trying to choose some pieces from their collections and even at that, I could have just kept going, I loved so much of their products.


That's my Issue

Recently I have been battling my inner thoughts, I've been on a downward spiral for what feels like forever now. It's slowly been getting worse in my mind and it's time for me to address it, I need to confront my own thoughts before I relapse to a point when I'm in hospital. You may be thinking right now, "What are you talking about Jordanne?" Well, I'm talking about my body, trying to find my self love again and making a real change.

Eating Out In Glasgow | The Spiritualist Bar and Restaurant

On Thursday 23rd March I went along to the Spiritualist bar and restaurant in Glasgow City Centre. I took Katie along with me for a lovely little afternoon filled with chat and food before going to see Beauty and The Beast (Which is phenomenal by the way) I was expecting to have a little meal, sit for a bit then head out, but what we got instead was an afternoon of wonder, superb food and new, exciting drinks. 

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