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Today I'm here with my first impressions post all about GoldCrush Hair food supplement. I was lucky enough to be part of this campaign with Gold Crush and test out their food supplement capsules that are specially formulated to help boost the amount of nutrients in our bodies to feed hair follicles. This was Gifted in exchange for my honest review.

These capsules don't only help your tresses but also help to optimise the health of your skin and nails making these capsules a triple threat for your daily routine. What I love about these capsuals is that they are completely free from gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugar, preservatives, artificial colouring's and yeast, but they do contain fish.

Gold Crush is a unique blend of vitamins and minerals which include Selenium, Zinc, complex B vitamins such as biotin and this supports cell growth, nourishing and feeds your follicles so that you can achieve beautiful hair, from the inside out.
So that's a little bit about the capsuals, what about my first impressions?

I received two bottles which is the equivalent to 2 month's worth, each bottle contains 60 capsuals and you take 2 daily preferably with water and a meal. I also received two sheets which help me track my intake so that I never miss a day (this is going to be super helpful for me because my mind is like a drain haha) I really thing the tracking sheets are a great idea, I've never seen them before with a product like these and to me it means they have added a more personal touch to the experience helping you get the most from this.

The packaging is lovely if I'm honest, you can clearly read the writing, it tells you what the product is and what it does. Dosage is clearly stated and all ingredients are displayed. Not only does it have all relevant information, the box that the bottle comes in is really nice, the design is lovely! I love packaging that has the luxury feel to it and I definitely have to say that this packaging is ticking all the boxes for me.

Now I'm on this journey for 2 months and throughout I'll be keeping you all updated on my progress through my Twitter (@ofaglasgowgirl) and my Instagram (@ofaglasgowgirl) after I have completed the two month course I'll be back with a full review and progress report to let you all know how I've found this product, if it worked and if I would recommend these capsules.

So far so good, I'm impressed by the packaging and the little tracking sheets, I am also very impressed with the customer service I have revived whilst dealing with the company, very friendly and professional. I am very very VERY excited to start these which I will be doing on may 1st, so keep an eye out for updates and more across my social media platforms.

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