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[AD/Gifted] On Thursday 23rd March I went along to the Spiritualist bar and restaurant in Glasgow City Centre. I took Katie along with me for a lovely little afternoon filled with chat and food before going to see Beauty and The Beast (Which is phenomenal by the way) I was expecting to have a little meal, sit for a bit then head out, but what we got instead was an afternoon of wonder, superb food and new, exciting drinks. 

About The Spiritualist
Taken from their website

"The Spiritualist bar and restaurant opened in March 2016, immediately capturing people’s attentions with its elegant d├ęcor, creative menus and unrivalled drinks offering – our gantry boasts 320 spirits and liqueurs!

The brainchild of renowned bar and restaurant operator Ryan Barrie and Jim Ballantyne, The Spiritualist has already earned its reputation as one of Glasgow’s most stylish bar and restaurants.

An exclusive partnership with specialist distributor Hot Sauce means we can offer some of the world’s most prized drinks; while our Executive Chef Mark Stocks has created mouth-watering menus that are both fantastic and fairly priced.

You’ll find us at 62 Miller Street – once the home of the famous Stirling’s Library and now extensively restored and revived. We look forward to welcoming you! "

I read up on the restaurant before going along obviously, I always do this before going anywhere so that I can get the feel for the place and already know what I'm going to expect sort of, but even reading about The Spiritualist before hand didn't do it justice.

Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised, well, I was blown away to tell the truth because the place looks absolutely spectacular. I felt like I was walking into some swanky restaurant that I was far too under dressed for and if I'm honest I felt a little intimidated but that was until I walked in and felt the very welcoming atmosphere and how lovely the staff were, I felt right at home and not at all looked down upon which is something I have encountered in other restaurants before and they weren't even half as beautiful as this place. The outside area isn't really outside which I liked but you get the allusion that you are as it's light, airy and has the sort of table and chairs you would see at an outside area, but I loved that it wasn't actually outside and you could sit there on a rainy day, enjoying the warmth but also listening to the rain, beautiful.

Inside the decor is stunning, I am partial to clean, open spaces with colour schemes that work. For me, personally, I love the inside of the restaurant, it's right up my street, relaxed atmosphere with a sophisticated vibe. Although the place had around 3 other tables in when we arrived, around half 4 the place started to fill up with people; Some came for a drink, some came for food and some came for both, although the atmosphere changed from relaxing and quiet to lively and booming, I still felt at ease in the place which is nice to see, it's great seeing somewhere that can have two different vibes yet totally work at the same time, I've found that a lot of restaurants tend to have either one of the other, never seamlessly changing and having both.

Once we were shown to our table we flicked through the menu, choosing what we would have for our late lunch, early dinner. Now at first I thought that we would only be getting a main and a drink but to my surprise we were both offered a 3 course meal... JACKPOT! It meant that we were able to sample more food and also get ourselves filled up before heading to the cinema. We really did have a hard time choosing what to have because there was so much choice.


For the starter we decided to go for the Continental Charcuterie Platter (£18.50) and this consisted of classic continental cured meats served with spiced pear chutney, pickles & toast. Out of all the starters this one seemed like the best choice because it was filled with stuff we would both enjoy. The meats were lovely, they tasted absolutely fantastic and the presentation was great, I felt like they really put effort into it which was nice plus it came with different breads and butter. The whole platter was lovely and the salad was a nice touch. Very tasty.

Main Course 

For the main courses we were spoiled for choice, so many dishes sounded lovely and it really was a tough choice but we got there in the end and I am sure we made the right decisions. 

Katie had the Real Scampi With Real Chips (£16.50) Which consisted of goujons of peterhead landed monkfish tail in herb breadcrumbs with mushy peas, tartar & lemon. The whole thing looked lovely, it was well presented and I am sure she enjoyed it.

I went for the Sirloin 10oz steak (£28.50) which consisted of hand cut chips, stuffed beef tomato, shallot puree, roast field mushrooms & your choice of sauce. I choose the peppercorn sauce and didn't have the mushrooms as I don't like them. I am a big fan of steak, especially if it's done right. The steak tasted amazing, very very filling plus with the peppercorn sauce it was mouth watering. The chips were perfection, out of all the places I have been in Glasgow, the spiritualist has the best chips hands down! I was blown away by them and I would definitely go back to just have a plate of chips and some peppercorn sauce haha They were THAT good.


