The Sisterhood of Night

On Saturday 1st April I watched The Sisterhood of Night. I watched the trailer for it on my quest to find new film's to watch, I was so/so about the trailer but after finding nothing else to take my fancy this seemed like the best choice because it did speak to me a little which was more than the other choices did.

I've never wrote a film review before and I'm not even sure that is what this post is, but I knew I had to write something on the movie because I was an emotional mess throughout the whole thing and on the edge of my seat. I found myself getting a little impatient and wanted to skip forward because I literally couldn't take the suspense anymore but I didn't, I managed some will power and I'm glad I did.

I really don't want to ruin this movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet so I fear this may sound vague at times but I urge you to watch the movie then come back to this post and tell me what you thought about it, I'd love to know if anyone else had this reaction to it.
So let's start shall we?

From L-R; Catherine, Mary, Lavinia

From the moment go I was a little hooked, the movie doesn't give too much away to begin with and I liked that, I liked that there were secrets yet to be unveiled. You get the jist of it round about 20 minutes in, if that, but there's still so much to see. The basics are, there's a group of friends who go completely off grid from all social media (Mary, Catherine and Lavinia), then another character (Emily) that is a little jealous, maybe lonely almost and she is a blogger (surprise surprise, but if you watch this film you'll know we aren't all like this, promise) She is craving attention, followers, to be popular. In her quest to fulfil popularity status she makes up a horrible story about the main characters and to be honest the whole situation could have been a million times worse for the girls in terms of authority getting involved etc....

Mary & Emily

Things start happening that look like one thing but are actually something completely different. I experienced so much emotion throughout the whole movie; Joy, excitement, rage, sadness... The lot. Catherine's mums is in hospital and I'm pretty sure she has cancer, they never directly say it but it is heavily implied. She's confused on her feelings and doesn't really know how to take any of it which is pretty normal for any teenager, heck anyone to experience. The main character, Mary, I'm not sure what her deal with her parents were to be honest, I'm fairly certain she has a problem with her mum but it's never really explained. The third main character, Lavinia, her mum's dating and she doesn't like it, her dad's walked out on them yet I feel she blames her mother for it (misplaced anger in my opinion). They are all going through something and I think that's what brings them together. They have this secret club and it grows, more girls are in it yet it's always just 5 girls per group. You realise why when you see their logo if you Will.
Emily, the antagonist in this all sure grows a following after making up a very horrible story about the sisterhood, I wish I could have punched her, I really do. After gaining some popularity more girls start to back up her story, all lies by the way and the popularity goes to her head. Throughout the whole movie you see her go from jealous and lonely to stuck up and pompous to then remorseful and sad. It was a good character development and by the end I felt like she was a little redeemed... not much though because she still done something pretty horrible but she owned up to it, but I feel if she wasn't confronted in a way there would have been no confession and she would have continued living in her lies.


Within the movie you encounter many characters, the girls parents, guidance teacher and more girls on both sides. What I admired about the movie was that it didn't stay from the story line, yes some things weren't explained like why Mary didn't really get on with her mum or what happened to Lavinia's parents etc... but it doesn't affect the story at all, you don't miss the explanation and anything that does need to be explained is. The story line is gripping, I found myself wanting more when it was finished if I'm honest. There's a voice over throughout, a narrator which is one of the girls from the sisterhood but I'm still not sure who it is, they don't really tell you but again, it doesn't bother me.

The whole story is basically centred around cyber bullying and the affects it can have on people. The testing times that they all go through is an emotional roller coaster, you see the story from both sides, what it's like being the victims and the bully, although I don't feel sympathy for the bullies at all, not one bit. The whole town seems to become paranoid at the thought of these girls being in a cult, Everyone in the community is on edge, they are put on a town curfew so none of the girls are sneaking out at night,  reporters get involved and blow the whole story out of proportion giving Emily more "fame" on her claims of what happened.

Caryn Waechter, the director has done an amazing job here with this movie in my opinion. The writers, Marilyn Fu (screenplay), Steven Millhauser (short story) have captured something here that really spoke to me. I was gripped the whole way through, never once felt like I had to turn it off and I was never board of it.

The movie received a score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.3/10 On IMDB If I'm honest I think the score should be higher on IMDB but that's just me, I guess it's subjective to the viewer but this is the first movie I have watched that has warranted me to write a post about it, to me that's pretty big considering I watch a hell of a lot of movies.

If I could urge you to watch one movie, it would be this, I highly enjoyed the plot and feel of the movie. It was sort on "Indie", something I would expect to see shown at a film festival. It's the sort of aesthetic I like, kind of dark, a bit of a mystery and majorly gripping. 

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  1. I completely forgot about this film until I read your review! I enjoyed it too, I thought it was quite weird at times but overall it was a good film and I thought the whole concept was really interesting :)

    1. I was so intrigued because it's something I've never seen before, I loved the aesthetic of the whole thing. I agree it was odd at times but for me it really added to the magic of the whole thing!