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Photo of the outside of The Smokin Fox in Glasgow city centre taken from the street

[AD/Gifted] On Saturday 8th April I went along to The Smokin' Fox to see the new place. It was once  known as "The Hope" and I was able to go review the restaurant then so when ideas asked if I would now like to go check out The Smokin' fox naturally I said yes.  

 The Smokin Fox in Glasgow. A close up of a table area within the restaurant with a couple of tables in focus, each with 4 chairs at them and the down stairs area in the background

Walking in the biggest difference was the decor, its had some life injected into it with funky art on the walls, beautiful copper light shades (which I just have to HAVE btw) and more light. One of my favourite things about the building before was the mural on the calling in the dining area which was beautifully done and I was worried they would have gotten rid of it but thankfully they didn't, instead they have spruced it up with decal stickers which go actually well surprisingly. The new decor brings a vibrant atmosphere that will attract all different age groups. They have also added in a half wall to the dining area which makes the place look bigger for some reason (strange right?) But it has really gave the whole place it's own personality which I think was a very smart choice. 

From the moment we stepped through the doors till we left the staff were nothing short of extremely freindly. I love anywhere where the staff have smiles on their faces and look like genuinely nice people. I noticed a few familiar faces from when it was the hope and it was nice to see. The staff were always there if needed, at no point did I find myself having to go out my way to locate someone which was a breath of fresh air as some places it feels like you've sat for an eternity trying to find some staff. They were attentive, not too pushy and all round very friendly, if I rated my restaurant posts they would receive 5 gold stars. 


roasted red pepper hummus, spiced cucumber yoghurt, gem lettuce

When it came to food my gran went for something vegetarian and decided on the Chickpea and Quinoa Falafel (she found it very hard to choose because there were great options on the menu for her) For the price I think you definetly get your moneys worth and this was from their linch menu. I asked my gran what she thought of the meal and she had nothing but praise for her main. She said that it was surprisingly very tasty and she would definetly order this again. There was lots of flavour and the sauce the had with it pulled the whole thing together, so I think from those words she definetly enjoyed it. 

chargrilled Borders beef patty, smoked chilli ketchup, fried onions, hand cut chips

I decided to go for the burger as that's what I had last time when it was the hope and I wanted to see how this one measured up. I am pretty sure that it's a handmade burger (don't quote me on this though) But it looked handmade. I'm not sure what they out in with the meat but what ever it was... YES! It tasted absolutely amazing and although it was extremely filling I found myself wanting more about 10 minutes after I had finished. Such a tasty burger that's for sure and if you happen to wander in one day, try it. Along with the burger came hand cut chips which were quite big in size and I had to leave some because they were literally so filling which is definitely what I want from a meal, I want to know that it's worth the money and I would say this is. 

salted caramel, tuile biscuit

For dessert my gran went for the Chocolate, Hazelnut and coffee parfait. My gran said the best thing about it was that you get the raspberries with it because it's perfect for refreshing the pallet. One comment she did make though was that she wished it tasted more like coffee but apart from that she really enjoyed the dessert.


For dessert I decided to try out their selection of Aaran ice cream and chose all vanilla but you can get strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. The ice cream it's self was really tasty and perfect after such a rich meal, just what I needed. My gran had some salted caramel sauce with hers which I decided to try with the ice cream and all I can say is when I next order this I'll be asking for some if that sauce with it because OH MY! It was the most heavenly sauce I've ever tasted. 

All in all the experience was brilliant, I'm very glad I was able to go back and see the changes and try out the new menu, it's exceeded all my expectations and more. The atmosphere was very relaxed which unlike, their was music playing but it wasn't loud and obnoxious to the point we couldn't hear each other talk, it was a nice background noise. The staff were amazing, this place is definitely doing something right with who they are hiring. I must say that the food was just fantastic and that's where they earned the 5th gold star for me. I wasn't let down with it, the taste, presentation and overall outcome of their dishes was impressive and especially for the price. I loved that they also have a lunch time menu which has some fantastic choices on it, next time I'll be trying out their ham and cheese toasties (I love a toasties me!) The food has such a good price range in my opinion and it's perfect for a spot of lunch after a good shopping work out or even for a nice dinner out. The smokin' fox also has a bar area where you can go and grab a drink. 
The whole place is just great and after enjoying The Hope so much and liking to go there for a drink I am very impressed with this new update to the place, The look and atmosphere has changed but in a good way, I can honestly say I WILL be back and I'll be bringing my friends with me to try this place out. So if you are looking for a new 'Den to try out then head to The Smokin' Fox on Waterloo street, you wont be dissapointed.

The Smokin’ Fox .
 6-8 Waterloo Street 
G2 6DA 
0141 226 2482

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*I was asked to go along and try The Smokin Fox out but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. Omg how yummy does this look! Such a cosy restaurant too!❤️ 🌟

    1. It's so cosy and really great atmosphere! Lovely food too x

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  3. This sounds like such a nice place to visit! The food looks amazing, those desserts! Love the sound of the ice cream and I bet it would be amazing with the caramel sauce. Love your photos, it looks like a lovely place X

    Tiffany X

    1. It was such a nice experince, really helped that the food was so good!

  4. This place looks so cute and warm. I love the design. The food looks so delicious. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  5. This looks like a really cool place. I agree with loving walking into a place to find friendly, smiley staff. You don't want to be sat trying to enjoy a meal, with people who don't look happy to be there. The food looks delicious too! :)


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