For dessert I went for the Pina Colada (£6.25) which consists of char-grilled pineapple, coconut ice cream & strawberry compote and Katie had the woody's ayrshire farm dairy Ice Cream (£5.50) which came with  warm fudge sauce & cookies (I did get a picture of katies dessert but unfortunately the picture came out blurred) 

The dessert tasted AMAZING! It actually tasted just like a pina colada and I was in heaven. I have never tasted anything like it, just completely scummy and I have been dreaming of it ever since. When I go back I will for sure be ordering this, I would highly recommend these to everyone who visits, you will NOT be disappointed. 

Mad Hatters Tea Party 

After we had finished our main course we asked for the dessert menu plus ordered this amazing drink! It's called the Mad Hatters Tea Party (£15.95 for 2 to share) and the description is "A tea party for 2 with colour changing cocktail & petit fours. Raspberry vodka, triple sec, lime juice & magic" Everything about this drink is amazing, the taste is very refreshing but not too strong and when you add in the lime juice it doesn't only change colour, the taste is different as well. This was definitely the highlight of the whole experience, it was fun, different, new and an all round winner for us. We were blown away by it to be totally honest, It would be perfect for some afternoon drinks with the girls. The more and more I think about the drink the more I want it. Plus Alice in wonderland is one of my favourite films, so this drink has been a welcomed addition to my life. 


To get to the toilets you have to go downstairs which isn't a shock as most places I go to tend to have their toilets downstairs.

As I have said in previous post's about restaurants, a place HAS to have decent toilets for me to rank them highly. It's just a stipulation for me because there's nothing worse than eating in a place that can't even keep their toilets clean and respectable, this makes me instantly think "what is the kitchen like?!" It just instantly put's me off if a place has terrible toilets so I was super happy to see that the toilets in the Spiritualist were lovely, their choice of decor is perfect, it looks very light and clean plus you can tell they are well kept. I already fell for the place upon walking in but after seeing their toilets I knew that I had found somewhere I'll more than likely return to.

All in all the whole experience was perfect, I really don't see how it could have been any better, well, they could have had a real life unicorn in the place but barr that, it was amazing. I loved everything about it from the atmosphere to the fantastic food and everything in between. It's not often I'll try a new place one time and instantly add it to my "Go to list", I have this list of places I can always count on in the city centre where I know I wont be dissapointed, and this place is on it. I would highly recommend you give this place a try if you are in Glasgow city centre because trust me, it's worth it! What I loved about this place was the fact I would be comfortable going for just drinks and a catch up or going for food, It's a place that can offer you both in such a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, plus the food is Instagram worthy, can't get much better than that right? 

So when you're in Glasgow city centre, head to Miller street, Merchant City and look for the Spiritualist, Order a Mad Hatter, flick through the menu and just have an awesome time, you'll love it.

The Spiritualist,

62 Miller Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1DT

Tel: 0141 248 4165

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*I was asked to go along and try The Spiritualist Bar and Restaurant  out but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Absolutely loved being there! The food was incredible and there was just so much of it!

    1. Thank you for commenting ❤️ It was such a great day! I loved loved loved the dessert. We have to go back!

  2. Wow this sounds and looks amazing! It all looks so fancy and I know what you mean about feeling intimidated but it's nice that the staff were so friendly and you were put at ease. The food looks incredible, those chips omg I'd go just for a plate of those x

    Tiffany x

    1. Thank you for commenting ❤️ It was so good that the staff were nice, it makes all the difference. The chips were AMAZING! I am definitely going back for more.

  3. Wow this place looks STUNNING. Unfortunately I'm not in the area at all so I may never get to go :( The food looks to die for and the decor is just so chic and glam looking! I love it. Great review on this place and great photographs you captured!

    1. Thank you for commenting ❤️ If you ever find yourself in Glasgow I would definitely recommend you go!

  4. This place looks just lovely! That outdoor patio looks like the perfect place to have a sip of the Mad Hatter's tea ;) I hope I can go one day!

    1. Thank you for commenting ❤️ When I go back I definitely want to go on a sunny day so I can just relax with some mad hatters tea at the outside area, such a beautiful place.